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Bhupendra Sampat      [ 2015-06-02 ]
Bus route no.246 which is similar ad route no.244, only taking turn in charkop sector no.2, instead of that it should run from Borivali Bus syn to Chatkop village via Poisar Depot, Borsapada, Charkop Market, Shayadri n take right turn to go to Chatkop village n from there it will come back via Chatkop Police Stn, Charkop Market, Mahavir Nagar extn, Borsapada, Poisat Depot n come back to Borivali Bus Stop via S.V.Road. I hope if you will run on above route maximum passenger BEST will get. Pl try on it. Regards, BDS
Pritpal Singh      [ 2015-06-02 ]
A suggestion to extent bus no 509 to either Kamalboli or Kharghar instead of terminating to APMC Market or introduce a new route from Mulund to Kamalboli/Kharghar bypassing Vashi & Koper Khairane.
RITESH      [ 2015-06-02 ]
DEAR BEST TEAM, Please increase the frequency of like 701 & 703 Buses from Kandivali(east) / Borivali (E) to Borivali (E) station & to Thakur Village.
Manish jain      [ 2015-06-01 ]
please start the bus from diva east................
Aniket      [ 2015-06-01 ]
Dear B.E.S.T increase the frequency of 485 and 498 atleast on the peek timing.
S M Arondekar.      [ 2015-05-31 ]
Please increase last bus timing of Bus route no 461 till 11.30p.m.& bus 461 AS till10.30
dipak jakhere      [ 2015-05-29 ]
bharti kadhi honar ahe conductor ani driver
tulsa chandanshive      [ 2015-05-28 ]
Dear best, Please start c-52 bus from vadala to kalamboli...
Mohd. Aslam      [ 2015-05-26 ]
there is no direct bus from wagle depot to majiwada .. please strat bus from wagle depot to majida direct bus
swapnil hande      [ 2015-05-26 ]
best is word no. 1 services mumbai in india
ab      [ 2015-05-25 ]
Please restore route no. 502 ltd to Dadar - Nerul Sec 48
Kerman      [ 2015-05-25 ]
Please start AC bus service from Kanjus Marg WEST , LBS Marg to Senapti Bapat Marg Lower Parel. There are no buses presently on this route. Office goers have great difficulty on this stretch. Please revert with positive action taken in this matter.
Reshma      [ 2015-05-24 ]
Please reduce some fares of Best buses common man cant afford
kiran      [ 2015-05-21 ]
Pls start bus from bhandup east to dindoshi depot No bus to borvali from bhandup east
Parshuram      [ 2015-05-21 ]
Increase the frequency of buses on route 255 (ltd)
Varsha Saxena      [ 2015-05-19 ]
Please increase the frequency of Best Bus #392, or start new buses from Tolani to Powai Hiranandani. There are very less buses in this route.
Ramesh Suthar      [ 2015-05-18 ]
Dear Best, Please Start Bus From Shivaji Nagar To Pathanvadi (Malad) Or WE Highway.
ADITYA      [ 2015-05-15 ]
It is a request to the bandra depot authority that more buses should be introduces in the Bandra depot and if possible the depot should be bigger
Ghura Mohinder Singh      [ 2015-05-13 ]
Sir it is need to have a Bus stand at Indra Nagar opposite muncipal market rawlli camp for route no 170 for going from Antop Hill to Sion via Gurteg Bhadur Nagar and at opposite Gurudwara rawli camp for the route no. 170 going from Sion to Antop Hill via Guru Tegh Bhahdur Nagrar.
Sameer Raje      [ 2015-05-13 ]
Please start A.C. Buses to Domestic and International Airtports. People are going in for private Vehicles beacuse of absence of proper Public Transpoert
mohan kamble      [ 2015-05-09 ]
I was given e mail id ..last 6 month i have asking about best buses for east west from nehru nagar to new airport..no one ac busses for senior citizens ..not responding..new bridge May start buses for borivali..
neha h kapadia      [ 2015-05-06 ]
please start a bus route from gopikrishna piramal to deepak cinema
Rohan Malgaonkar      [ 2015-05-03 ]
Increase the frequency of AS-3 & change bus route C-42 from Shivaji park-dadar to dadlani park-thane.
Deepak      [ 2015-04-30 ]
plz increase the frequency of 510 as we hav to wait for straight 30-45,mins...sometimes upto 1 Hr... so plz increases the frequency of 510 bus of best...
P S Sundaram      [ 2015-04-29 ]
I suggested last time that if BEST change the route of 491 i.e after swastik park it should come to Hiranandani Estate and then via Waghbill road (Vijay Nagar) to Ghodbundar Road. This will give people living in Vijay Nagari area and Hiranandani estate will get easy access to Borivli side.
