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mayur R Gala      [ 2010-11-13 ]
The frequency from Bhayander to Ghatkopar of 709Ltd bus is very less. especially during afternoon 2.00 Pm to 5.00Pm in the evening we hardly get any bus and we don't have any alternate option to go bus any other bus to ghatkopar from Bhayander. Kindly take some action
Milkita Pawaskar      [ 2010-11-11 ]
Very Helpful Site. Thank You.
NARESH N.DONTA      [ 2010-10-30 ]
Ninad Mithbawkar      [ 2010-10-29 ]
Can a bus route be started from Thane Ghodbunder road (Manpada) to Millemium business park (Mahape) via Airoli or kalwa whichever is feasible. There are many people who are waiting for such a bus to start. Hoping for a quick implementation of this suggestion. Thanks.
Ashwini D Joshi      [ 2010-10-28 ]
Please route the bus from cadbury junction which was done earlier the same was the best route to Dadlani park
Prabhu Tendolkar      [ 2010-10-23 ]
There should be a bus from Oshi.depot to Goregaon East, via.Bhagatsingnagar, Bangurnagar, Savarkar Flyogver, Prawasi Ind.estate to Aarey Road, Jayprakashnagar, Cama Ind.estate then highway, for thousand workers in those areas.
SACHIN DAGAONKAR      [ 2010-10-21 ]
Superb information site. Thanks GO4Mumbai.
chintan shah      [ 2010-10-21 ]
i want information of a bus which starts from andheri station west to city mall......can u suggest which buses will go there.......? as fast as possible
MUKUND JOSHI      [ 2010-10-21 ]
zeenat      [ 2010-10-15 ]
i want to know the bus pass of monthly from mahul to Devnar depo.
shivaji d. kamble      [ 2010-10-14 ]
very nice & am happy to get the information on net CAN U PLEASE SUGGEST WHERE I CAN GET THE BEST GUIDE BOOK HARD COPY
Naushad Khan      [ 2010-10-10 ]
Dear Sir/Madam, As a valued customer, I would like to suggest that you should run more buses on Shivaji Nagar/Trombay to Mahul Village (364/383).
vikram      [ 2010-10-08 ]
great site. full deatails of bus routes. thanks for making travelso easy in mumbai. if timings of bus from originating stations would be provided it would be more appreciated.
Satnam Kanwar      [ 2010-10-08 ]
I would like to request BEST to start bus service which will go from palm beach road, moraj residency, chembur colony, bhakti bhavan, sion, matunga to dadar.
shrikant parkhii      [ 2010-10-07 ]
pl divert from 4 bunglows lokhandwala and then extend upto bhayander (e)
Shivsagar P Burgul      [ 2010-10-03 ]
Site is very informative and useful. Please add the details of frequency and if possibel tentative time
p i george      [ 2010-10-01 ]
very goood guidance, keep it up , may God bless you
NEERANJAN NASKAR      [ 2010-09-16 ]
Max people travel Via Ghodbunder to Thane, Start point Owala to Thane Station,Request is Every 5 min,any bus from Owala to thane ST.
Nikhil      [ 2010-09-15 ]
I want to know the buses to Somaiya college vidya vihar from Bhayander. what will be the best possible bus rourte. Is there any AC bus.
uddhav      [ 2010-09-14 ]
this site is really helpful but if this site shows frequency and timings of buses then it will be the best site
junaid      [ 2010-09-13 ]
will any one help find bus route from Marol to nearby Tandel street Dongri. Thanks
Dr.Laheri      [ 2010-09-11 ]
Kindly provide starting bus stop and destination bus stop areas so that differrent routes will automatically appear, like what you had previously on your web site. It was very useful
Milind Godse      [ 2010-09-10 ]
please start a bus from kolshet (Thane) or Balkum (Thane) or Manpada (Thane) to Sahar Intl Air port Advisory route: Kapur bavadi-Majhiwade-Marethon chowak-Estern express highway-Kanjur phata-IIT-L&T-Sakinaka-Marolnaka-sahar airport. Daly thousands of thanekars coming to sahar airport onduty or to see off or toreceive their near & dears
Deepak Modi      [ 2010-09-06 ]
Sir, There was a bus no. 275 from Evershine nagar to Malad st. via Orlem and s. v. rd. it has stopped. In between this rout Evershine to Malad st. there are many medical services (Doctors, Hospital etc) schools, religious /worship places, banks. Many senior citizens, childrens parents having problems now days even auto refuse to come for short distance. I am Social worker and many had request to restart the same rout or similar. Looking forward for your reply. Deepak Modi
Umesh      [ 2010-09-04 ]
i appriciate ur efforts to bring mumbai on net..like no one has done till ate.. my suggestion is to work out the way map wise..where hitting the starting n end point..people know which all bus routes..auto or taxi approx fare etc can be sought from ur site.. ur efforts a worth THUMPS UP:))
nandini      [ 2010-09-01 ]
How about helping with the KING Long Buses....the AC ones....their routes, starting points, bus stops, and time table if possible.tks. gr8 work. very helpful
ravikant      [ 2010-09-01 ]
if possible can u show the some 4-5 inmortant stopage so that paople can got easily the desired bus route.
