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Willrene Miranda      [ 2019-07-12 ]
U need to introduce new routes like sabtacruz east Kalina or kurla to bandra west hill road. It is very inconvienient as we dont have any bus hence we have to go by auto.
Sunil      [ 2019-07-11 ]
There is no reliability of this route no timing frequency inteval on bus play pl provide details
Priyanka Panchal      [ 2019-07-11 ]
Please send time table from Katai naka to Vadodara bus
Sunil      [ 2019-07-11 ]
Past two years IAM in this area I have never seen this bus route operating in this area hah this route ha been withdrawn or still operating what is the frequency
Varun Dixit      [ 2019-07-11 ]
From past 2 days the frequency of buses of 343, 636, 327, 344, 346, 347 and 349 have become very less. too much of over crowding in the BEST buses since he fares have decreased from 09.07.2019
K J Ashar      [ 2019-07-11 ]
There r lot of people travel from Veera Desai Road And heri west to Indian Oil Nagar or D N Nagar Metro stn. There is no route. If you can start shuttle services between Veers Desai road and Jvpd bus depot. I am awaiting for your positive response. K j ashar.
Mohammed farooq      [ 2019-07-10 ]
pls, start buses from wadi bunder to int. airport for haj and umrah pilgrims. they generally stay at jafer suleman musafir khana at wadi bunder.
Mahesh shah      [ 2019-07-09 ]
Earlier there were two routes from Ashok van to Borivali West , helping to reach Bhagwati hospital /Platform one . Start both route again
Ufaif Alwadkar      [ 2019-07-08 ]
I study in AIMS school Kalina air India colony...After school I hardly find bus from my school to Kurla station.plz give me time table
Archana Sawant      [ 2019-07-08 ]
357 not coming on time every day 1or 2hrs latr
sumita      [ 2019-07-06 ]
i want bus service from rabale police station to b.a.r.c anushktinagar and retun plz guide me
Ajay Sharma      [ 2019-07-06 ]
425 route no bus no time duration. I have many times 40 to 45 min waiting for bus stand I have request pls do the time duration format change and short.
Umesh Bhandary      [ 2019-07-06 ]
Please can you divert 703 or 701 Bus routes from Mira road to indralok phase 2 vai Kanika road to Laxmi park to indralok
Ruma      [ 2019-07-05 ]
Is there any bus service to and fro between Thane station and Kalyan station..?
Kajal thali      [ 2019-07-02 ]
We are suffering more problems through best please look forward the buses are not picking up they are slaying continues 380 we are standing here through 1 hour please look at that
Swati morey      [ 2019-07-01 ]
First bus timing from ashirwad hospital
Shraddha      [ 2019-06-28 ]
I want bus service from lodha heaven to cbd belapur station
Vidya Manian      [ 2019-06-27 ]
Need a bus from Hiranandani Gardens to Sion hospital
M Thakr      [ 2019-06-25 ]
Morning bus 88 no from Anand manager depot irregular and never on time Very poor operation
Ram tiwari      [ 2019-06-24 ]
Pls informe me aanand nagar deposit to thane rly stn tmt bus services time tabale and back also
Sandeep      [ 2019-06-18 ]
I want time table of 121 bus
Kavita Amit Mahajan      [ 2019-06-17 ]
bus frequency for bus no. 245 I.C. colony borivali west very less mean 1/2 hour , most of time I will go by riksha,
Pramod Kumar Mishra      [ 2019-06-16 ]
KDMT bus not running right time this bus always be late.
Mohd Aamir Shaikh      [ 2019-06-15 ]
I want to know Bus timing from Mira Road to Bharat gears
Rahimansha      [ 2019-06-08 ]
What is the time of bus no 15.NMMT,SECTOR 44 TO SECTOR 19.
T.D.Shinde      [ 2019-06-03 ]
teen tath naka to chembur what are the bus numbers and timings pls.
Gaut      [ 2019-06-03 ]
Last st timing from dombivali to panvel depo
sachin      [ 2019-05-28 ]
525 bus kabhi time pe nahi aati hai har baaar late aati hai.