Mulla Rizwan      [ 2015-04-28 ]
Its my humble request from BEST kindly increase no of 1 No speacial bus frequency between 9 to 11 AM
Nikita      [ 2015-04-25 ]
I am a resident of Thakur Village, Kandivli [e]. A fast growing suburbs, while the roads are getting better but the BEST buses, its frequency and service is becoming worse. The drivers think the bus and the roads are not public property BUT THEIR OWN PROPERTY. The fares are increased exorbitantly and the condition of the buses is just very bad. Passengers get injured due to rash driving and broken seats and rods. The fare from Kandivli to Thakur Village is not justified. Few days back I travelled from bus no 223, GSC - Goregaon to Thakur village the Charge was Rs. 18/- then why for such short distance between Kandivli to ESIS is charged Rs. 14/-. People of the locality now prefer Auto as its easily available and almost equivalent to bus fare and faster then the bus service. The buses are not available most of the time due this people prefer going by Auto. If the BEST committee and management looks into the problems and facility then I think the passenger load will increase. Otherwise THE BEST WILL HAVE TO SUFFER LOSSES DUE TO POOR SERVICE, EXORBITANT CHARGE OF TICKETS AND POOR BUS CONDITION.
sandeep      [ 2015-04-24 ]
when will c-44 will reach at savarkar nagar to destination Pawar nagar in an entire day the day
Riz      [ 2015-04-23 ]
I earnestly request the BEST to increase the frequency of bus 338. People stand in the long queue sweating for almost about half an hour or more in afternoon. Moreover the bus stand is also in a worst condition. There is a great need for the number of 338 buses to be increased. Please consider this request and take prompt action.
pranay sawant      [ 2015-04-23 ]
Dear sir, please restart bus no 91 ltd this is very helpful for lower parel passanger and ext 80 ltd to varsova
Arun Kumar      [ 2015-04-22 ]
Conductor never charge a correct fare using electronic device they can easily identify who is localite and who is not and thus charge fare accordingly.
Sachin      [ 2015-04-20 ]
Hello BEST, This bus is not come on time specially in afternoon. we need to stand more then 1 hour after the bus will be reach. as per schedule bus time will be every 30 mins but its never happened. Its poor service of BEST Bus and reduce the customer as less frequancy.
Bhushan Chougule      [ 2015-04-20 ]
I cannot get Bus from Mankhurd to Chembur Camp at morning 5 AM. Kindly anyone can manage this.
SIDDHARTH SAWANE      [ 2015-04-20 ]
Very deteriorate time scheduled for SHIVAJIGAR BUS DEPOT.Not seen any single bus scheduled on time always lagging behind scheduled. give Respect to other time also
vaibhav vaidya      [ 2015-04-20 ]
i have one suggestion pl start or restore route no 65 from dr.shyamaprasad chowk to anik depot. it will be great help for girgaonkar
Wasim Shaikh      [ 2015-04-15 ]
I have so much memories attach with this bus no. i remember this bus right from 1988 to 1990 when i was a kid and i lived in india. my dad use to take us in this bus to cotton green from ghatkopar. i miss india i miss mumbai.
anita shetty      [ 2015-04-14 ]
no frequency of the bus from teen hath naka to majiwada
Sharvin Harmalkar      [ 2015-04-14 ]
Respected Sir/Madam, Please start a direct bus frm Thane to Mahim.....As v dont have any bus covering this route......So v dont have any option rather den facing huge rail crowd bcoz of no bus service on dis route........The existing route of bus no. 408 frm Mulund stn to Mahim depot can be extended further upto Thane....if possible n this will be a boom for us...
homnath pandey      [ 2015-04-12 ]
lagta hai b e s t ko band karna chahatye hain shart trems tickts daly kaa paas ka bhada itna bada kewun
ANNU      [ 2015-04-12 ]
This is a request on behalf of my staff who reside near Nitin company. The frequency of the bus, I believe is 20 minutes but the bus is never on time. Sometime one bus is cancelled and passengers are kept waiting indefinitely. People working in area around Vasant Vihar and Hiranandani Meadows and living near Nitin company are solely depending on this bus. Hence I humbly request the BEST to increase the frequency on this route at the earliest.
