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deepak kothari      [ 2014-07-06 ]
please starat bus from kandivli station west to atul tower
prashant      [ 2014-07-06 ]
pls start the direct bus (like c1 )from backbay dept. to dadar west.
Isha      [ 2014-07-05 ]
Please suggest for local bus service from Poonam Nagar to Bandra station east
VIKAS WAGHMARE      [ 2014-07-05 ]
Kindly increase the frequency of 545 Ltd from Andheri to Airoli. Extra new buses should be from Andheri to Airoli as lot of peoples are from navi Mumbai to Andheri apoproaches. Do the needful. Do not say BEST is in loss as this is your poor management only. Buses r not coming on time hence, affects losses.
Pratima A Rai      [ 2014-07-05 ]
pravin rao      [ 2014-07-04 ]
Please increase the frequency of rout 405 from yogi hills to mulund rly station during morning and evening peak hours
umesh bhandary      [ 2014-07-04 ]
712ltd bus must diver from kankia road indralok phase 2 its benifit thousand of peopel get benifit
umesh      [ 2014-07-04 ]
Please start bus 459 from majas depo to mulund station very less busses for mulund station should be started more
pravin wadkar      [ 2014-07-04 ]
plz give detail fr airoli bus depot to ltt terminius bus no
Richa Jain      [ 2014-07-03 ]
Please increase the no. of buses from wagbill to seepz especially between 7-9 AM as these are the peak hrs for colleges & offices.The buses also not come on time from last 15-20 days. please check the same for morning buses. Also think about the AC buses.
hetal      [ 2014-07-03 ]
Please stop the AS2 ac bus at ghartan pads bus stop dahisar east as I am pregnant and its very difficult to travel in auto
samuel mokale      [ 2014-07-03 ]
Bus 620 is a great help. Thanks BEST
Mr Pratik Joshi      [ 2014-07-02 ]
Increase frequency of Bus No 69
neha      [ 2014-07-02 ]
shraddha ganesh patil      [ 2014-07-02 ]
please guide for the bus routes from Museum to mankhurd and the time as well.
Reena Lasar      [ 2014-07-02 ]
Please increase the frequency of 487 frm brahmand thane. And also increase the buses from brahmand thane to powai hiranandani
mohan mittal      [ 2014-07-02 ]
the bus route 214 from bandra station to mount mary should not terminate at municipal garden mount mary road. the bus should make a round trip via peter dias road hill garden back to bandra station a circular route. will save the duty time of driver and conductor by cancelling the termination at mount mary steps. it will also generate more traffic and bring back a lot of passengers from share an auto to best buses. the time saved in halt at municipal garden will allow more utilisation of the same vehicle. I can come with your evaluating team and show how it can be done. I am a citizen of the area for the last 45 years and have not seen any bright ideas coming from the best traffic planners. once the suggested route is commenced then route# 212; # 215; # 86 can be also rerouted from mount carmel church via municipal garden mount mary steps and will increase load factor. Paisa kamao or phir bonus mango
priya sharma      [ 2014-07-01 ]
when will dahisar brigde bus stop will be diverded to kandarpada bus stn as told earyear
jason      [ 2014-07-01 ]
the stop named bamanwada of 333 is named as bamanpada please correct it
sangeeta      [ 2014-07-01 ]
To The manager, Required frequency of bus 421 of from ghatkopar station to mhada chandivali because more time gap to reached.
mansi vasa      [ 2014-06-30 ]
Route required for bus No. 374 that runs over CSLR, the newly built double Decker bridg
s.r.rao      [ 2014-06-29 ]
request you run c42 from wadala depot to dadlani park
viraj mungle      [ 2014-06-28 ]
plz increase d frequency of bus no. 53 as it cums evry 45 mins or more...
dimple      [ 2014-06-27 ]
there is no bus route for jognson co mulund l.b.s rd to mehul talkies via madan mohan malavia rd mulund (w)
Ritesh      [ 2014-06-27 ]
I am waiting bus no 524 at speez village, over 45min no bus has came.
