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AVINASH CHALKE      [ 2012-10-31 ]
Manoj Jain      [ 2012-10-30 ]
Please start fast train from CST so pepole go home on time and next day they come with fresh mind
shamim      [ 2012-10-26 ]
the local trains are the lifeline of the mumbaikars. I would suggest you to please start trains from mumbra during peak time. u may do so because there are sufficient gap between 2 trains. but i think the management will wake up when population in mumbra will increase 4 time more than today. jago management jago.
Ambadas narayankar      [ 2012-10-23 ]
Diwa junction mails indicator not show&RAILWAYFOODSTALL Not available please start .
Chhatrapal      [ 2012-10-23 ]
Please make an Android application, so we can easily access this wonderful site on mobile phone
rahul..d      [ 2012-10-23 ]
Extr tren start badlapur to cst
Jyoti Waghmare      [ 2012-10-22 ]
Ask central Railway to start ladies special in peak hours from VT to Karjat or make any other slow tarin from thane to karjat or khopili between 6 pm to 7 pm. we are find difficult to get in at that time from thane. all dombivli & kalyan people are blocking passage in ladies.
Arjun      [ 2012-10-22 ]
plz increase the compartment in the harbour line
Arjun      [ 2012-10-22 ]
plz increase the compartment in the harbour line
P.K.DATE      [ 2012-10-21 ]
Please start one goregaon local inbetween 7.30AM to 8.00AM
Vijay      [ 2012-10-20 ]
Please start the train from khopoli to CST between 6 pm to 7 pm because after 5.55 pm local next local will be at 8.08 pm which is vast gap in pick time.
naagratan      [ 2012-10-19 ]
Please increase no. of fans per coach. Please reduce Thane trains and increase Kalyan trains during peak hours. Please replace old trains with new trains. Jai Hind
shailesh      [ 2012-10-19 ]
Need to plan new route from rabale to Borivali as so many people travel to corporate office near rabela and ghansoli, koparkherana. This will help to reduce traffic in on Road by private bus.
Farhan Ansari      [ 2012-10-19 ]
kindly requesting to C.R PRO to adjust one fast train down at byculla stn. at morning 7:02 am Badlapur to 7:45 am as there is no train availbale to thane from 7:36 to 7:57 am.
Syyed munif      [ 2012-10-18 ]
Please start train from mumbra to cst stn
shailesh      [ 2012-10-18 ]
Need some planning to have train from rabale to borivali as lots of people travel on this route as many corporate offices are there, need to change at thane, dadar and Borivali
chetna      [ 2012-10-17 ]
please increase no of cars for first class ladies as its very difficult to travel in so much crowd daily. as there is a huge crowd travelling from Ambernath to CST Side
shukla r s      [ 2012-10-17 ]
plz strt train from mumbai central to nasik rd via borivli vasai
pooja kambli      [ 2012-10-16 ]
please do announcement for every fast train. please mention station where the train halts. Announcer did not announcing regularty.
anjali latey      [ 2012-10-15 ]
please moniter handicap compartment all able bodided people rush in &handicap get no chance to enter in the train especialy in morning rush hour at mulund
d b wargade      [ 2012-10-15 ]
only thing i wish fm railway is, pls stick to the timetable u hv published. that much deed of yours may help a lot to the public. thanks
dharini yuvraj phadke      [ 2012-10-15 ]
Cost of first class passed are rising like anything. why dont you increase compartment for ladies first class in central railway as college students, railway staff everyone takes benefit of the same.
shabana sayyed      [ 2012-10-13 ]
in Ghatkopar (e) near rickshaw stand there is lot of spider webs, dust, unclean place near the ticket counter all the people are spiting pan we complain but it is in vain keep the environment clean
Naresh      [ 2012-10-12 ]
Please start train from vasai road or mira road to thane
DR RAJENRA KHATAVKAR      [ 2012-10-12 ]
these go mumbai smart card are of no use as validating machines at most of the stations are out of order. what is point in keepingf such not working equipments and wasting public money. wither keep it in condiation or remove them.we need action not promise
P P ASTHANA      [ 2012-10-12 ]
I want to have clarification whether Monthly Pass facility can be denied at counter at 00.05 hours.I visited Mansarovar (Harbour) station today at 00.05 Hrs.Counter Clerk refused to issue Monthly Pass on the presumption that summary has been taken out.I would like to mention that from same station I have renewed Monthly pass at 00.22 Hrs.
p G Baraskar      [ 2012-10-11 ]
Today I purchased the smart card.Can it be refilled online? Can it be made applicable to AC buses also?How am I to know my balance? Is it possible on line?
dinesh      [ 2012-10-11 ]
Kindly do something for First class passenger who pay more but not get anyadvantage and treated like second class passenger in term of croud.
Lata Jaisinghani      [ 2012-10-08 ]
Please increase the First class ladies compartment becuase it is hell like to travel in the same and do the needful at the earliest now the fares are also increased to 4%. Consider the same at the earliest.
Khanchandani Vijay Sobhraj      [ 2012-10-06 ]
Higher Authorities, Please take this seriously I have to travel daily from Borivali to CHURCHGATE which takes an Hour n 5 minutes in a slow train that to BORIVALI bound and VIRAR bound FAST train takes 45 minutes from which its impossible to alight at borivali as public is always in hurry to climb train and even public in train dont allow to get down by saying "TUMARI BORIVALI LOCAL HAI NA". So why this STEP MOTHERLY TREATMENT WITH BORIVALIANS. Hence I would request you to please start fast locals from BORIVALI which will halt at ANDHERI, BANDRA, DADAR, MUMBAI CENTRAL and then slow upto CHURCHGATE and same way back from CHURCHGATE to BORIVALI and THINK ABOUT TIME MANAGEMENT OF BORIVALIANS. THANKING U
Keyur      [ 2012-10-03 ]
Please have a strict Ticket Checking from Titwala to Kasara line there are so many peoples who are boarding without-ticket on this route daily (in pick and non-pick hours).
pooja      [ 2012-10-01 ]
KIndly Request diva to panvel & Panvel To DIva Friqvancy is very short
Sanket Nilkanth Joshi      [ 2012-09-28 ]
Dear Sir, My name is Sanket Joshi, I am a daily traveller of 8:29 (Slow) A.M Thane local which is from Thane & this train come from kalwa carshed but the train is totally full in kalawa. sir when the train come many of the people strugled to board the train, kindly advice. if you want i will send you my last 8 months first class pass. request you to kindly help us to sort this problem. I hope you stressfully looking this problem Warmly, Sanket Joshi
Diago Simoes      [ 2012-09-24 ]
Sir, I beg you to start trains frequently running between Dahanu to Diva/Panvel and return for the convenience of the large crowd traveling to central side.Your timely help will be a blessing to all those who spend their time more than double everyday. For your perusal kindly witness the plight of commuters at Vasai Road daily at all times on platform no. 6 or 7. I sincerely pray that the RAILWAY AUTHORITIES be enlightened by the almighty god to do the needful.
SWATI DESHMUKH      [ 2012-09-24 ]
Ravindra Adchule      [ 2012-09-17 ]
Now the parel stations is very crowded during pick hours as various business complex are coming in parel like india bulls an various people working in worli area also get down at parel station. when all the people are get down at parel and get out of stations there is heavy crowd and central railway deputed 4-5 RPF to control the crowd. If the fast trains get stop at parel these people will be diverted on two platforms and people also get reliff from crowd as well as Railway also not required to depute the RPF.
suparna      [ 2012-09-14 ]
please start train from belapur/panvel to mulund
Vaibhav Hatwar      [ 2012-09-13 ]
Please start more trains between Thane and Badlapur timing between 6 to 8 PM.
BRAJ GOPAL SABAT      [ 2012-09-12 ]
please start more two DEMU local from pen to panvel or diva to roha in between morning 7.00am to 9.30 am.
Narasimha      [ 2012-09-11 ]
it was very helpfull website.. thank you go4mumbai.com
aakash sonawane      [ 2012-09-08 ]
please start the train morning from ulhasnagar to khopoli 7.30 to 8.30
rajendra jadhav      [ 2012-09-05 ]
Start memo panvel to vir (goregaon)
Liladhar Baviskar      [ 2012-09-05 ]
There is no local for Kasar end...only locals are incresed for karjat end. Request for more local for Asangoan....Titwala
sunil joshi      [ 2012-09-04 ]
human beings are crowded in local trains badly, why railways are not adapting by expanding the intake capacity of commuters by way of introducing double decker and extending no. of coaches. or whether top brass is just carry on as it is going,someone should leave the indelible mark in this field like Mr Shridharan done for Metros.
suba      [ 2012-09-02 ]
pl bring the rake from kalva car shed for the fast local to cstm from thane to avoid mulund residents preoccupied the sets while dn direction
himanshu      [ 2012-08-31 ]
start panvel-karjat local trains and panvel-pen-roha line
Pravin Joshi      [ 2012-08-31 ]
We would like request you kindly arrange all ladies coach only either at first or last or only at first and last donot keep in between. Please take action immediately without futher delay. This is will help to all Gents people to get down easily. Pravin
ASHISH YADAV      [ 2012-08-26 ]
Lateshchaudhari      [ 2012-08-26 ]
please increasefrequency local train from panvel to thane,every one hour there is train so if possible please increase the frequency atlest every 30 min there should be local for thane
Avadhesh      [ 2012-08-26 ]
Some of the trains must be starts / end from/to CSTM/NERUL Vs NERUL/CSTM. To Much Pessangers are there in Nerul /Seawoods Thanks

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