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dipali Kharkar      [ 2009-08-08 ]
Excellent & useful website Thanks a lot
ShRiKaNT      [ 2009-08-07 ]
This is very helpfull for us. Corect time table of railway shown on than time nd thats very usfull for me nd that help to save my time table...,
Darshan Salvi      [ 2009-08-06 ]
Please start fast train on harbour route
Rakesh Nagwekar      [ 2009-08-05 ]
Where do i do the refill for railways as i have it for best buses
dhananjay Jhawar      [ 2009-08-05 ]
Excellent website Thanks a lot :)
Manish      [ 2009-08-05 ]
Has it was job of central railway govt. but your team have done Excellent and wonderful job than our gov.
Shreenivas      [ 2009-08-04 ]
i am physically handicapped person ... what r bwnifits avilabel to mer & how to access those benifits
amol jadhav      [ 2009-08-04 ]
please increase the number of train from kalyan to karjat
abdulkader      [ 2009-08-04 ]
please increase the train between thane to vashi
Sushil Tayal      [ 2009-08-03 ]
Most useful site on mumbai local trains.... If possible can add an option to show break journey as well, like a journey from say Vashi to Borivali showing route from Vashi --> Wadala --> Vadala --> Bandra --Change line --> Borivali... anyways a very good effort...
Jaikishan Dayma      [ 2009-08-03 ]
It Is Very Nise
DINKAR HEGDE      [ 2009-08-01 ]
Excellent and very much usfull. Thanks
sagun sawant      [ 2009-07-31 ]
There should be trains starting from DIVA Junction to C.S.T in the Pick time
Sunil Somnath Gawde      [ 2009-07-31 ]
Penalise all spitters in and around trains who spoil railways & society health
Sunil Somnath Gawde      [ 2009-07-31 ]
In new German trains, the shelves width is too small to accommodate commuters bags. Please increase by at least 6 inches.
abhimanyu patil      [ 2009-07-30 ]
pl. increase Panvel- CST nos of the train also increase panvel-thane train
amit agarwal      [ 2009-07-29 ]
Excellent website:
Rajiv Dhawan      [ 2009-07-29 ]
Excellent website. Format is also very good. Very user friendly.
manoj kumar v billa      [ 2009-07-29 ]
i wish to take railway pass starting from currey road to kurla via wadala but my college at wadala whats the procedure to take pass please help me and comment your answer on my e-mail
Hitesh Jain      [ 2009-07-26 ]
Please exess these site on mobile also, or provide some other better site for mobile net
Chetan Gangadhar Shinde      [ 2009-07-26 ]
Very efficient site,tthe effort is highly appreciated.Keep it up.
Abhijit Vyas      [ 2009-07-26 ]
Excellent site for local time table i like it. Plz Add timing of trains from mumbai to pune / nasik
chetan      [ 2009-07-24 ]
try to change the fans of all the compartment the people who travell inside they had big problem
Vishal Ghodke      [ 2009-07-24 ]
very good effort...highly appreciated Would add more value if updatation about rains also added
Satish      [ 2009-07-24 ]
Very Informative site.Bookmarked it right on first visit.Hats off to the site makers.
Sita      [ 2009-07-23 ]
User friendly site...really appreciate the efforts put in...
ANANTH      [ 2009-07-22 ]
chetan      [ 2009-07-21 ]
sheetal patil      [ 2009-07-20 ]
Pls arrange some routh from borivali to belapur....
Paurnima Pingle      [ 2009-07-20 ]
Please increase the size of ladies first class compartment. and please increase the new trains on badlapur route.
v.o.jose      [ 2009-07-20 ]
thanks .its wonderful.I got my job done
Prashant Surve      [ 2009-07-20 ]
I was looking for western railway time table, but couldn't find on your site. Overall good efforts you have put in to make this website. Thanks
Mustafa Taher Sunelwala      [ 2009-07-19 ]
website is very good. Pls.try to increase the trains to asangaon and kasara
Hiren Patel      [ 2009-07-19 ]
Plz. increase the nos. of fast train from Dombivali to CST in pick hours.
sagar haldankar      [ 2009-07-19 ]
Good job Dude
Ashish Jain      [ 2009-07-18 ]
Excellent information provided. Quite useful to Mumbaikars.
Santosh Kamoli      [ 2009-07-18 ]
Simply Superb....Nice site to get help for trains timing..especially Central sie..Good Effort. Thanks
suruchi      [ 2009-07-18 ]
zank you!!! :D something civilized in this city!
urmila Tikam      [ 2009-07-17 ]
Pls increase the train from CSt to Badlapur as there the frequency is very less. during evenign hrs - many people have to leave the train because of this rush and as thane trains are there but then also many peopel travel through this train as this people travel and make unwanted rush so we people what we will do????
Perumal konar      [ 2009-07-16 ]
It is very very useful to me and others.because whenever and wherever we get timing of the train to go anywhere.thank you mumbai railway
rasika wadke      [ 2009-07-14 ]
Very useful site for Mumbaikars
vinay shukla      [ 2009-07-14 ]
atleast one train from mumbai_cst to virar in evening,so passenger can not change the train at andheri,dadar,
Mili Airen      [ 2009-07-14 ]
Good website. Getting quick information on trains
noel      [ 2009-07-14 ]
As the crowed is increasing day by day why double decker trains are not introduced like fyling rani
Manish      [ 2009-07-13 ]
Realy appreciate the effort taken.... Thanks for this site... kindly help the western travellers also.
SANDIP S. PARADKAR      [ 2009-07-13 ]
Pls. increase the no. of trains on Badlapur to CST route in morning 3 am to 5 am & CST to Badlapur in evening 3 pm to 5 pm.
Pramita Athikary      [ 2009-07-12 ]
Really good site with correct information.
Nikhil Jain      [ 2009-07-10 ]
Seamless effort & a sincere step to bring the suburban timetable online. Helped me a lot. Keep it up & Thanks a lot.
Dilavar      [ 2009-07-10 ]
Required time table of Diva to Roha passanger train.
narendra      [ 2009-07-10 ]
plz make this go card online recharge

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