New Western Railway Local Train Timetable w.e.f. 1-Nov-2018

New Western Railway Local Train timetable is introduced with effective from 1st November, 2018. Here is high level overview of what has changed in Western Railway Local Train Timetable.


Salient Features of Western Railway’s New Suburban Local Train Timetable which is applicable from 1st November 2018

With 10 new services, the total number of Western Railway’s suburban services will increase from 1355 to 1365 including 110 services in Harbour Line.

There are 4 New Suburban Services introduced in DOWN Direction (24 hr clock time)

  1. 93013, Starting from Churchgate, 8:56, reaching Dahanu Rd. at 11:28 Fast local
  2. 90451, Starting from Churchgate, 10:57, reaching Virar at 12:16, Fast Local
  3. 90637, Starting from Churchgate, 13:49, reaching Virar at 15:10, Fast Local
  4. 93027, Starting from Virar at 15:46, reaching at Dahanu Rd at 17:10, Slow Local

There are 6 new Suburban Services introduced in UP Direction (24 hr clock time)

  1. 90136, Starting from Virar at 6:11, reaching Churchgate at 7:35, Fast Local
  2. 90218, Starting from Virar at 7:18, reaching Borivali at 7:54, Slow Local
  3. 90312, Starting from Bhayander at 8:50, reaching Andheri at 9:25, Slow Local
  4. 90568, Starting from Virar at 10:25, reaching Churchgate at 11:55, Fast Local
  5. 93016, Starting from Dahanu Rd at 12:20, reaching Virar at 13:40, Slow Local
  6. 93026, Starting from Dahanu Rd. at 16:05, reaching Virar at 17:20, Slow Local

Total Extension of Services: 122

  • 56 UP Direction Local Train service extended
  • 66 DOWN Direction Local Train services extended

As per demands of passengers and various representations received:

  • Churchgate-Bhayander Ladies Special train which departs from Churchgate at 18:51, has been extended up to Virar and similarly in the UP direction this service will now originate from Virar at 8:44. Earlier this train was departing Bhayander at 9:06
  • Vasai Road – Churchgate Ladies special local train which departs Vasai Road at 9:56 will now originate from Virar and will depart from Virar at 9:47
  • Dahanu Road 93026 (Old No) Which was departing at 17:35 has been postponed by 15 minutes and will now depart as 93030 at 17:50
  • Dahanu Road 93028 (Old No) Which was departing at 18:55 has been postponed by 15 minutes and will now depart as 93032 at 9:10
  • Mode of 56 services have been changed
  • 26 suburban services have been speeded up
  • AC Local has been given additional halts at Marine Lines, Charni Road, Grant Road, Dahisar, Mira Road, Naigaon and Nallasopara stations for improving occupancy


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Western Railway New Timetable wef 1-Nov-2018

Western Railway New Timetable wef 1-Nov-2018


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