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umesh k pawar      [ 2017-02-02 ]
snehal      [ 2017-02-01 ]
Please add on more buses from Dahisar Link road till Santacrus/ andheri link road only C12 exp is not enough and no frequency at all
Neeta Joshi      [ 2017-01-30 ]
Start bus from Kisan nagar to Patni Computers Airoli
rohan malgaonkar      [ 2017-01-30 ]
A.c. Buses like as-1 and a-13 does not stop at dadar t.t. Please have these two buses halt at dadar t.t.
devyani      [ 2017-01-27 ]
210 from yari road to dhaisar pool has too low frequency with too many people
Arpit kulshreshtha      [ 2017-01-26 ]
Hi, please connect virar to mumbai and navi mumbai by best bus also.. This will divert local train traffic also. When we have best buses till navi mumbai then why not till Virar (w)
Venkat Kumar      [ 2017-01-26 ]
Please start a app with GPS so new people can know the bus number where ever they want from where they are stand
shubhangi joshi      [ 2017-01-25 ]
Bus no 385 has very poor frequency. One bus per hour. Secondly, that is the only bus which comes to priyadarshini from ghatkopar station. Either frequency of 385 should be increased. Or short route buses from dadar plaza to ghatkopr station should be started immediately.
vinayak rajaram dabholkar      [ 2017-01-25 ]
Action Implemention Result Idea Title :- Best Bus Name :- Vinayak Rajaram Dabholkar,9167169081 Submission Date :- 25-01-2017 Idea Description Problem :- Mahalaxmi Station People Take Share Taxi To go Worli Naka , Lots Of Trafic and Polution and also Waste of Money and time (Why?) Bus Not Available on Peak Hours / Frequent Solution :- You can Start Bus Haji Ali To Worli Naka In Small Route It Will Continue To Worli Naka To Haji Ali , What :- So U Can Save Public Time And Money And Also Traffic and Polution, How :- Public Spend 10 To 12 Rs To Go Worli Naka Taxi Have 4 Seat , And Bus Can Charge 6 to 7 Rs For same Bus Have 42 Seat + Sanding Who :- Best Benefits You can help in saving 4 to 6 rupees of a person travelling in your bus, Haji Ali To Worli Naka Its Hardly 1 Km As Bus Average 8km per Liter (disel) 60rs SO In 60rs You can Yarn More Than 100 rs In Just 15 Min , From 8:00am To 11:30am It Take approximately 16 roud Cost Saving More Than 1600rs in just 4 hrs
ranganathan      [ 2017-01-24 ]
AS5 AC bus has too many stops with too low frequency.,
Kavita Pawar      [ 2017-01-23 ]
Kindly build new bus stop between state bank sakinaka and chandiwali junction. there are to many distance so please create a new bus stop for marwah rd it is helpfull for all peoples. who travel in 320, 424, 25, 323, 411 bus.
Rohan      [ 2017-01-19 ]
start new bus route from shivaji park [dadar] to vrindavan society [thane] via mulund check naka [w].there are many passengers from dadar to thane because both are maharashtrian localitites
Dinyar      [ 2017-01-15 ]
470 from Gahtkopar to Borivali shoud be allowed to go straight from Chakal to highway as 340 is allowed, then on highway it can take a right turn for highway, this will save lot of time and fuel, hardly any passenger gets in at P&G, Hindustan Dorr Oliver .
Kartik Nandoskar      [ 2017-01-14 ]
Please start best route from ghatkopar stn to hiranandani powai via kailas complex or extend bus no. 386 as there are many people working in hiranandani and travelling from ghatkopar
usha shetty      [ 2017-01-12 ]
pls start mor buses from cbd belapur artist village to nerul and kharghar...no bus frequency at all...
Bhrati N      [ 2017-01-11 ]
C-60 route you may give stop to Bimbisar Nagar we working in BARC 10 to 15 people will avail we have to go HUB or SRP camp it is very helping us
Anita Dhonde      [ 2017-01-10 ]
5.45 A8 bus from backbay to Lodha pl run regularly.Otherwise the gap between two buses is of one hour. We are standing for one hour daily for Thane bus.please look into the matter. Thanks.
Radhalaxmi& Ramakrishnan      [ 2017-01-09 ]
frequency of 80ltd & 70 a also 78 to be increased during evening peak hours.Iam based at lower parel.Many a times passengers have to wait for more than an hour to catch atleast one of the above three in the evening between 6 to 8
amit bendre      [ 2017-01-09 ]
please connect maximum western and eastern railway with metro and ring routes.