MAHMOOD ALAM SHAIKH      [ 2019-05-21 ]
Hello sir 5or 85 bus number kurla station see bahut let aatai hai 1/2 ghante bhi lag jate Hain khade khade Jo time diya huwa hai o time par kabhi bus nahin aati hai plz aap se rqwest hai aap Meri baaton par dhayan jaroor dein ge plz
Dhananjay Raote      [ 2019-05-10 ]
What is bus pass fare for thane railway station to jawahar nagar or vasant vihar pls update as soon as possible
Raja      [ 2019-05-10 ]
Pl reschedule the 110ac bus to Kharghar at 17:40 instead of 17:30 from worldtrade
Seema      [ 2019-05-09 ]
Start the 302 Bus from Pratiksha Nagar Best Depot. Its easily go for Bhandup, Ghatkoper from sion pratiksha nagar
Meena krishnan      [ 2019-05-05 ]
Nmmt bus service was very good niwadays no proper time.contacted the authority n got the reply that since no colleges the bus nos have been reduced. There is no bus to the air india colony commuters since 17will go.upto nerul station.We senior citizen how to fo.to depot then?21 was there it also been directed theu presentation convent.If the authorities can nake the 17 bus no opto bha depot will b very good all commuters can travel in that
Om      [ 2019-05-04 ]
Timings of AC131 NMMT at Hiranandani Estate Road Patlipada to Airoli
Aslam shaikh      [ 2019-04-30 ]
Dandekar company chya samor bus stop aahe sarv buses thethe thamtat fakt 88 thambat nahi ka thambat nahi thamlij pahije
Vijay      [ 2019-04-27 ]
Very Very bad service from KDMT above timing is totally fake there is just 5-6 buses in whole days.. Frequency of bus is very bad
Prem Menezes      [ 2019-04-15 ]
Very bad experience with C 71 service. Waiting since last 50 mins at Jangid Circle to go to Mahim. No trace of any bus. Any one monitoring starter?
David Rodrigues      [ 2019-04-13 ]
Pls start a regular 20 mins service from majas deport jvlr to via pump house, Andheri west four bungalow as it is different for people to climb the Andheri East bridge to then again. Catch a bus from Andheri West.
Vijay      [ 2019-04-13 ]
Please start bus from Lodha Heaven Dombivali East to Borivali.
Seema Vilas Dhokne      [ 2019-04-09 ]
Please can you plz set the time 6.50pm at vasant Vihar school circle. As I am a teacher in the same school. I leave by 6.45 pm exactly everyday.but as the bus does not have a fixed time I miss the bus everyday. The bus driver is so rude that if you request by showing hand then also they dont stop in the midway. SO it is a humble request that set the 122 no bus time at the circle 6.50pm.As a lady it makes a huge difference if you reach home early. Hope you will understand that. Regards
Sonu      [ 2019-04-04 ]
Please start bus from worli naka to mira road station
Rasma      [ 2019-03-28 ]
Please start bus from bhayandar east to thakur college as students can travel easily
Komal g.      [ 2019-03-26 ]
Increase the frequency of 525 bus
Paresh      [ 2019-03-23 ]
Ac bus service from Vile Parle to Mulund
Sakina      [ 2019-03-16 ]
Increase the frequency of 2ltd....there is not a single bus in 2-2.5 hrs
Hemant maurya      [ 2019-03-09 ]
Please start new bus from santacruz stn. East to chaityabhoomi, dadar west
SUNIL VINAYAK BEHERE      [ 2019-03-09 ]
Bus service timings to and fro from Budlapur and Panvel
Mahendra Tukaram Vaity      [ 2019-03-08 ]
Not stopping the bus in stop
Milind      [ 2019-03-03 ]
Good service
Mr.Unnikrishnan Nair      [ 2019-03-01 ]
Please approve direct buses from vittalwadi stn to vash via katemanevali, vijaynagar & Tisgao on morning & evening timing.

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