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Jaya      [ 2011-01-19 ]
Request you to kindly advise if there are any reserved seats for women who are pregnant?? If yes, then is it the third row on the right of every BEST bus where the pic of a lady with a baby on her lap is placed? i want to know if a pregnant lady can request any lady who is seated on this seat to give her seat???? I m just 2m pregnant n obviously women dont realise that I m pregnant unless i tell this to them. But I dont want to end up getting insulted in front of many passengers if they dont believe me n refuse to gv me their seat n hence I travel standing every evening from work to home. Could any one please be kind enough to tell me if this seat is meant for pregnant ladies?? Thank you.
vndambal      [ 2011-01-18 ]
Mulund east (Mhada colony) to Borivali is very necessary. People have to to go to mulund west to take a bus for Borivali.
S M GHAIS      [ 2011-01-18 ]
Earlier there used to be route 432 serving those areas covered by route 603.432 route too was popular as local bus route for residents of bhandup east.It may be restored back again however now serving both east and west of bhandup and mulundi.e. ring route covering RCF colony,udayshree soc,bhandup village,stn eastside,datar colony,kanjurmarg east,gandhinagar,NDC ,mangatram,pratapnagar,kokannagar,miniland,asian paints,fortis hospital,HDFC bank,nehru roadmulund west,mulund west market,mulund estwest bridge,palmacres mulund est,mulund est gymkhana,tata colony signal,eastern express highway,nahur stn eastside,RCF colony.services operated hourly by minibuses in both directions
MUKESH KUMAR AGARWAL      [ 2011-01-17 ]
Frequency of route 5 is required increase. it takes sometime more than 30 minutes.
ROHAN TAMSE      [ 2011-01-17 ]
Can bus route 494 ltd be extenened to nirmal lyfestyle mulund? as no buses from kalwe are stops at nirmal lyfestyle mulund till date
spareus      [ 2011-01-17 ]
Pl provide timetable, first and last bus for all routes. Also provide info about AC buses and Exp buses.
DEEPAK KORADE      [ 2011-01-17 ]
Can you add time table in chart.This site is realy helpful for all unknow areas.
deepali chavan      [ 2011-01-16 ]
Please start AC bus from Nerul, Navi Mumbai to Chakala, Andheri (East), Mumbai
Yuvraj Thakur      [ 2011-01-14 ]
also do give information about the bus timings and A/C or non-A/C as i prefer A/C, and the timings of departure from start stop to timings of arrival at last stop about local trains also do right the stations on which it halts as your competetors do have it and if possible right about on which side the sation does arrive as it would be your unique point that is covered only by you as everything else is covered by your competetors also
Rajesh      [ 2011-01-14 ]
Please proviode bus stop map with bus numbers on it in google map, so we can come to know bus stop around the locality I want to go today I want to go Shanmukhanand Hall from vakola I dont know what is the end bus stop name around?
Damodar shetty      [ 2011-01-14 ]
good job, keep it up
Sandeep Pawar      [ 2011-01-10 ]
Amul chitnis      [ 2011-01-10 ]
Dear Sir, At the time of evening please increase frequency of buses because we don't get bus on that time.Mainly ladies find it very difficult to travel by this bus.
Manjiree      [ 2011-01-10 ]
I want to know is there any bus route from Marol to Kharghar?
Sameer Bhuvad      [ 2011-01-10 ]
mukul sharma      [ 2011-01-10 ]
Sir department must provide caps to drivers and conducters the cap that is weared by police inspectors and they should be given new type of machines for providing tickets.On many buses on the back side route no is not displayed it must be seen and route no board must be fixed on the back side of every bus so that commuters can look at it and can enter the bus other thing is that the buses on which electronic display board is there some time it is switch off and on the front and back mirror route no&route is writen with chalk.Many times in day & night it is not visiable it creates problem for commuters this must be looked
Dharm,esh Panchal      [ 2011-01-09 ]
Hi, The information available is superb. I think giving visual route & also bus timings & frequency will help the comuters a lot. Dharmesh
mukul sharma      [ 2011-01-09 ]
Sir, Your's department must operate doubledacker AC buses in Mumbai and AC buses in those areas where they are not running.Department must also run non AC doubledacker buses in those areas where they are not runnig like in Andheri,sion.Electronic display board must be there in all the buses for the stops like we have in local trains so that commuters doesnot have any proble.He will see at the display board which is inside the bus and will get down at tye right bus stop.
