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Dumpetu Ramulu Shankarayya      [ 2014-12-10 ]
Sir, I am facing a problem of not getting 459 bus in time at the time of office hours
manoj      [ 2014-12-10 ]
could it be possible for you to update the live countdown arrival of the buses on individual stop. for eg. if we select a bus stop it should give the information of arrivals
M.S.KHATKHATAY      [ 2014-12-09 ]
Kindly start new Fast bus route from Trombay to Mira road.
M.S.KHATKHATAY      [ 2014-12-09 ]
Kindly start new Fast bus route from Trombay to Mira road.
RAMESH GAIKWAD      [ 2014-12-09 ]
why cant the ac bus had a pass facility just like 40 /- for ltd bus while takeing little bit more fare than pass must be their for ac buses too ?????
Fausta Cordeiro      [ 2014-12-09 ]
To: BEST Bus Transport Division. I have been told by my daughter that route No. 91 which is to ply from Kurla Station West to Mumbai Central depot has been discontinued from December 1st 2014. Why is it so. This route was good for College students from Kalina to Bandra Colony to attend colleges. Also it is useful for people along this route to attend services at the Mahim Church. Would appreciate if you could restart the same or come up with an alternate route to serve the public at large
S.B.PADAVE      [ 2014-12-08 ]
Pls try to extend the route of BEST bus no.2 ltd upto mhada cly majas as 339 is too crowded. This will help passengers Upto sathaye Clg to travel easily
JYOTHI SHETTY      [ 2014-12-06 ]
Please increase the bus of C-61 Exp. atleast morning and evening
Vishal Jamdade      [ 2014-12-05 ]
There are lots of half route buses running till Mangatram Petrol Pump Bhandup West, if the respective routes extended till Bhandup station, then this will help to the passengers who travels till Bhandup station,
Jen      [ 2014-12-05 ]
Please Increase bus frequency of Bus No. 248. Thank You.
Rakesh Sawant      [ 2014-12-04 ]
Dear Sir Please start bus from Santacurz stn (E) to Chandivali through Jarimari route so we can directly go to satacruz from jarimari
Barnali Dey Bhowmik      [ 2014-12-03 ]
Want to know bus numbers and route from Borivali to Santacruz
Slkulkarni      [ 2014-12-02 ]
Pl add what is timiming for 1st and last bus. I want to go to international airport to pickup guest at mid night . Is bus 35 available
Sharvin      [ 2014-12-02 ]
Respected Sir/ Madam, Please start an ordinary bus service from CST to Thane and Thane to Mahim or till Dadar at least. There is no ordinary bus covering these routes n so we dont have any option besides facing huge rail crowd. the existing BEST route of 408 between Mahim depot to Mulund station west can be extended upto Thane if possible or else please start an ordinary bus service on this route
helen dsouza      [ 2014-12-01 ]
please give the timings of 91ltd at vakola pipeline from 6.00 am. Is there a direct bus from vakola to mumbai central ? If yes, plese give bus no. and timings too.
Priyanshu      [ 2014-12-01 ]
Can anyone please let me know the timing of ladies special bus no 403 starting from Agarkar chowk in evening
N.H Gulamhusein      [ 2014-11-29 ]
From Bandra(west) Pali Naka to Bandra Terminus I WISH TO KNOW BEST BUS NO
Pranita M Mayekar      [ 2014-11-29 ]
i travel from saki naka andheri.so muchtraffic from 6.30 to 8.30 till powai garden. no bus is available at this time.422,424,396. pls provide more buses during this route. atleast make an availability from saki naka to mulund
Joseph John      [ 2014-11-28 ]
Sir the frequency of 86 and 212 buses on the bandra(w), Hill Road route is half an hour to 1 hour with no fixed timings... which is very bad for regular commuters.Kindly try to alternately ply the 86 and 212 at 15min intervals between them.Thankyou
varsha gharpure      [ 2014-11-27 ]
hello, i was travelling from thane cadbury junction to kotwal udyan plaza on 27.11.2014 on 10.50am bus. i lost my wallet which is of brown colour in which i lost my spects also pl inform me if found
amol kudeker      [ 2014-11-27 ]
can someone tell me what are the timing of best bus 492
amna      [ 2014-11-26 ]
pls sir try to increase more friquency for 180no. of bus
     [ 2014-11-25 ]
Please increase the frequency of Best Bus no 707LTD as the bus is not coming between 11:20am to 12:40pm
Shailendra Sharma      [ 2014-11-25 ]
Sir, Pl start a new rout from Charkop Sector 8 towards Andheri west via Charkop gaon Babrekar nagar , Ganesh Nagar , Atharva college Mith chouki , Link Road to Andheri west
kadar      [ 2014-11-23 ]
concernet authoritys pls.start bus from trombay to mumbra as soon as possible.
