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Parag Shah      [ 2009-07-10 ]
Can u check feasibility for uploading Mumbai -Pune railway timetable
Sunil Patil      [ 2009-07-09 ]
please make halt for fast train on Diva Junction
r. s chawla      [ 2009-07-09 ]
superb...... regards.
Ameya Gadre      [ 2009-07-09 ]
Nice Website...It will help the commuters a lot.
Ajay Dalvi      [ 2009-07-07 ]
Excellent,very good effort... Pls Add Nerul Thane time table
namrata      [ 2009-07-06 ]
good website it really helps
Mahendra Misale      [ 2009-07-04 ]
Pls start train from kalyan to Belapure
Abhinay      [ 2009-07-04 ]
Please update enquiry number for local trains....who can answer whether trains are running or not during monsoon
H K SHETTY      [ 2009-07-04 ]
please increase no. of train on vasai-panvel belt and also make morning train 7.25 to start at 6.45 am which will help office and college going people.
VIJAYKUMAR BHOITE      [ 2009-07-01 ]
I loVe This
Akshay Patil      [ 2009-06-28 ]
Excellent website..
Bharat Bedmutha      [ 2009-06-27 ]
Mandar Mallap      [ 2009-06-21 ]
the train services betwwen panvel and dahanu can run lot faster with much better frequencies. The signals are manual as of now. The train halts for really long once at vasai and virar. I was quite bored travelling on one such from dombivli to boisar
Sachin Kadam      [ 2009-06-21 ]
Really good and informative site. It will be really good if you could also give the BEST buses route and the first and the last bus time with the frequency of buses. Best Wishes.
S.K.Puri      [ 2009-06-20 ]
Great,somebody had thought of it. It is so simple to get all the desired information about central local railways on this site. SALUTE to those who conceived the idea. This is perhaps the only site
Nikhil Shirgaonkar      [ 2009-06-19 ]
Superb site no word 4 it excellent work for humanity. Moreover i wud like to suggest please try to add ticket fare to the site it ll b more informative
Bhushan      [ 2009-06-18 ]
Its very useful to know instant with complete details.
Dilip S. Baing      [ 2009-06-17 ]
Thanks for providing this facility. it is very useful to every person.
Govind Tripathi      [ 2009-06-17 ]
Very good and handy website. keep going!!!
Nakul Bipin Gandhi      [ 2009-06-16 ]
Well done buddy! Keep up the good work!
Tanveer Momin      [ 2009-06-14 ]
Hi,kindly increase frequency from Bhiwandi to Kopar Station,appreciated for cuurent frequency .
Priti      [ 2009-06-11 ]
Dear Sir, It was nice to see the full information on the site. Thanks a lot ...I am regular traveller of WR / CR many a time there are soo many Gens / boy vendor in the ladies ....why these people are allow to travel in ladies compartment ...could you manage to stop to travell even this vendor and bagger in ladies compartment.. Many a time we have notice during down track in the morning vendor like fisher women (With empty basket), vegetable / flower etc travell in the ladies compartment ..on question why you travel in ladies compartment when govt have given a spl ladies compartment as laugges......just kept quiet and informed next stop i will get down but the when here stop come then only get down.....please see that this type of vendor should be stop ASAP Thanking you
santosh dubal      [ 2009-06-11 ]
thanks for ur very useful service.
Manohar Cherala      [ 2009-06-10 ]
Please keep proper maintainance of INDICATORS in almost all stations.
Rajendra Bhurke      [ 2009-06-10 ]
Please start more locals on karjat to CST & CST to karjat khopoli at morning 7.00am to 8.00am and evening 4.30pm to 6.30pm
sumita shinde      [ 2009-06-10 ]
please increase no of train to long distance - badlapur, asangaon, ambernath and titwala
Manoj Inamdar      [ 2009-06-10 ]
Dear Sir, Pls Start trains from Ambernath to Churchgate as its very complected to travel by changing trains... Thanks & Regards Manoj. Inamdar
Sumanta      [ 2009-06-09 ]
Kudos!! Wonderful work.
Sanjay Kosale      [ 2009-06-08 ]
Good job.......
shivaji choudhar      [ 2009-06-07 ]
mumbai local is very good service but need and care fully work in relway police.
VIVEK RAGUNATH PARAB      [ 2009-06-07 ]
Rajendra Khandekar      [ 2009-06-05 ]
It's a really helpful...Thanks for help
Chettiappan      [ 2009-06-05 ]
Good Work..
kritika      [ 2009-06-05 ]
plz,increase slow train between khopoli and CST.
Vivek Patil      [ 2009-06-05 ]
Now, No tension In Mumbai local by using these site
Pravin      [ 2009-06-01 ]
Very good effort. Really very helpful information.
vishal chaskar      [ 2009-05-31 ]
plz, increase the no. of train on boisar- dombivali routh.
Farid      [ 2009-05-29 ]
Good,helpful,highly appreciable
sandesh      [ 2009-05-29 ]
pls stop all kokan trains on bhandup station
Dayanand Redekar      [ 2009-05-27 ]
Pls increase the fast Train frequency & send the train on right time
sanjay Markale      [ 2009-05-26 ]
Rly timetable is very very useful. I would like to suggest that make this time table available on mobile so that this can be used at travelling or from reaching to station. give the facility to update the timetable time to time.
NILESH VINOD DEVARE      [ 2009-05-25 ]
Very much helpful specially at 4 am before u leave the office.
dr.kunal shah      [ 2009-05-23 ]
gr8 and systematic website.thanx
Deepak Gala      [ 2009-05-22 ]
very very useful site,Thanxxxx
Gauri N. Samant.      [ 2009-05-22 ]
very much useful
ANUR RANDER      [ 2009-05-22 ]
gopish prasad      [ 2009-05-18 ]
Lovely site.good for commuters and specially for people who dont know how to travel properly by trains.Perfect timings are given
ashwini      [ 2009-05-18 ]
Its very useful.complimentary work.nice.
Debopriyo      [ 2009-05-18 ]
Hi I have an interview in Andheri East on 23rd May 09. I shall be arriving at Lokmanya tilak stn by Gyaneswari. I have to catch a train to Delhi from CST . How to reach CST from Andheri East ?? Pl. help Regards
farooq shaikh      [ 2009-05-16 ]
please start more locals from C.S.T to Borivili

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