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Mak      [ 2008-06-07 ]
Please let us know whether western railway local train time table is availble on net.
Satish Bhagwat      [ 2008-06-04 ]
Please incris. frequency of panvel to cst train
Ruchi      [ 2008-06-04 ]
please increase no. of first class compartments for ladies.
Ashwini      [ 2008-06-02 ]
what is the monthly train fare from Thane to Dombivli in Second Class & in First Class
Ashwini      [ 2008-06-02 ]
Please Increase No. Of Frequencies for train to Ambernath
jenny      [ 2008-05-31 ]
what is the monthly train fare from virar to vasai
v p desai      [ 2008-05-28 ]
in pick time churchgate to andheri in evening & andheri to churchgate fast train needed. all the mail train should be stop at andheri stn.
mitesh gala      [ 2008-05-25 ]
i wanna know wat time is d andheri locals departing from panvel in d evening reach govandi station?
masooma      [ 2008-05-25 ]
Thanks so much for the information. I have used it for making trips to Ulhasnagar and Badlapur and it has saved me so much waiting time at stations. Keep up the good work!
Sanjiv      [ 2008-05-24 ]
Plz provide the info. for Harbour line also
shrenik      [ 2008-05-23 ]
is this for Central Railway? From where can i get same for Western Railway
SATISH GORE      [ 2008-05-22 ]
Sanjay Pashte      [ 2008-05-22 ]
Now A Days C Rly Have Started Ticket Booking On Comp But Its So Slow Try2Make It Fst
Rajesh      [ 2008-05-21 ]
Which local should i catch from mumbai CST to reach exactly at LTT? Thanks
atul jain      [ 2008-05-20 ]
Thanks for information. Very useful to users. please provide the harbor amd western railway info thanks
RAjiv      [ 2008-05-19 ]
Can u also plz upload details of western line too??? Thnx, Regards.
Sandeep Mutha      [ 2008-05-19 ]
Was very good and informative
bharat      [ 2008-05-19 ]
please increase the local so that people feel much secured while waiting on plateform
rashmi      [ 2008-05-14 ]
please let me known about first class fare from sanpada to cst & churchgate
nisha      [ 2008-05-13 ]
i am very impressed on quick details i found on local trains on juct a click away-good word!!!!!!!
haroon kazi      [ 2008-05-13 ]
The train timetable u have put is very good. Can u add one more thing to your site Just add a new feature if one needs to know what is the fare from one station to another station or monthly pass fare from one station to another station or central + western railway route fare or central + harbour fare between certain stations. Exhample: Between Dombivli and Belapur via thane and kurla what will be the first class fare ? etc. Thanks
UDAY      [ 2008-05-12 ]
Pushkar      [ 2008-05-11 ]
Excellent site.... Loads of Information available.... Keep up the good work.. :)
Sagar Bijwe      [ 2008-05-09 ]
This is really a very good website so that any unknown person who dont know any thing , can get details of each small thing in a second so it helps a lot thanks.
sagar      [ 2008-05-08 ]
this was one useful website to find the local railwat timetable....good work
Ashok      [ 2008-05-08 ]
Very useful site... works on my mbile too... however some more wap optimization would be good.
Deepak Vedpathak      [ 2008-05-07 ]
Can this site help me to know how can i travel from thane to roha by local train .
Laveena Ajwani      [ 2008-05-06 ]
Wish you good luck sindhunagar. Please update Mumbai CST via western line time table also in the Railway time table menu. Hope the same will be done at the earliest.
apoorv sarode      [ 2008-05-01 ]
This site contains a vast information about railway trains. Its fantastic.
darshan patil.      [ 2008-04-29 ]
we need more & more kasara locals
Manoj      [ 2008-04-25 ]
We need Harbour line details in the site.
Sunita      [ 2008-04-23 ]
Truly an informative site. Hats off to Sindunagar team for consolidating such vast information.
s.arunkumar      [ 2008-04-23 ]
this page is very useful to me. thanks
RAJESH      [ 2008-04-22 ]
we need western local train time table updated with every year...
Abhay Joshi      [ 2008-04-22 ]
local timetable page is excellant. But couldnot found link directly from home page of oyur site. Found through google. Please try to modify.
meenakshi      [ 2008-04-22 ]
Alongwith timetable also mention fares, One of the best useful sites
Rajnish Joshi      [ 2008-04-22 ]
Very nice detail about our life line. always update it if any change occur
rishi      [ 2008-04-20 ]
This is an amazing bit of info. Please keep it up. Could you make the search periods more flexible so that even the whole day can be searched and printed for reference. Also if a option to search for only fast, only slow, or all trains is given that will be great.
D.M. Joshi      [ 2008-04-19 ]
Very Good Site.
Jagrut      [ 2008-04-18 ]
can have a time table / schedule of newly started Pune - Nasik - Pune passanger train
Xavier      [ 2008-04-16 ]
One of the Best & Useful sites. Please forward this link to your friends.
Kang      [ 2008-04-16 ]
Fantastic work done is made available on your site. Simply fantastic.
Atul      [ 2008-04-16 ]
Very good information. in the simplest way and easy to access
SHEKHAR CHANDAN      [ 2008-04-16 ]
nice time table, very usefull.thanks .
Ankur      [ 2008-04-16 ]
Useful site. Specially, the Suburban railway timings page.
K K Nair      [ 2008-04-15 ]
It was noticed that indicators at Nahur station indicate any train timings in most of the days and it seems nobody bothered to make it functional
Amit      [ 2008-04-12 ]
Very very helpful. Great job. Keep it up.
Shivkumar Samant      [ 2008-04-11 ]
A very good information resource on the web! You deserve a "Padmashree"!
sabne      [ 2008-04-10 ]
Vary good, I use this site vary regularly.
Amit      [ 2008-04-09 ]
I appreciate ur continuous efforts.. I use it from my mobile. Request u to kindly reduce data size of page for faster download.

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