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Unlimited Travel with Mumbai Local Train Tourist Ticket

If you are occasional traveller to Mumbai Local Train or here for short visit, you can enjoy the unlimited Mumbai City Travel with Tourist Ticket. Mumbai Tourist Ticket comes for 1, 3 or 5 days. Option is also available to travel in First class or Second class compartment. Passenger can travel anywhere on Central Line Railway track or on Western Line Railway. There is no limit on number of journeys you can do with this ticket.

If you have guest visiting your home and he/she wish to travel Mumbai in Local train you can buy this tourist ticket for him, 3 days in advance from ticket counter when there is not much crowd on the ticket counter.

Second class Tourist Ticket price / tariff

  • One Day 
    • Adult Rs. 75
    • Child Rs. 55
  • Three Days
    • Adult Rs. 115
    • Child Rs. 75
  • Five Days
    • Adult Rs. 135
    • Child Rs. 85

First class Tourist Ticket price / tariff

  • One Day 
    • Adult Rs. 275
    • Child Rs. 170
  • Three Days
    • Adult Rs. 440
    • Child Rs. 250
  • Five Days
    • Adult Rs. 515
    • Child Rs. 290


mumbai local train tourist ticket


Key Features of Tourist Ticket

  • Passengers can travel unlimited from any station to any station on Suburban Sections of Western Railway and Central Railway during the ticket validity period.
  • These tickets are valid up to midnight of their date of validity
  • These tickets can be booked upto 3 days in advance, excluding first day of validity.

Mumbai local train tickets from mobile app now

Now you can book Mumbai Suburban Local Train tickets from UTS Mobile app. This app was launched on 27-Dec-2014 from Dadar at 4:00pm.

Mobile ticketing system for mumbai suburban

  1. You can login with your mobile number and password as sent by the service.
  2. There is R-Wallet in the app where you need to maintain some balance to purchase the tickets.
  3. You can add the money to R-Wallet by recharging from UTS counters available in the suburban railway stations or through
  4. Once you have sufficient balance, you need to choose the source and destination station as per your travel plan.
  5. App offers you the fare for first and second class. Choose the class in which you wish to travel.
  6. Once you paid that through R-Wallet. it sends you the instructions for printing the ticket from ATVM machine.
  7. Initially some of the stations will have these ATVMs where you can enter your mobile number and booking id to print the ticket.
  8. Once you’ve printed the ticket you can start your journey.

UTS mobile app

Currently UTS Mobile app is available for Android and Windows Phone platforms

Indian Railways Smart Card for travelling in Mumbai

One of the most convenient way to buy the ticket in Mumbai Local Train is with ATVM Smart Card. These are available on all the Local Train Stations. There are special counters for these smart cards and travel coupons. These counters do not sell anything else, so there is not much queue to buy these. You can Pay Rs. 100 to buy a new Smart Card. There is no need to give any photograph or any ID proof. Anybody can pay this amount and buy this Smart Card in no time. Each card has unique number. There is no magnetic strip on the card so it is safe to carry with any electronic item. You also receive payment receipt along with Smart Card. This needs to be preserved for records purpose, in case if any verification is required for ownership of Smart Card.

Out of your hundred rupees, Rs. 50 are kept as security deposit. and you get value of Rs. 52 on the card. This money can be used for printing ticket from ATVM machines before starting the journey in Local Train. Depending on your journey appropriate fare is deducted from your Smart Card. You can also use the card on ATVM machine to check the balance available inside. This Smart card works on Central and Western Railway ATVM machines.

Please note this card does not work with BEST buses like Go Mumbai card. Go Mumbai Card was discontinued in year 2010.

Indian Railways Smart Card Mumbai Suburban Train

Indian Railways Smart Card Mumbai Instructions

Instructions on the Indian Railways SMART CART

  1. For Single/Return Journey/Platform ticket & renewal of Season ticket for suburban section of Western/Central Railway.
  2. For balance amount enquiry can be done on any ATVM.
  3. Security Deposit & balance refundable upto one month after expiry of validity.
  4. No refund will be given nor duplicate card issued in case loss/theft/mutilated card.
  5. Refund of unsed/partially used smart cards on deduction of Rs. 10/- clearkage.
  6. Renewal of season ticket will be at par value.

Disclaimer: Railways reserves the right to modify/withdraw any facility currently being allowed on the card.


Mumbai Suburban Train Smart Card payment receipt

Indian Railways Smart Card Mumbai Receipt Instructions

Instructions on Smart Card payment reciept

Ticket is not transferable. Issued subject to travel restrictions in force and rules notified in Time Table & Tariffs. The Season Ticket is invalid without identity card. Season Ticket is invalid without the Holders name, age and signature. Senior Citizen availing concession should carry proof of age.

Free allowance on Season Ticket: 10 Kgs on Second Class & 15 Kgs on First Class.

Free allowances on journey Ticket: 35 Kgs on Second Class & 50 Kgs on First Class