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Suresh nair      [ 2009-12-20 ]
Please start train between kalyan and kasara and vise versa frequently. Also check first class lot of ticketless travellers are there in the morning time.compartment.
seema      [ 2009-12-19 ]
can i use this pass for western train also.
Vasant Dambal      [ 2009-12-19 ]
A very useful site for commuters. Keep it up. Good work.
Ramesh Patel      [ 2009-12-17 ]
Very helpful and precise.
Abdul hannan      [ 2009-12-17 ]
Good work. Is the card valid for western railway.
tuhina      [ 2009-12-16 ]
what a commendale job. This is the reson for Mumbai being called "Oh! Thats only B'cause it is MUMBAI"
SUDEEP KRISHNAN      [ 2009-12-16 ]
manoj      [ 2009-12-13 ]
please increase the frequency of thane vashi, there is huge gap between one train to another train, is this possible?
sanjay rane      [ 2009-12-11 ]
nilesh      [ 2009-12-10 ]
Superb Job Buddy...just what I was looking for...Simply Amazing job
Maya Katariya      [ 2009-12-09 ]
Hi...can you Possible Bitween Shahd to dadar ledies Specal???
Deepesh      [ 2009-12-09 ]
I stay at Malad and have no idea about the trains running in the Central Railway...Must say truly commendable work...really
umesh      [ 2009-12-07 ]
we want thane vashi last local up to 00.30 please
Venkatesh D. Naidu      [ 2009-12-07 ]
Good but please let me know whether there is any train from Vasai Road after 8.00 p.m. for going to Kopar
Mr V M Ranade      [ 2009-12-05 ]
Following trains should halt at Thane on both up and dn direction. Hussain sagarr/Coimbatore exp/MyskreBangalore exp Madras Mail as it is very difficult to board the local train at Thane for kalyan
sudhir kulkarni      [ 2009-12-04 ]
Does it mean that the pass cannot be used at stations where the validating machine is not installed ?
Prabhakar      [ 2009-12-04 ]
In Ambarnath, There is no train in the morning between 9.07am to 9.37am for passing Deccan Queen. Pl introduce a local by 9.25am just behind Deccan so that we can get a down local in between 7.55am to 8.24am (CST time). Also only 2 extra rakes required to solve Ambarnath/ Badlapur train frequency problem. pl. look after
Pravin Kulkarni      [ 2009-12-04 ]
Its awesome. If you could add one column at last indicating the location of particular local at the time of query, based on time elapsed from the moment train left the emerging station. I hope you understand what i am looking for. Its not about gps stuff. Thanks.
Firoz N.Surani      [ 2009-12-03 ]
Very useful website giving lot of valuable information
prashant r      [ 2009-12-02 ]
nice work god bless who design this website thank u
Mahesh      [ 2009-11-30 ]
Great. Can fare table for all classes also be put online.
R. Hariharan      [ 2009-11-29 ]
How do we find out the taxi fare from Mumbai to Nasik? Is there a page in your site? Or any contact numbers. Thank you.
Manish Katira      [ 2009-11-28 ]
Good Site ... Helpful ...
PRAVIN RAUT      [ 2009-11-28 ]
mahendra bhanushali      [ 2009-11-28 ]
I am very disappointed because of low frequency between Badlapur and CST mumbai.Central Railway need to increase frequency between this.
poonam      [ 2009-11-28 ]
Please increase frequency between Badlapur to CST route and viceversa.Or extend ambernath local to badlapur.
t n shah      [ 2009-11-28 ]
very good appreciated .very helpful
Siddharth Sohani      [ 2009-11-27 ]
Good job...Central Railway. Please increase the up & down local train frequency in Khopoli, Karjat and Badlapur route. So it will help to split the crowd and also everybody is satisfy with the travelling in local train. Or else start Thane to Badlapur, Thane to Karjat, Thane to Khopoli and Kalyan to Khopoli....short distance more trains to reduce the crowd.
Pranay Kakde      [ 2009-11-27 ]
Liked the job. That's really a nice work!
prem      [ 2009-11-27 ]
very good,please a/c bus from vasant vihar Thane to mumbai[mantralaya] when start
sachin potdar      [ 2009-11-26 ]
Can we do something about the width of fly over bridge at every. it is really mess when two trains at a time.
Raj Umrani      [ 2009-11-23 ]
Gr8 efforts!! Thnx
RIkita      [ 2009-11-23 ]
Superb work.....Nothing like this...gives all possible info on train timings. I love this site. Also highly recomended for all train travelles, Amazing work...Keep it upto date.
rohit pisal      [ 2009-11-22 ]
Please also provide the online delay time of trains notification so that there is awareness.
chetan      [ 2009-11-21 ]
this is the nice way to track train timing . thanks for doin the goodwork .. hope that indian railways could have such kind of serivce
Saurabh Gokhale      [ 2009-11-20 ]
Thanks for the great effort. Itz highly appreciable; but can we get the same for western route also?
Yajneshwar Kanthappa Koti      [ 2009-11-19 ]
please start a train from dombivli to andheri via kopar line
samip sharad karpe      [ 2009-11-19 ]
Nice, Impressed. Very Useful site, Go Ahed
Vikram      [ 2009-11-19 ]
Hi..I think we should also have a route planner. Inputs : From station - To station. And it should give the connecting trains running on various lines.
Shamita sawant      [ 2009-11-17 ]
Excellent work
Nilesh Lovanshi      [ 2009-11-16 ]
It is really helpful. Travellers who wants to visit any unexpected station due to some work can take help from this side.
Bhushan Shirode      [ 2009-11-14 ]
this is really helpful for us
Trushant Bhavsar      [ 2009-11-14 ]
Excellent website Thankssssss
Narendra H. Gaikwad      [ 2009-11-13 ]
pls. increase the Fast trains in morning time from vikhroli station
mamata      [ 2009-11-13 ]
Nice to see such user friendly site
Pushpendra      [ 2009-11-12 ]
ther is no train form Koper to westran side between 7 to 8 given time or so early or so late to travel
Parvez Shaikh      [ 2009-11-12 ]
Excellent, Fantastic, Superb, 5 Star Rated
ajay      [ 2009-11-10 ]
thanks to providing the map of cst - kerjat
     [ 2009-11-07 ]
Please introduce more local train from CST-Ambarnath/Badalapur
Mandar Ovalekar      [ 2009-11-07 ]
Please also let us know the season tkt (monthly & quarterly) fares on the web site. Thanks

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