Indian Railways Smart Card for travelling in Mumbai

One of the most convenient way to buy the ticket in Mumbai Local Train is with ATVM Smart Card. These are available on all the Local Train Stations. There are special counters for these smart cards and travel coupons. These counters do not sell anything else, so there is not much queue to buy these. You can Pay Rs. 100 to buy a new Smart Card. There is no need to give any photograph or any ID proof. Anybody can pay this amount and buy this Smart Card in no time. Each card has unique number. There is no magnetic strip on the card so it is safe to carry with any electronic item. You also receive payment receipt along with Smart Card. This needs to be preserved for records purpose, in case if any verification is required for ownership of Smart Card.

Out of your hundred rupees, Rs. 50 are kept as security deposit. and you get value of Rs. 52 on the card. This money can be used for printing ticket from ATVM machines before starting the journey in Local Train. Depending on your journey appropriate fare is deducted from your Smart Card. You can also use the card on ATVM machine to check the balance available inside. This Smart card works on Central and Western Railway ATVM machines.

Please note this card does not work with BEST buses like Go Mumbai card. Go Mumbai Card was discontinued in year 2010.

Indian Railways Smart Card Mumbai Suburban Train

Indian Railways Smart Card Mumbai Instructions

Instructions on the Indian Railways SMART CART

  1. For Single/Return Journey/Platform ticket & renewal of Season ticket for suburban section of Western/Central Railway.
  2. For balance amount enquiry can be done on any ATVM.
  3. Security Deposit & balance refundable upto one month after expiry of validity.
  4. No refund will be given nor duplicate card issued in case loss/theft/mutilated card.
  5. Refund of unsed/partially used smart cards on deduction of Rs. 10/- clearkage.
  6. Renewal of season ticket will be at par value.

Disclaimer: Railways reserves the right to modify/withdraw any facility currently being allowed on the card.


Mumbai Suburban Train Smart Card payment receipt

Indian Railways Smart Card Mumbai Receipt Instructions

Instructions on Smart Card payment reciept

Ticket is not transferable. Issued subject to travel restrictions in force and rules notified in Time Table & Tariffs. The Season Ticket is invalid without identity card. Season Ticket is invalid without the Holders name, age and signature. Senior Citizen availing concession should carry proof of age.

Free allowance on Season Ticket: 10 Kgs on Second Class & 15 Kgs on First Class.

Free allowances on journey Ticket: 35 Kgs on Second Class & 50 Kgs on First Class


59 thoughts on “Indian Railways Smart Card for travelling in Mumbai

  1. please provide the facility of checking balance in smard card

  2. Of 100 Rs. of card, how much balance I get to use? Any recharge options available? Please help me asap.

  3. rupesh j jadwani says:

    smart card is save smart time for smart people just want to say move to smart mumbai

  4. arrange for online recharge for railway smart card

  5. smart card is save smart time & you can do Your work fast in Mumbai

  6. please provide the facility of checking balance in smard card & online recharge smart card

  7. Smruti Ranjan Panda says:

    please provide the facility of checking balance in smard card

  8. It will be extremely helpful if these cards can be enabled for on-line credit from bank accounts to avoid rush at the ticket counter and also the ire of people standing in the queue when people request for loading of money disregarding the queue as they get preferential treatment over others. Please see if this can be implemented.

  9. What are the options to recharge the card? Can we do it on line? Or again we will have to stand in que? An any one enlighten?

  10. krishan gopal sain says:

    arrange for online recharge for railway smart card

  11. Sumeet Jangam says:

    smart card is save smart time for smart people just want to say move to smart Karjat

  12. please provide the facility of checking balance in smard card & online recharge smart card

  13. How to Re-new that ATVM?

  14. arrange for online recharge for railway smart card !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What are the options to recharge the card? Can we do it on line? Or again we will have to stand in que?
    please provide the facility of checking balance in smard card online!!!!!

  15. Kiran Bhave says:

    Why should passengers use smartcard? There is no benefit at all.
    At many stations, there are 3 ATVM machines installed only at one side (East/West) of the station. Out of which one is permanantly non-working, one temporarily unavailable and the last one is managed by the vendor selling tickets having another queue similar to ticket window.

    Yes, i am generalising the situation because I’ve observed it at so many stations, things are not better at all.

    Besides, there is a security deposit, now why is that for?
    On top of that the unused balance is lapsed if not used in i think 12 months. Why?

    There is no refund available as well

    And No, there are no special windows or Qs available anywhere to buy smart cards. It is ridiculous to pay more and still stand in queue to buy/topup the card

    I do not understand why should passengers buy this facility?

    Why just they can’t provide a simple coupon punch machines? It is really a simple and nice system that everyone likes and they want to replace that with this white elephants.

  16. What is the use of smart cards if the machines r not working?!!!

    1.80% of the machines (ATVM’s) are not working on a busy stn like Thane!

    2.The touch screens are worst, it feels like the commuters are playing a video game trying hard getting to get the arrow on the right destination.

    3. none of the ATVM’s kept on the bridge work.

    4. Now this is worst – sometimes at peak hours a station executive is standing near the ATVM, there is a queue of ‘NON-SMART card’ holders who r handing out cash to that station employee and getting the tickets from the ATVM.first of all, there are maximum 2 machines working and one of them is used for such practice.thus it is proved that we smart card holders r fools, so the new name for the cards is ‘DUMB CARD’ holders and there should be a separate queue for us dummies!!

    As usual we citizens have been taken for a ride, lacs of rupees r spent and deliberately such third grade machines are installed.

    Its high time we, THE CITIZENS should come down on streets.

    Jai hind!