sanjay patil      [ 2014-11-23 ]
Shital Bhosale      [ 2014-11-23 ]
I am living in Balkum.I want to go RBI stop at Bandra Kurla complex.Pls suggest me best bus option.
shashikant Dalvi      [ 2014-11-23 ]
Sir, strong demand from public of pump house, shankarwadi,gundivali, Aghadi nagar to start bus route upto Mulund west from Pump house aghadi nagar Silas powai vikroli Jannie west bhandup milind west fly Stn so that public grievances will be reduce in at least to some extend ! Pl cooperate and accord ur sanction to public demand and start bus on war footing basis and oblidge. Thanks shashikant Dalvi President Suvidhawelfare welfare Society.9867223916
Geetanjali      [ 2014-11-22 ]
Please raise frequency of bus no 326 from goreagaon to kurla depo.
vathsalya      [ 2014-11-21 ]
make bus stop in jarimari 341 and 533 bus stop so kindly do
     [ 2014-11-21 ]
There is no any bus from Priyadarshini/Chunabhatti to Bandra terminus, willlllllll best administration do needful to short out this problem ?
Linus      [ 2014-11-20 ]
Pls start more frequency of Bus No 306 and bus to santacruz west from Vakola santa cruz east
Pranay      [ 2014-11-19 ]
Start Bus route in sector -6 Ghansoli. And this route also start bus to Boriwali
SH SHAIKH      [ 2014-11-19 ]
Kindly extend Bandra-Borivali bound train departing at 6.02 p.m. upto Virar.
pallavi patekar      [ 2014-11-18 ]
there is no bus at bahar cinema bus stop in the evining 6.30 to 7.15.if any bus come it is so much crowded, so its imposible to ladies to get in. pls improve the bus frequency in evening time
umesh      [ 2014-11-18 ]
sir borivali se thane k liye AS 65 bus ka kiraya kitna hai ?
Arvind Gupta      [ 2014-11-18 ]
Please increase the frequency of bus no.525 LTD from A.P.M.C to Dindoshi as we have to wait 1.30 hrs if we miss our bus .So kindly consider my request seriously & take action accordingly.
Sharada narayanan      [ 2014-11-17 ]
In the evening there is no light on front side above,so we cannot view the bus no. ,Iam 65 years old Also give stop to C-12 at Motilal nagar.Is it possible
Manhar Sheth      [ 2014-11-15 ]
Bus no. 27 rout change from Mulund Saidham, Panch Rasta, Via Dumping Road to checknaka from there Vaishali Nagar. Because there is no any buses from Saidham to Checknaka.
Rohidas Jadhav      [ 2014-11-15 ]
please start extra bus no 223 from oshiwara bus depo to lalji pada via samata nagar
anwar      [ 2014-11-15 ]
Sir please start new bus from antophill to chandivali powai
Manini      [ 2014-11-14 ]
Can some1 please tell me what are the timing of best ac bus 83 to leave from santacruz depot?
mohan kamble      [ 2014-11-14 ]
Old routing bus no 5 is good for senior sitizens travels safely when it is volvo bus ac bus is good for olders to go warli beech and mantralayaa or gatway of india
mohan kamble      [ 2014-11-14 ]
Please you may start new buses for new bridge started from kurla nehru nagar kurla east to west direct airport and national park goregaon in place of 326 bus may put ac valvo bus it will help old peoplels and handicapped as well as comming from domestic airport to sahar international airport many staff are difficult to go through metro as well as kurla west is most difficult place to walk on railway bridge buses need kurla east direct service from new bridge ..
xxx      [ 2014-11-13 ]
Hi, Please add a bus from dahisar bridge to hiranadani but going thru JVLR not aarey. Thanks xxx
nitin khopkar      [ 2014-11-13 ]
sir new BEST buses with modern plastic chair seating arrangement is uncomfortable especially when traveling for long routes, It is my request and suggestion to please keep previous foam type seats for comfortable as well as long lasting for new buses, thanks
Dilip      [ 2014-11-13 ]
Please increase the frequency of bus no.392 in the morning and evening. Also put additional bus from Andheri(e) stn to Forest Street(Hiranandani Gardens). 392 from Andheri(E) stn is always late by one hour.
Sanjeev Bankar      [ 2014-11-11 ]
at present there is any bus run between santacruz chembur link road between kurla depot to kurla nehru nagar or chembur bridge.
sunil.s.      [ 2014-11-09 ]
dear sir plece reqwest me not thain bus pluse sainath nagar to from marol to ghatkopar pluse fast
RAJESH CHAVAN      [ 2014-11-09 ]

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