rahul      [ 2015-04-10 ]
I am a resident of chikuwadi borivli west.I always commute from BEST bus no 229 from shimpoli telephone exchange to my office at Andheri West Indian Oil Nagar.I always keep waiting for the bus from 8;15am onwards at shimpoli telephone exchange stop.frequency of Bus No 229 is so bad that its always crowded in the morning.time table of the bus is not been followed properly.conduct of Bus Driver and Conductor is so bad that If anyone could ask for the explaination about delay in the service they always say contact bus depot.they act like a rular,its like whenever they like to take out the bus from depot they will take out.they dont even think passengers especially senior citizens are stranded at the bus stop for longer time..even bus fare has also been increased but frequency of the bus remains the same. I rang up on the tollfree number 1800227550 this morning,attendant who picked up my call was not at all listening to me and he was sounding very rude on the call.I raised a query regarding bus frequency of Bus No 229 from shanti ashram to santacruz wesy depot.he was telling me all the bullshit that normally traffic generates after 8am during the peak hours and all the buses are coming from Mira Road..where in shanti ashram does not fall in mira road.its in borivli west itself.he told me that 11 extra buses of 229are been deputed in the morning from shanti ashram to santacruz depot.which is wrong.and he asked me to do the survey on it to find it out which is not at all part of my job.I am a common man,everyday after waiting for a bus for almost 45 minutes to 1 hr,I have to go by rickshaw from Shimpoli Telephone Exchange to Indian Oil Nagar Andheri west,fare would cost me around 150 Rs daily by rickshaw.which I cant afford to pay,I have my family.Ihave to look after them. I as a common man would request you to look into this matter seriously and Increase the best bus frequency for Bus No 229 and please reduce the fare if possible.
Grace Newbert      [ 2015-04-08 ]
Hi, Our office is situated at LBS Marg Kurla, area is called Peninsula or Equinox Park. It is too difficult to commute from this place as to gat a BEST, we have to walk from Equinox park to MTNL bus stop. We request you to kindly arrange to ply the Bus No. 310 through this route to enable us to utilize the bus service. Kindly do the needful.
Mukund Deshpande      [ 2015-04-08 ]
it is very important that you have this website in hindi as well: more than 80% of indians speak/understand hindi, whereas only about 5% of indians are fluent in english. because of your english website, all the information is out of reach for the majority of the users who struggle a lot on websites or who have to completely depend on others. education doesnt hav any language barrier. education in our own language is also education. so dont underestimate national languages. besides, hindi has now been started counted as one of the international languages: on international level, its speakers in number are at par with those of major world languages like chinese, spanish, english, arabic...so plz dont inconvenience noble indians speaking hindi. thank you
kiran      [ 2015-04-08 ]
Please reroute the buses starting from wadala depot to khar national college via wadala church.
Akshay Deshpande      [ 2015-04-07 ]
क्रिपया करके यह पन्ना हिंदि मे भि उपलव्द कराइए। भारत मे ८०% से भि अधिक लोग हिंदि जानते है, जबकि केवल ५-८% लोग अंग्रेजि बोल लेते है। तो अधिकांश लोग, मेरि तरह, इस सुविधा का लाभ नहि उठा सकते है। हिंदि तो अब चिनि, फ्रेंच, इसपान्योल के साथ विश्व कि अधिक बोलने वालो भाषाओ मे से एक है। पुरे विश्व मे भि केवल ५% से भि कम लोग अंग्रेजि बोल सकते है। आशा करता हु कि इसकि गंभिरता आप जानने के योग्य हो। धन्यवाद।
prasad      [ 2015-04-05 ]
Dear Sir . plz use seat belt in ac buses for last2 middle seat.when driver get emergency break the person of last seater is not safe .it was serious eesu .what can u du plz give me reply
amit gupta      [ 2015-04-03 ]
hello friends best bus ne tickets ke price itane bada diya hai 1 aam aadmi kaha 40 daily pass tha.hum ne kuch nahi bola fir 50 rupees kiye hum ne kuch nahi bola abhi 50 rupees se direct 70 ab batawo aam aadmi kaise travel kar sake ga best bus me. mere salary 13000 hai uame 2000 ka traveling kharch ho ga to kaise bache ga aise Mumbai me kitane log hai jinki salary 10000 se bhi kam hai wo log kaise travel kare ge ....... kya karna chaiye batawo friends...
DIVYA JASHU MANIK      [ 2015-04-02 ]
Fares are too high above expectation and service of many buses are very bad
francis bendoamar      [ 2015-04-01 ]
for,marve to malad ther no suficent bus , bus should be increase, it is olld route and there is on 11 bus & 2 bus for MALAVANI VILLAGE,When bus fare increase , bus should also increase, please look in this mater , and please increase the buses, all Manori people come from ferry to bus stop there is no bus, Please look in this matter and incres the bus
sanjay      [ 2015-04-01 ]
please give one more route from kandhivali east to andheri (west), via link road to andheri station or seven bunglow/yari road/versova. via these route so many people from kandivali or malad travelling to andheri link road or andheri station/ lokhandwal areya and yari road versova area

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