    P.S – i nowdays feel that coupons r much more comfortable, just grab the stamp lying on the table and stamp it!!

    Forget online refilling of smartcards, i say give us online tickets and passes on our mobiles!!

  17. There should be a provision to generate extention ticket in ATVM.
    It should also make suitable to print plat form tickets. If one want to take a platform ticket for LTT it should be possible pritn from a ATVM from Chember/Tilaknagar stations.

  18. Is smart card security deposit refundable? 1st time i get 52 rupees balance and after that when i recharge the card, what is the amount of balance, fully 100 out of 100/?????

  19. Hitesh D Shah says:

    Please make facility to recharge Smart Card on line & make ATVM Machine upgrade for Extension ticket also like extention from any one station to any other station at any one machine

  20. Please provide facility for extension ticket on ATVM.

  21. Anmol Bhasin says:

    But from where do i get this smart card?I asked some of the railway officials they told me to get it from Thane Junction not from my local station.What do I do?

  22. Where can i purchase Railways smart card

  23. plz arrange the online recharge on railway smart card

  24. deepak kathuria says:

    can extention local railway ticket can be booked through smart card

  25. Struggling to get new smart card from last 2 days.
    I hv checked at Kanjurmar,thane & Belapur stations.

  26. rajendra d dhumal says:


  27. Please provide with the extension facility on the ATVM card since it is not there on the machines. Suppose if a person has railway pass from Dadar to Thane and he wishes to travel from Dadar to Kalyan, then he would obviously take an extension from Thane to Kalyan since he already has a pass upto Thane. This facility is not there at present on the ATVM machines. Please provide the same.

  28. manisha patil says:

    how to apply online for smart card.

  29. plz avail the facility of online recharge of smart card to avoid time wastage in Q

  30. while using the smart card, if there arise a situation that amount is debited from card but ticket is not dispensed. there is no remedy mentioned nor the toll number mentioned where it can be reported. Require guidance on the matter.

  31. Hi,

    Has Anyone tried reading the Mumbai Local or BEST BUS smart cards using a NFC enabled phone??

    There are lot of NFC TAG READER apps on Google Play.

  32. this is really a joke. in ambarnath station east there r 5 ticket windows and 3 atvms. out if this only 2 or 3 windows are open at a time but all the 3 atvms are occupied by those ticket vending staff. this is seriously a big joke..cant these vendors sit in their cabin? and allow atvms for public who has smart card by themselves? i agree these vendor guys allow me to get ticket if i have smart card with me but in the mean time sometimes I’ve to fight with those stupid ppl who argue with me about getting in this is really disgusting.. one day I’ll surely snap those guys and give it to media..and also complain to the senior officer in cst.

  33. Can we get day ticket from AVTM?

  34. pls processs the online recharge & blnce enquiry…..then we change to smartest card…for my smart mumbai….

  35. Mahesh N Mehta says:

    Can ticket generated by ATVM using SMART CARD be cancelled? If yes, what will be the procedure & if no, why?

  36. Nelvis Rodrigues says:

    Does any one know if these ATVM Cards are available at Ghansoli Railway station or at Airoli? Please let me know. Thanks!

  37. A. Fernandes says:

    Is anyone from the Indian Railways manning this site? I notice that from 2012 many people have made suggestions and requests for ONLINE FACILITY for recharging the Smart Cards and for checking the balance, but so far nothing has been done! It would be nice if someone would start an online campaign for this facility since this is a great need today in our busy Mumbai life.

  38. Ali Abraham says:

    Online recharge smart card

  39. Deepak Sharma says:

    Kindly give facility of online recharge of smart card………
    its very easy for public…….
    to get smart recharge…..

  40. use smart card for extension also

  41. Provide smart card with online recharge option as well as like metro without taking tickets from AVTM machine people just to swipe and auto deduct the amount and for journey price detail to be provide at the time of avail this card example, smart card is valid only from to from station based on code no. and if not then door will not open for the travel and in future all are safe from queue and all as all these facility available in europe

  42. Pl. ensure all the smart card machines are working properly, in some of the stations some 8 machines are installed to our utter dismay not a single one is working and despite having enough balance in the card, the commuter has to stand in the long qu to buy the ticktet. The whole purpose of smart card service gets defeated.

  43. Ranjeet Das says:

    smart card for smart people for mumbai city in central & western railway.

  44. we can have sms facility available for smart card users instead of printing the tickets. Go green

  45. Bhavesh parekh says:

    My smart card is damage,
    Mai kaha se usse repeals karvau,
    Mai ghtkoper raheta hu,

  46. How and where to buy atvm smart card????

  47. What to do in case card is expired? How to reactivate it again or should I buy new ATVM card

  48. Kya second class pass ke liye line me nahi Rahena padta????

  49. Achintya Kr Ghosh says:

    Can I buy a railway ticket for other using my railway smart card?

  50. I have been subject to daylight robbery by the Western Railways, Commercial Manager, who is denying me the refund on expiry of my smart card a/w its grace period. I do not know why people are buying these facilitative cards which on lapse of persons application to read the fine print behind the card can lead to forfeiture of the balance amounts. In my case the refundable amount is about Rs. 900/-, why should a person buy or keep a balance of the said amount when due to his lapse in seeking refund within a month after last card recharge, he will lose all the money on his card. I think it is outrageous and I will file complaint in the consumer forum.

  51. How to recharge smart card online there is option on atvm to update balance, there is also limitation of max 10 tickets per day which should be triple, some stupid railway staff always occupies atvm machines in Thane west and east instead of doing their jobs from their respective windows

  52. Please provide with the extension facility on the ATVM card

  53. Souvick saha says:

    How I apply for Indian railways smart card

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