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PARESHm      [ 2008-04-08 ]
Very helpful in tracking the train timing.
mohan hemnani      [ 2008-04-04 ]
very helpful,good luck,keep up the good work
sam      [ 2008-04-02 ]
Many thanks. Really very helpful. Appreciate your efforts. Wish u luck!
SHARAD      [ 2008-03-29 ]
very good
satish      [ 2008-03-26 ]
pl.give W/R time table
Jitendra      [ 2008-03-24 ]
Hi, kindly let me know when vasai to panvel train is going to start and what is its time table
Shrinivas Deshkar      [ 2008-03-24 ]
We are looking for increase in number of fast locals starting from Thane station in the morning hours
umesh kanitkar      [ 2008-03-24 ]
excellent site. pl. keep up the good work you guys are already doing.
Sandeep      [ 2008-03-19 ]
When does Thane Panvel Services expected to start ??
Saurav Maria      [ 2008-03-19 ]
Excellent work. Very convenient to find out the required train at a click. Good Work Keep It up
Bhavesh Dedhia      [ 2008-03-17 ]
We are looking for train from mumbai-cst to bhiwandi station on regular basis, pls coment
Upendra Sontakke      [ 2008-03-17 ]
Very good site I was looking for such site to ge quick information on railways... If a kalyan to CST fast train starts between morning hours 7.30-8.00 would be great..cheers mumbai
phadke      [ 2008-03-15 ]
when from kalyan to vashi direct train is starting?
Amit Singh      [ 2008-03-14 ]
Please decrease some train of Thane to Mumbai Near about 2-5 train & Increase these train Dombivali to Mumbai or Kalyan to Mumbai.
Anil G.Salgaonkar      [ 2008-03-12 ]
Karjat to Kalyan 30/30 minute train will be start please
Monica      [ 2008-03-12 ]
Excellant site ... keep it up
amol joshi      [ 2008-03-12 ]
plesae increased fast train in bhandup stop halted morning 9:59 After not stop fast train in bhandup stop you can increaed train in having indicator in upper side bhandup westcrowed is more not suffient to stop train increaed fast train stop.
FRANCIS DSOUZA      [ 2008-03-12 ]
there are no trains fast trains from krajat or badlapur betwen 06.30 & 06.45 bcouz
pradeep      [ 2008-03-09 ]
site is exellant & useful. i want panvel to kurla evry station tine table
Chaitanya      [ 2008-03-07 ]
Hi Buddy ! Site is informative..... But U missed up Western railway track.... It would be gr8 if U can add it too.... Actually i was on hunt for Western Railways Train Schedules.... Thanks
Abhijit Nerurkar      [ 2008-03-07 ]
Excellent Site.....Really helpful for the people like me who travels to central Mumbai once in a week....
sandeep jadhav      [ 2008-03-05 ]
Nahur station ke upar indicater nahi hai & station ke upar chat nahi hai please impliment as soon as possible
ketan talreja      [ 2008-03-04 ]
vey inforrmative,useful site.thanks.
RUPALI      [ 2008-03-03 ]
please Bhandup station not having indicator in ticket counter & upper side in berge. & Bhandup stop fast train is very few please add news local in hold Bhandup incresaed fast local stop at list as same in mulund stoping train hold bhandup.
mahesh      [ 2008-03-03 ]
Great site accessed it via blackberry cheers
GURMANPREET SINGH      [ 2008-02-29 ]
there should be an increase in the frequency of the trains running between PANVEL and ANDHERI
anon      [ 2008-02-28 ]
diva vasai time table???
PRASHANT SAWANT      [ 2008-02-28 ]
Twinkle      [ 2008-02-27 ]
Wonderful work done!
firdosh      [ 2008-02-27 ]
sir, the speed of the trains need to improve spl the night slow local which runs very slow.. and the trains bound to amb and badlapur which are slow gets late at kalyan due to mail trains exist normally trains halt for 2 min but after 9 pm any slow trains halt at kalyan for not less then 20 min
firdosh      [ 2008-02-27 ]
sir, why not the frequency of the route Diva Vasai increase since many yrs their are only 2 trips one in the early morning and then in the evening with the racks remains ideal for the entire day.
VIJAY KOLI      [ 2008-02-23 ]
Sandesh khot      [ 2008-02-22 ]
It is very useful site for knowing train time in each station, but it is very effective if there is western time table in same fashion. do the needful if possible.
sushil      [ 2008-02-22 ]
Very user friendly good site ..
Yuvesh Naik      [ 2008-02-22 ]
I would like to thanks you for creating such an informative website also I would like request you to start the same service for the Western railway this will be a of great help to the WR commuters
Gangadhar      [ 2008-02-21 ]
This site is good . This has been designed to make the job easier.
Suhas      [ 2008-02-21 ]
This is really a very superb site designed by you. Do you also have similar for Harbour & Western route? If yes please let me know. Regards, Suhas.
Amit Pednekar      [ 2008-02-20 ]
Hi ! This site is very good , but i think it can be made better by adding WR timings too. This will probably attract more visitors. Thanks !
Premal Sheth      [ 2008-02-20 ]
This is a good site in which i can see all the routes of local train and timing also.
Parag Tambe      [ 2008-02-18 ]
Thanks mate !!! I have used this site more often than actual railway time table. Please if possible also add the Harbour n the Western Railways too...
arjun narahari      [ 2008-02-17 ]
i dont think ,but it should be done more fast trains should be stopped at bhandup station like kalyan and thane but not all kalyan and thane stops at bhandup station and also the asias 2nd largest mall is going to come in bhandup so i request to look in this matter i hope that u will consider my plea thanking you please reply
pravin k.N.      [ 2008-02-17 ]
plz increase fast locals in niht duration splecially after 23.00Hrs.for more people can take advantge of that.
Balachandran      [ 2008-02-15 ]
Please introduce few semifast trains from Dombivli in the morning peak hours and the Dadar Local extent to CST as semifast.
Siddharth Naik      [ 2008-02-14 ]
man this is best thing you could have done. I keep loosing the time tables i needed some thing of this sort to plan when to leave from office...... great job :)
PANKAJ      [ 2008-02-14 ]
I am thankful to the site team.and i am requesting to Mr.lallu prasad yadav to put one computer in Enquiry counter for helping this site
GAURAV LOKE      [ 2008-02-13 ]
I think , We should have same indicators as western ralway have, because its shows exactly how much time is Left for trains arrival. CR should introduce FAST trains from Dombivali . slow trains must be started from Kalwa , because lotz of ppl board train from that place . BAKI ... TRAIN apni JAAN ...
Romonov      [ 2008-02-11 ]
please man please stop spitting in trains, please start using cellphone on low volume please make a sense that when u board the train get on left side left the ppl get out of train from right side of the door... be on the left side to get in ... it makes sense rather than all pushing in and out...
Rajesh Bhosale      [ 2008-02-10 ]
nice and very informative site.Kalyan is very important junction station then also few trains like deccan, Pragati is not halting here. we need to do something in this regards.
NEHA      [ 2008-02-09 ]
from dombivli all trains are slow and in central railway dombivli is crowdest station. so please introduce new services from dombivli fast/semi fast trains at pickup hrs. thanks
Irshad      [ 2008-02-07 ]
I am thankful to the site team for their effort. The website is very helpful, especially for first time commuter.

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