Preethi      [ 2014-06-27 ]
pls suggest bus from ashokvan to asian paints, bhandup(E)
Kalyanasundaram      [ 2014-06-26 ]
I am regularly travelling by bus from Chembur to Bandra. I understand there is a new bus route from Bandra West to CBD Belapur via BKC, Kurla, Tilak Nagar Terminus, Chembur, Shivaji Nagar to CBD. I would like to know the timings of the bus.
pawan      [ 2014-06-26 ]
Pls start 2more bus c42 between 6.3to7am from balkum as students find diffcult to reach college. You can start non ac bus from chatrapati shivaji terminus to cadbury thane between 7to 9.30pm
Mrs.Rajagopal      [ 2014-06-26 ]
Please increase the frequency of bus No. 492. Give us bus every 15 min. Run more buses from Teenhath naka to Brahmand.
sanjeev      [ 2014-06-25 ]
please start new bus route from bhandup(e)kamal sagar RCF colony to Mulund check naka (W)
Amir Kumar Das      [ 2014-06-25 ]
Please guide for bus from Andheri Station to Andheri Ghatkopar Link road.
kshama vora      [ 2014-06-25 ]
please start ac bus from cadbury junction thane to powai / seepz / andheri east station. Currently non.ac bus 492 is there for the same route.. however the bus is too crowded and there is no standing space during peak hours. Request you to consider the same.
kshama vora      [ 2014-06-25 ]
please start ac bus from cadbury junction thane to powai / seepz / andheri east station. Currently non.ac bus 492 is there for the same route.. however the bus is too crowded and there is no standing space during peak hours. Request you to consider the same.
neena dsouza      [ 2014-06-25 ]
are there any ac buses going via powai to bandra west
jyotibaliga09      [ 2014-06-25 ]
Pls guide for bus routes from chembur (Fine Arts to Thane(w), Cadbury juction
jyotibaliga09      [ 2014-06-25 ]
Pls guide for bus routes from chembur (Fine Arts to Thane(w), Cadbury juction
leena J      [ 2014-06-24 ]
can you please help me with the first bus in Morning.. which will go to Goreagoan Hub Mall. Thanks
Ajay Maurya      [ 2014-06-24 ]
I want to go to lower parel passport seva kendra, my nearest bus-stop is vikhroli bus depot. Which bus no. should I take and how long it will take to reach my destination
Vishal parab      [ 2014-06-24 ]
pass renewed line is very large in dindoshi depot , I advice you to please extend one or two more counters in this depot. students and many people standing in Que for long time, and your problem always there.
Pooja      [ 2014-06-24 ]
Very low frequency of 229 in the evening from Malad to Borivali Link road...lot of inconvinience caused to consumers. Request you to do the needful.
sandhya      [ 2014-06-24 ]
More buses should be provided to hiranandani buisness park from different locations.Only 602 cant work.
rupesh surve      [ 2014-06-23 ]
pass information Bangur nagar to andheri station
Mansoof Ahmed      [ 2014-06-22 ]
Dear senior Greetings! kindly start AC bus service from Yari Road Versova to Andheri Rly.Stn. west every half an hour... hope fully you will get good response from commutors... with Regards,
D Rai      [ 2014-06-22 ]
Please start ac bus for sion/priyadarshini via sclr or kalanagar. As2 has been stopped or still running.
Rajesh Bhosale      [ 2014-06-22 ]
please can anyone provide me the time table for C 61 from Mira Road to Mulund depot
sanjay jadhav      [ 2014-06-21 ]
The bus root of AS-5 has been changed from cheda nagr via kurla and last stop is MMRDA. It is request to extend up to Dharavi Depot. As the passengers of ONGC, MHADA, MSEB, Indian Oil, Kalanagar, Bandra Ccourt office staff would be helpful. Best have no any additional burden as the buses are starting from Dharavi Depot and ending at the same depot. This request submitted behalf of around 75 passengers pl help
Kirti Dayaram Patil      [ 2014-06-21 ]
371 ही​ बस बंद करणयात आली आहे ती पुनहा चालू करणयात यावी तिचा शाळेत जाणारया मुलांना उपयोग होतो
Sharvin      [ 2014-06-21 ]
The number of AC buses connecting various parts of Mumbai from Thane is more comparatively than ordinary buses.BEST must take this into consideration and start ordinary buses from Thane connecting Mumbai to several areas like Shivaji Park, Dadar, Mahim, Goregaon, etc...The route for bus no.408(mulund stn-Mahim depot) must be extended upto Thane. This can avoid people from facing daily rail rush.
shrankumar      [ 2014-06-21 ]
start best bus route from seepz to 4 bunglows rto lokhandwala
dhaval      [ 2014-06-21 ]
is there any bus from chorkop depot to manav kalyan kendra.

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