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Ajit Daule      [ 2009-11-06 ]
Nice website, but very few people konw about thise website so Publicity increse thise website
Sumathi      [ 2009-11-05 ]
there should be more frequence of trains between cst to belapur , panvel . Also direct trains that can halt at Turbhe station.
gaurav rikh      [ 2009-11-04 ]
great job done
Nitesh Baranwal      [ 2009-11-04 ]
Absolutely Nice Effort
Tejas      [ 2009-11-03 ]
what is the timing of first train from thane to vashi
Sushila      [ 2009-11-02 ]
Dahanu panvel - Re schedule the train timing at 8.30 am at kopar
Hemant D, Chaynakhawa      [ 2009-11-02 ]
Excellent work done......
Zeeshan Tungekar      [ 2009-11-01 ]
I would like to know the Railway route of Mumbai when British Rules in India. I mean the list of Railway Stations of Mumbai Local train at the time of British Raj. Thanks & Warm Regards Zeeshan Tungekar
vrushali      [ 2009-10-31 ]
Please extend the Diva vasai train upto vapi
sanjeev      [ 2009-10-31 ]
We all are progressing together. yes we must imphesis on a common man's requirement to be taken care on internet, like this site....highly appereciable and impressive.
anisha bhatia      [ 2009-10-31 ]
gr8 job.. Keep it up..
Vinay Sharma      [ 2009-10-30 ]
Excellent Job...
Ashwin shetty      [ 2009-10-30 ]
please increase frequency of trains to badlapur.
Laxmikant Patnayak      [ 2009-10-30 ]
Thank you for put this time table in web increase trian between cst to badlapur it is very diffcult
Rohan Khambekar      [ 2009-10-30 ]
plz increase d number of trains from CST-KARJAT/KHOPOLI...!!!!
Yogita Rane      [ 2009-10-30 ]
Plz, increase no of train CST-AMBERNATH,BADLAOUR rute
Prashant      [ 2009-10-30 ]
Madhukar Mahore      [ 2009-10-30 ]
Presentt FOB at Thane Station towards Kalyan ends which is starts from S.T. Depot ends at Kopri side if above FOB access to Platform No.3,4 & 5,6 then passenger will not cross railway track who is coming from Cidco Bus stop side.
Bhagyashree mohite      [ 2009-10-29 ]
Please increase the trains (slow + fast) in the morning and evening (during peak hours) to Badlapur
Bhagyashree Mohite      [ 2009-10-29 ]
The ladies special train should be started from Badlapur
Harshada PAtil      [ 2009-10-29 ]
Ambernath trains should be run to and from Badlapur. This will really save lot of time taken by BAdlapur commuters
Sanjay Joshi      [ 2009-10-29 ]
Very good guide for outsiders to plan their travel.
Mufti Asadullah      [ 2009-10-28 ]
It is excellent step to make the journey easy in both BEST & Railway. But the problem is that swiped machines are found OUT OF SERICE in very much station. The railway management should take care of it.
Prasad shetty      [ 2009-10-28 ]
very good information keep it updating too thanks buddy
Bharat Rane      [ 2009-10-26 ]
Very good Service. Thank you. Pls Incerese fast Trians
ajinkya pawar      [ 2009-10-25 ]
what is the monthly best full pass of whole mumbai? that is it should work in mumbai thane and navi mumbai where best buses works
Jayesh K.Chaudhari      [ 2009-10-25 ]
Pls note down that Railway T.C not allowed this card they suggested that use Railway pass only so we are in trouble to use this Go Pass or not
Babulal Shahu      [ 2009-10-24 ]
Very Good website.
ATUL      [ 2009-10-24 ]
Hight apprreciable.efforts to create such portals....keep on posting new TIPs & suggestion.
kerman      [ 2009-10-23 ]
i travel from vashi to andheri everyday in the morning is there any direct train from panvel to andheri from 8am in the morning
Shailesh Jha      [ 2009-10-23 ]
Please ask govt. to start train from Kalyan to churchgat via Vasai.
Prabhat Kiran      [ 2009-10-23 ]
I don't live in Mumbai, but this site has helped me a lot during my occasional visits to the city. Even my relatives in Mumbai sometimes refer to the timings. Please keep up the good work, and keep providing accurate data.
Gnyanendra      [ 2009-10-23 ]
Best website that I have seen, till date, for this purpose. Good keep it up !
Krishna      [ 2009-10-22 ]
Kindly increase the frequency of andheri to panvel train and also fast trains till vashi
satish singh      [ 2009-10-21 ]
please suggest time table of local trains on sunday from ghatkoper to koparkhairane
ManThan      [ 2009-10-20 ]
Really Good!!! Piece of information Just as i wanted
Gurunath Chaudhary      [ 2009-10-20 ]
Try to increase Panvel to CST train frequency and also start Panvel to Kurla train in peak hours to minimise hug rush......
Joel      [ 2009-10-19 ]
Really helpful site. Thanks A ton!! :D
Amir khan      [ 2009-10-17 ]
Plz tel me time for train from byculla to panvel in morning
Elyas      [ 2009-10-16 ]
Thanks team. The shedule is very helpful to me.
Sunil Sawant      [ 2009-10-16 ]
plz halt at least one fast local at Bhandup station between 6.30 PM to 7.20 PM
Lalit Patel      [ 2009-10-14 ]
Well developed site. It helps me a lot. Thanks to team.
Gourav Sahu      [ 2009-10-14 ]
Very nice and valuble effort:)
Celestine rozario      [ 2009-10-14 ]
Great site.Increase no. of central trains like western.
nikul thakkar      [ 2009-10-13 ]
very helpfull website thanks for good effort
SATISH CHOUDHARY      [ 2009-10-13 ]
ADITYA RAMAMURTHY      [ 2009-10-13 ]
Mahesh Dhake      [ 2009-10-13 ]
Very good site i like it
Dharmesh Raja      [ 2009-10-12 ]
very good effort...highly appreciated
subhashshelar      [ 2009-10-11 ]
Plz encrease the no of train on thane to vashi & extend to thane train to kalyan juntion.

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