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uday girdhar      [ 2017-05-13 ]
i want to know timings of route no.52 from thane station & patlipada.
BRIJAL DINESH MANDALIYA      [ 2017-05-13 ]
Bus time of AC 125 and charges till Turbhe naka
Ali shaikh      [ 2017-05-13 ]
I want bus nomber kandivali east to sakinaka metro station
Dr.K.Sahana      [ 2017-05-12 ]
Please make a stop at Shreeram hospital which is after Ovala stop.Ī am a govt.officer and I stay at Thane and work at Kalyan.Most of the bus drivers and conductors halt at Shreeram hospital on request,however there is one particular conductor who refuses and even fights with the driver on stopping ,but he has no problem in picking up passengers from anywhere.So I request you to make a halt at Shreeram Hospital.
kaushal misra      [ 2017-05-12 ]
i want direct bus from borivli to dombivali
Vaishali Dawane      [ 2017-05-12 ]
Please let me know the bus no.of bus starting from Andheri station to Thane
Kisan      [ 2017-05-12 ]
Fare cost of TMT Volvo bus from borivali to thane
Naina      [ 2017-05-12 ]
Suggestion please there should be busses available from Senroofs (bhandup village road bus stop near container yard) to Mulund east, west, Thane
Munesh Bale      [ 2017-05-11 ]
want to know the fare from King cirle to Kamothe village AS 503
satbir singj      [ 2017-05-09 ]
pls give first bus time of 123 n 125 from borivali
Israrul Haque      [ 2017-05-09 ]
Best should start new rout from Goregaon to Chandiwali it will give benefit to both comuter as well as best.
Israrul Haque      [ 2017-05-09 ]
Best should start new rout from Goregaon to Chandiwali it will give benefit to both comuter as well as best.
Vipul Shah      [ 2017-05-07 ]
I want direct bus from Borivali to Panel Mac Donalds
Swapnali Sawant      [ 2017-05-07 ]
Time table for TMT AC bus no. 57 Fast route
M Ahmed      [ 2017-05-06 ]
Always I found very few passengers from Yari Road and from Chakala to Yari Road.., My suggestion is make this bus root same as 221 going to Andheri, 328 also start from Versace Yari Road and go first to Andheri West where 221 Goes then turn from there to Destination follow same as return journey.., You may feel deference and hopefully good income also for B.E.S.T. With Best Regards
Divakar      [ 2017-05-05 ]
Time table of 125AC from malad east to ghansoli
Subramaniam      [ 2017-05-03 ]
Many ladies were travelling from Mulund (East) Highway to Worli by AS3 bus which was cancelled. If it not economical to run this AC bus at least they should run normal bus on this route as there is no direct bus on this route. I hope something is done before the rainy season.
Ramesh Shrinivas      [ 2017-05-01 ]
All buses should start from Mulund Check Naka Bus Depot and end there connecting various places in Mumbai as well as to and fro Thane. In my opinion, Mulund Check Naka depot is underutilised and very few buses are parked and start from there whereas there is a lot of unused space available to park and control the intinerary of the buses.
Mayank Khatavkar      [ 2017-04-29 ]
there is a new bus service started by TMT. a new Bus route no 77. the bus is from Dombivali West to Thane (Chendani Koliwada/CIDCO). request you to please get the time table for the buses.
chandrabhusan sharma      [ 2017-04-27 ]
Sir Kabhi bhi Time pe bus nahi Aata .......
RAJ SAMUEL      [ 2017-04-27 ]
Now BEST has procured new buses few buses can be started from Panvel/ Mansarovar rly station to Dadar. This will help thousand commuters staying at kamothe, khandeshwar, kalamboli
Pawan Chowdhary      [ 2017-04-26 ]
The bus from 52 and 55 start from Petali Taloja, the same may be started from Taloja phase 2 which is hardly 3 km. The residents of taloja phase 2 do not have any public transport and are forced to walk or take lift
bharat parekh      [ 2017-04-25 ]
SUGGESTIONS A1. All BEST Buses Should Start from 1. Ghatkopar Bus Depot 2. 90 Ft Road 3. Meghraj Hotel 4. Ghatkopar Side MG Rd 5. Ghatkopar Station 6. R B Mehta Marg 7. Hingwala lane 8. Pantnagar Circle 9. 90 Ft Road 10. Chembur Side MG Rd So No Internal Road used for Bus stop
Tammy shinde      [ 2017-04-25 ]
I have complain that bus no 409 isnt arriving on time.also there is not even a single bus from cadbury junction to bhandup.we face trouble switching buses. Please loan nagar (bhandup) a bus going to Thane. Why there are so many buses going to mulund... bhandupkars want more buses
VINODKUMAR DANTALA      [ 2017-04-22 ]
I just wanted to know the last bus timing of Route no 56 from versova I leave from work at 11.00 to 11.30pm from juhu Hotel.