A J Baptista      [ 2011-01-09 ]
we like the new user friendly bus no./your starting bus stop. congrats you have done a good job for the benefit of commuters. God bless you all. please could you kindly also give a route map at the side since many old names have changed. thanking you in anticipation. regards---ashley
K Dave      [ 2011-01-08 ]
Please list the details of the AC buses aswell all around Mumbai.
g p sahu      [ 2011-01-07 ]
bus 272 has very ood frequency as well as well behaved staff. frequency of 269 needs to enhance. presently it takes almost half an hour beween two service. a new route from marve beach / essel world to borivalli stn may be introduced
neelam      [ 2011-01-07 ]
Deepak      [ 2011-01-07 ]
let me know about the bus from andheri to Thane station direct.
Radhakrishnan      [ 2011-01-07 ]
require bus to air port from oursociety
ambika prasad      [ 2011-01-06 ]
i think u have to add FROM TO option with BUS NO .
kamlesh kumar      [ 2011-01-04 ]
bus main jo T.V. chalti hai, usme bus route & bus no. bhi bataya jana chahiye?
Mrs. D'souza      [ 2011-01-04 ]
Which Bus goes to Prabhat Colony, Santacruz (E), from Peddar Road / Mahalaxmi ? Thank You.
sanjay      [ 2011-01-04 ]
request you to add the ac bus timings
sanjay      [ 2011-01-04 ]
thank u
aniket      [ 2011-01-03 ]
Best Rute in Mumbai
Dinkar      [ 2011-01-03 ]
It will be great if you can add details for Navi Mumbai. Thanks Dinkar
Goswami Manoj N      [ 2011-01-03 ]
please sms BUS NOS. which running between kanmdivali to ruia college at 8080306055
Yashraj Shetye      [ 2011-01-01 ]
thanx for this site its very helpful for unknown people............ i like it so plz this site start on mobile cell then its very helpful..............
Vighnesh      [ 2010-12-31 ]
Please give the timing also from destination & departure.
gaurang      [ 2010-12-31 ]
increase the frequency of 209 & 230 in dahisar
MUKESH CHATURVEDI      [ 2010-12-30 ]
VANIT LADHA      [ 2010-12-29 ]
How to reach from Ghatkopar station to Domestic Airport (departure terminal) via BEST Bus. Pls also provide the timing if available.
Ravindra Sonawane      [ 2010-12-29 ]
Will you able to give us the option for selection of buses as per the area from one point to another point in the boxes
nishikant tawde      [ 2010-12-29 ]
how to go asalfa village from nerul by bus
HUSAIN POONAWALA      [ 2010-12-28 ]
Bhavna      [ 2010-12-26 ]
what are the 392 bus time of arrival on JAL VAYU VIHAR stop Starting Point-JalVayu Vihar Destination Point-Vikroli
abhay mayekar      [ 2010-12-26 ]
How to go from Asian Paints Bhandup (w) to siontrombay road via bus
R.Kumaresan      [ 2010-12-25 ]
This route should be extended upto Worli depot via Gokhale Road (N).Earlier patronage was tremendous when the route was upto Shivaji Park.Alternatively , a new route could be started from J.Mehta Marg to Goregoan Depot via Gokhale Road and Lokhandwalla Complex which will help office goers from Worli, Prabhadevi to connect with Lokhandwalla Complex.
Rajendra Khatavkar      [ 2010-12-24 ]
The stop Prabodhankar Thankre Nagar Bus station should also be indicated as Charkop Bus Depot.
DURGA      [ 2010-12-24 ]
kurla se hiranandani ke liye direct bus honi chahiye. do do bus change karne me time bahot barbad hota hai.
Shital      [ 2010-12-22 ]
493 ltd. bis route change now. it is from anushakti nagar to dadlani park
Nilesh Patil      [ 2010-12-22 ]
Please add the new search page in this site with which user can enter starting and end stop, after submit, it shows bus numbers with their route. