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hardik adiyal      [ 2008-12-14 ]
good web by go4mumbai team member.
dinesh mehta      [ 2008-12-14 ]
pl star thane panvel train
ajay      [ 2008-12-14 ]
Nice & clean & efficient .Any chance of western railway timetable,
Trevor L C      [ 2008-12-14 ]
this train commute has certainly made it a comfort ride as the exsiting route was complicated and also it will make it easier for the elderly to travel...thanks to all who made this happen.
Gregory Rodrigues      [ 2008-12-13 ]
More trains in the morning time around 5:00 AM from Ambernath to CST
namrata      [ 2008-12-12 ]
please uplod westen trains
Dr. Parab      [ 2008-12-12 ]
Really helpfull and a great initiative,
Roshan      [ 2008-12-11 ]
Good Help........ Thanks.
Amol      [ 2008-12-11 ]
Good Work thanks a lot for the info
Sabir Laskar      [ 2008-12-11 ]
Very helpful..gud work..thanks
Kamal Nayan Dixit      [ 2008-12-11 ]
Absolutely Great Website for Mumbaikars. Hey could be include anything related for Local Train Fare.
Trupti Gandhre      [ 2008-12-10 ]
kindly increase the number of students from CST to Karjat
Anoop B Nair      [ 2008-12-09 ]
A very good knowledge base...kudos for an excellent force who are behind this effort :)
shashank shah      [ 2008-12-09 ]
Can I get the new time tabel with fare chart,so i can take that in one printout and use it.
Chandrashekhar      [ 2008-12-09 ]
The Time Table viewing option should also have 2 separate fields for START TIME & END TIME which we can change to expand the time window as required. Since at present if we want the timings for a 4 - 5 hour window, we have to click so many times and keep viewing.
Vijay Apte      [ 2008-12-08 ]
dombivali to boisar train needs to extend up to dahanu
Venkatesh      [ 2008-12-07 ]
Every thing is good can we get the time table for 24 hr from start to end eg: for centeral / western / harbour
Vishnu Pawar      [ 2008-12-07 ]
No comments, good efforts. Thanks a lot.
Pranavsinh Vaghela      [ 2008-12-06 ]
pls. start online renew Go Mumbai pass like we can book railway pass
vijay kadam      [ 2008-12-06 ]
the are no chances to increase the frequency on harbour line from CST to panvel, more over the trains become crowdy after kurla till panvel, to reduce this you can start the train from kurla in the gap time.
durga      [ 2008-12-04 ]
please give the detials of western railway time table and Panvel to Dhanu & return also
durga      [ 2008-12-04 ]
please give the detials of western railway time table and Panvel to Dhanu & return also
datta shinde      [ 2008-12-04 ]
please give vashi to andhri time table ,which have no changing option of local at wadala & increase the frequency for it. good website .
Vikil      [ 2008-12-04 ]
Hi, Where is the Western Railway timetable...Do upload that also
MAHENDRA MISALE      [ 2008-12-03 ]
vishal latnekar      [ 2008-12-03 ]
in evening there r very few trains with long legnth in time towards badlapur do sumthng effective for same
Ravindra Sonawane      [ 2008-12-03 ]
can u provide detail time table of western rly upto virar-slow & fast that will hlp meas i am staying in goa and have frequent visits to Mumbai upto virar
Sunil Khawale      [ 2008-12-03 ]
Please! show Western Railway Time-table, (what is a meaning of go4mumbai.com)
Madhura      [ 2008-12-03 ]
Really Good website. Need to increase no of trains of thane to vashi & also frequency of thane to panvel
priya      [ 2008-12-03 ]
Nice site.Season pass and suburban map raw should display at right side and central line raw should display in left side (i.e. all 3 line display first)
bhaskar dussa      [ 2008-12-03 ]
pass not available from pavel to bhiwandi
nitin      [ 2008-12-03 ]
where i can get western rail local train time table?
Usman      [ 2008-12-02 ]
plz increase frequency from Thane to Vashi
Rajesh K Yadav      [ 2008-12-01 ]
Excellent website Thanks a lot
Harish Thappa      [ 2008-11-28 ]
Great Work.. Saves lot of time.
Deepak      [ 2008-11-28 ]
Good Work !!
vijay.anuwadia      [ 2008-11-27 ]
we r request u plz give us pass 4 train of dahanu road-panvel beacause we r very tired stand in Q
Kavita Dalvi      [ 2008-11-25 ]
It will be appreciated if bus route & time table will be displayed.
SABHAJIT VISHWAKARMA      [ 2008-11-25 ]
good effort,carryon ,indian railway
Ketan Deodhar      [ 2008-11-25 ]
Awesome website :-) Is there any chance of Western Railway timetable coming on this page?
John      [ 2008-07-26 ]
Great , Exellent plz increase the trains for thane vashi
sarita      [ 2008-07-25 ]
Plz.increase the no. of train on hapbour line in morning
SACHIN DALVI      [ 2008-07-25 ]
good one
Jitendra      [ 2008-07-25 ]
This is nice to have local timetable online, It helps too much whenever needs. Thanks to all team.
Vinayak Ghag      [ 2008-07-25 ]
Plzzz send Dombivli to Kharghar all first class and second class Ticket Rates
Vijay      [ 2008-07-23 ]
Excellent and Valuable site, Thanks a lot.
shivaji Harer      [ 2008-07-23 ]
Plz, increase the no of train on CST-Dombivali routh
ABC      [ 2008-07-23 ]
kalyan(w) ticket counter is mess. please do keep seprate counter for ticket and extension ticket.
Thomas      [ 2008-07-23 ]
Its really helpful site... thanks
Kunal MAyekar      [ 2008-07-22 ]
Excellent Work.. Very nicely designed and developed site

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