Desai      [ 2017-04-22 ]
Please increase the number of buses from Malad west to seepz. Only 1 bus is available.
pradeep      [ 2017-04-21 ]
N L Gore      [ 2017-04-18 ]
Bus A-13 from lodha complesx to backbay should not be stopped because that is only hope for senior citizens to travel to office beacuase they cannot travel by trian.
N L Gore      [ 2017-04-18 ]
Bus A-13 from lodha complesx to backbay should not be stopped because that is only hope for senior citizens to travel to office beacuase they cannot travel by trian. OR atleast non ac bus should be started immediately
N L Gore      [ 2017-04-18 ]
At least non a/c buses should be started with same timings from Lodha complex to Backbay
N L Gore      [ 2017-04-18 ]
TMT should start bus from lodha complex tahne to backbay depot immediately as ac bus is stopped from 17.04.17. Senior citizens are unable to travel to office by train etc.
Karan      [ 2017-04-17 ]
Bus no. 345 in malad east at 12:30pm y or no
Prof.hemaSanthanam      [ 2017-04-10 ]
The buses run between Siddhivinayak Mandhir and collectors colony are very few as 93and 351 .frequency of 93during peak hrs should be increased from 4pm to 630 as there is a college Vivekanand with 35000 students inAll With higher education as engineering management and pharmacy students need to stay late up to 6pm .thisjunction is not connected by bus They can divert some buses of351 to cover this point forth benefit of the students Tatapower can ply their own buses where as students are put in to inconvenience as all auto drivers are refusing Connect that point to atleast on highwaypriyadharshini so that one can getbetteralternativesto reach siddhi Vinayak please apply your mind to get some benefits and convenience for students ofVivekanandaeducation society.you contact me on email Being profi can have discussion to connect this educational society with western part
p.s.subramanian      [ 2017-04-07 ]
pl extend the timing of last 60 C ltd busfrom Deonar depot to 9.00 pm.& 9.15 pm . & 489 ltd bus from shivaji nagar depot to 10.30 pm.
suman      [ 2017-04-05 ]
worst service there is no time table for bus no buses r there passengers are waitting hor n hour for the bus even controller is not arrange the bus from depot daily we r waiting hour n hour for the bus today i am at the depot from 8.15pm n 9.05pm the bus is not . this is the daily routine of 409 please do something
shila karkate      [ 2017-04-03 ]
andheri to nelco month buss pass fare details
Umesh bhandary      [ 2017-03-30 ]
Please extend bus routes 712 laxmi park to ramnager to Indralok to bhayandar st
vijay Achari      [ 2017-03-30 ]
Hello sir, I request you to please start bus from Trombay depo to shivaji nagar depo
Deep      [ 2017-03-30 ]
Please extend the bus till Mira Road station.
Suryanarayan      [ 2017-03-24 ]
Please increase frequency of AC bus from Nerul to Andheri. At present there are only 2 buses in the morning
VTR      [ 2017-03-20 ]
Hi, please increase the frequency of bus numbers 79, 224 & 259 (Malad chincholi to Gorai) in the evening peak hours (6 to 8) as it is getting very difficulty for us to get into the crowded buses.. Also the Metro work is in process and it is getting very inconvenient for u to stop for 20-30 mins for bus and then get stuck in traffic for next 20-30 mins.. Request you to look into the same.. thanks
V s jathar      [ 2017-03-16 ]
Kindly try to ply two buses on the route of 495 bus service from Gavhan panda. Thanks.
kalpana modi      [ 2017-03-15 ]
We are 5000 families at Lodha - casa rio & casa bela township - desperately looking for thane - dombbivli bus services
Rajashree Jayawant      [ 2017-03-13 ]
There is only one bus for station for hariniwas route and frequency is very low. Kindly do needful aeap.
Charles Muller Arul      [ 2017-03-09 ]
On 8th March 2017 I waited at the R.K Studio Bus Stop for 493 Ltd from 3 Pm to 5 Pm and not a single Bus had arrived. Please advise the frequency of 493 Ltd.
Ushma palicha      [ 2017-03-08 ]
Frequency of bus no 306 from Vikhroli bus depot to Santacruz (e) is very erratic- can the frequency be increased as it the only way to travel to Santacruz.
Parwaiz      [ 2017-03-05 ]
Dear Sir, I have not seen any 103 AC bus starting from New Panvel. Please clarify.
Arjun Kumar      [ 2017-03-04 ]
Dear sir, Kindly request you to add more number of buses via Kalamboli sector -16, as there are frequent and more number of passengers in the morning. Thanking You
dr.dipak.umbarje      [ 2017-03-02 ]
Start Non ac buses fromm borivali to nerul
Sneha Gupta      [ 2017-03-02 ]
Direct route from Malad West (Ekta Nagar- Mhada) to Andheri East (Gokhale Bridge) and ahead is not available, Requesting for the direct route between these stops.

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