Kailash sahu      [ 2010-08-31 ]
At evening after 7 pm bus frequency are very poor
subhash ketkar      [ 2010-08-28 ]
how do i know , which bus route to take
Arunava Chatterjee      [ 2010-08-28 ]
This site is too good. I love this........make it more userfreindly by adding maps..so that people can understand which bus route is shorter for reaching a place
Rahim Pathan      [ 2010-08-26 ]
BAUHT ACHI SUVIDHA HAIN. Kansi bus kahan se jati hain iski jankiri bahut asani se milti hain
Saroj Rao      [ 2010-08-25 ]
Please indrease frequency of 306 & 302 AC buses. It is impossible to get into the bus during peak hours.
Pushkar      [ 2010-08-25 ]
Nice efforts buddy...! Thank you very much... As suggestion, you may upgrade your system with maps (Route of bus) and stops between the destinations with tariff..
Prakash      [ 2010-08-23 ]
This a very usefull site for Everyone who travelling daily route BEST Bus . Tanxx to go4mumbai.com Team.
PALLAVI      [ 2010-08-13 ]
Beverly      [ 2010-08-08 ]
This is to inform you to kindly update the bus route for Bus No. 336. This bus used to earlier ply between Santacruz Depot and Vidyihar. However the route has no changed and it goes to J.V.P.D
Avani      [ 2010-08-06 ]
This is very useful site
Pravin mehta      [ 2010-08-06 ]
Request you to please extend the service to borivali west, so that people from east or west can move themselves from east to west and vice versa.
Bhavesh Naya      [ 2010-08-04 ]
There is no direct bus from chembur colony till borivali east via western express highway and around 60% of companies are on the western side. If a bus starting from chembut till borivali via western express highway starts, it'll benefit many. Kindly look into it. Thanks a lot in advance!!
PANKAJ G.L.      [ 2010-07-29 ]
Good efforts. Please add more details. I would like to say more transperancy in Details SUCH AS If I wants to travel from Place `A' to Place `B' & there is no direct Bus Route For That then too I will get full Info about it. e.g. From TARDEV to TEEN HAT NAKA Thane Route will DISPLAY AS bus no. 385 from Tardev to Sion and bus no. C-42 from Sion to Teen Hat Naka Thane. This will be more informative.
pp      [ 2010-07-23 ]
It will great of u could give the time taken for this buses and provide bus search from point to point like the way u have done it for the local trains. Great initiative guys!!!
pratik      [ 2010-07-21 ]
..it would be great if u can also provide a rough approx. timing of thee buses
Annie      [ 2010-07-16 ]
From BKC we should have more no of buses that go to the station.
Melwyn      [ 2010-07-13 ]
BEFORE THERE WAS A BUSno 446 from marol to kurla AT 7:50 AM which has been cancelled due to no reasonand there in the evening there is no bus available from kurla to marol. if any bus comes they change the route of the bus
Avtar Singh      [ 2010-07-13 ]
The TV which is usd now a days in BESt buses, i think so rather than giving serial advertisement or Cartoon, sumthing helpful or knowledgeable should be shown. People now a days are so much frustated with the crowd & the traffic and more over this advertisement and that to the same keeps on repeating again & again which irritates a lot..
S.Tushar      [ 2010-07-11 ]
Ajay      [ 2010-07-08 ]
Hi I like your sevices and it is very good site for getting the infomation related to buses and train. Please update the route for best bus 478
Bhushan      [ 2010-07-02 ]
Really good efforts. AC bus details are not available . AC 302 (Thane to Mahim), AC 422 Andheri etc.
tarannum      [ 2010-07-02 ]
also if possbible keep a column of timings of the buses as it would be easier to travel then
saumitra mannikar      [ 2010-07-01 ]
trere should one route for new panvel for BEST buses.because NMMT having very lazy service about one bus for an hour..

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