Nilesh D      [ 2017-01-09 ]
Kandivali west round route bus service from Station to Mahavir Nagar should increase in evening time from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm. This will help BEST to increase revenue.Due to less BEST facility commuter are opting for rickshaw. Line of rickshaw at least cover two bus passanger in the evening slot time mentioned here in above 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm.
KB MEHRA      [ 2017-01-07 ]
Route 81 led should be extended upto charkop/Gorai since it is heavily populated now
AMIT KUMAR MAURYA      [ 2017-01-07 ]
Vinod Jinde      [ 2017-01-06 ]
Suggestion to start Bus from Koparkhairne to Santcruz (west) via Chembur Santacruz Express Highway to fro most of the peoples travel to western side from Navi Mumbai. Already Nerul to Sanctruz (East) via Vashi Depot is available.
M A Ujjainwala      [ 2017-01-05 ]
bus no. 45 n 46 service is worst more than one hour passed but not a single bus came do some thing
avinash      [ 2017-01-03 ]
Kindly extend the route of bus no. 425 from seven bunglow till mulund station. Also put camera in all buses for safety. Thank you
Rohan      [ 2017-01-01 ]
start C-42 bus route from shivaji park [dadar] instead of sion
Rohan      [ 2017-01-01 ]
start dadar-panvel route either from dadar station [e] or from shivaji park
Yadav Sachin B      [ 2017-01-01 ]
Kindly start bus from Gavanpada Mulund East to NCPA / WTC via free way. There is no such service for office goers from this area.
ANJALI JATHAR      [ 2016-12-30 ]
please start a bus from belapur depot to jogeshwari east
Umesh bhandary      [ 2016-12-30 ]
Please divert bus routes 712 from laxmi to lndralok to bhayander st (e)
GANESH      [ 2016-12-28 ]
Please start bus from kapurbawdi junction to Goregaon station.
milind      [ 2016-12-28 ]
why there is no bus fr bandra to mumbai central depo or station
Mavis Machado      [ 2016-12-27 ]
Please start a bus from Kalina to Sahar.
V H Vazirani      [ 2016-12-27 ]
Yr site is superior to best . Pls insert bus schedule also
shruti school      [ 2016-12-26 ]
extend 231 bus upto chandan cinema
preethy      [ 2016-12-25 ]
Please start bus from badlapur east to belapur railway station
ganesh      [ 2016-12-23 ]
SUSHIL TRIPATHI      [ 2016-12-23 ]
please start bus after 1.30 from bandra kurla complex to mulund checknaka
Anagha Sawant      [ 2016-12-22 ]
Please start a bus from cadbury junction to Curry road (E).
Nikhilesh      [ 2016-12-20 ]
if possible plse start bus from ghatkopar depot to colaba depot via pantnagar
Deepu Maliakkal      [ 2016-12-20 ]
Please provide more frequency For 706 ltd Bus from bhyandar
ralph samuel      [ 2016-12-17 ]
timings for 108 ac bus kdmt from vashi bus depot to kalyan railway station
Neha      [ 2016-12-16 ]
Kindly start an ac bus from thane hiranandani estate to powai hiranandani as many people travel there for work.
Sudhakar      [ 2016-12-10 ]
Please start bus from Mulund East to South Mumbai i.e. NCPA / Colaba via free way.
priyanka bagadi      [ 2016-12-09 ]
hey hi guys u all are doing a great job this site is really very helpful for me. it has always helped me till now finding the bus nos and routes etc. again great job you have drained away the inconvenience. great great thankyou to you
Laxmi      [ 2016-12-09 ]
Pl start ac bus from GHODBUNDER road ,kaservadoli to church gate.
Senor      [ 2016-12-08 ]
Please extend route no 502ltd to Dadar via Sion Trombay Highway
Senor      [ 2016-12-08 ]
Can we start various routes for BEST,NMMT, TMT, KDMT, MBT services at Airoli knowledge park. There are many office at Airoli: IT5, MIDC Knowledge Corridor, Airoli, Maharashtra, India 400708. This will help people to travel flexbily at all times of day.
Hetal Anavadia      [ 2016-12-07 ]
There is no bus service from sikka nagar -400004 to peddar road If possible please provide this facility
Rasik Parikh      [ 2016-12-07 ]
Bus stop at Lodha heaven to Dombivali at Lodha World School. At present Bus from Shivaji Chowk take Right Turn without touching to Lodha world school. Instead of Right, if it takes left Turn and make U turn and stops at Lodha world School. At this stop all buses coming from Vashi of ST, NMMT, KDMT etc. This will allow many passengers to get in. Increase frequency of this Route to 20 to 30 minutes. This is the only KDMT bus very useful for Lodha Palava to travel at Dombivali.

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