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Shrikant Sunchu      [ 2007-09-01 ]
The frequency of trains between Kalyan and CST should be increased. There are very less fast trains leaving from kalyan. We should make similar to western railway.
vijay      [ 2007-09-01 ]
like central line,provide us time table for panvel to cst and cst to panvel
hemant nair      [ 2007-08-31 ]
No doubt that Local Trains in Mumbai is very very helpful to everyone. Only thing is if the display board of stations (on which side the platform comes, station name also) in local trains locations that will help a lot...
Sweety      [ 2007-08-29 ]
we request to start the train from Vashi to Andheri and from andheri to Vashi in peak hours (not the limited freq which is running currently i.e. frm BR to AD in eve at 4.30, 5.30 & 6.30) Pls consider this req
sanman      [ 2007-08-28 ]
some stations from harbour are not listed pls arrange thses stations
Manish P      [ 2007-08-27 ]
wadala station is not Listed. I want to know wadala to panvel train timings. Please list it. Thanking you.
J G nagwani      [ 2007-08-25 ]
Panvel station is not listed. Please arrange to add CSTM PNVL route
Sumeet      [ 2007-08-25 ]
Thanks for this cool tool
M.Venkatesan      [ 2007-08-24 ]
Excellent information. You should publish one for Western Railway also.Thank you very much for the hard work put in by your team members.
Vinayak      [ 2007-08-24 ]
Very commendable. Thanks a lot, dude
Sachin      [ 2007-08-23 ]
Thanks a Lot. Great work. I guess we should have one for Western railways also. But this efforts are really appreciated
Debashish Roy      [ 2007-08-23 ]
Kudos!!! A very handy information to newcomers and outsiders who move in to Mumbai.
Reema      [ 2007-08-22 ]
Its truly an amazing site. Very convenient n easy to use. Good efforts put in. Regards...
Mayur      [ 2007-08-22 ]
Is there something similar to this for western railways? ofcourse this is too good
shyam nair      [ 2007-08-21 ]
great!!!! excellent!!!! great job!!
amol pandit      [ 2007-08-21 ]
Thanks a lot...you have done great job keep it up..Great work...
s.p. sonawane      [ 2007-08-21 ]
very very useful site for all mumbai citizens
Neeraj Pattath      [ 2007-08-19 ]
I really appreciate your efforts in brining down such information to the local users....
shrinagesh Naik      [ 2007-08-19 ]
Excellent work, you guys n gals are doin a gr8 job. Pl keep it up.
xman      [ 2007-08-19 ]
this is an awesome site for all living in mumbai
S. Sriram      [ 2007-08-16 ]
Great work!! Please also include western railway time table.
harshal      [ 2007-08-14 ]
coool guys. doing a grt job. ur site has been very helpful to me. its very easy and convinent to get information abt sub urban trains
Ashok Agrawal      [ 2007-08-14 ]
MOHAN SHELAR      [ 2007-08-14 ]
Excellent........you think in a social way......great job
Girish      [ 2007-08-13 ]
Good & great job
partap singh      [ 2007-08-13 ]
Can you also provide the timings for WEST local buses in mumbai?that will be very helpful for all mumbaikars.i hope you will pay some attention on it.
Rohini      [ 2007-08-11 ]
It a great job no hassels of carrying timetables
Vinesh Nair      [ 2007-08-11 ]
Extremely helpful. Time saving. Good effort guys...Kudddooosss to ur team
Sunil      [ 2007-08-10 ]
Getting Suburban timetable online is very useful... Great job.. keep it up.. Thanks
partap singh      [ 2007-08-10 ]
Great job,shows the measures for the lifeline of mumbai.keep it up
lyneskevin      [ 2007-08-10 ]
sir i cannot get the whole time table list for suburb western line i.e virar to churhgate
Sunil Sawant      [ 2007-08-09 ]
Good job, please updated the time table CST - Panvel & Wester line also
siddhesh      [ 2007-08-09 ]
nice work man keep it up!!!! it will help to railway commuters in mumbai!!
s.k.sircar      [ 2007-08-07 ]
i need vashi to cst timetable urgently
ANURAG ATWAL      [ 2007-08-07 ]
The train service is perfect....true lifeline of mumbai.
siji      [ 2007-08-07 ]
its g8 job .i liked it.but i would like to know western railway timetable also
PRASANNA      [ 2007-08-06 ]
PrasadR      [ 2007-08-06 ]
Really helped us to plan journeys. Thanks. Great job.
Poonam      [ 2007-08-06 ]
You are doing excellent job. But i would like to make a request that please show the timetable of local trains of western railways. Thank you.
anilbb2      [ 2007-08-02 ]
very good informative sight
Manasi      [ 2007-08-02 ]
How can I get western railway updated time table, pl. help.
vids      [ 2007-07-31 ]
g8 job with all required info handy. all the best
Sabir      [ 2007-07-28 ]
You are doing excellent job. But i would like to make a request that please show the timetable of local trains of western railways. Thank you.
ankush deshpande      [ 2007-07-25 ]
fantastic information ..most of the time table sites on the web are not updated.i found this one updated to the latest time tables of almost all trains.good qork boys keep it up .work appriciated
ANWAR K SHAIKIH      [ 2007-07-25 ]
this is amazing but what will we do if we want to see without internet. then make this time table for the without internet software. that we can take update every time when timetable will change.
N Chandrasekar      [ 2007-07-25 ]
U r doing a great social service in keeping the local time table on the net. Central rly site itself is not so customer friendly as yours. Pl keep it up. I AM SURE SOMEONE FROM RLYS READ THIS.
Ashok      [ 2007-07-25 ]
I found the site most helpful for all the rail commuters. It would be great if you incorporate Western Train Timings, as there were other no authentic source for the western local timings.
sandeep Deshmukh      [ 2007-07-25 ]
Excellent site, good information on local time table. i suggest you start pune-lonavala local time table also
Shivram Bhangare      [ 2007-07-25 ]
There no local from 8.00 pm to 8.47pm (47 minitus) towords kalyan on fast trak. so vary rush for Kasara local (8.47 pm at CST).
Zakir Sayed      [ 2007-07-24 ]
Great concept. But please update the timings as there are minutes difference in train schedule.

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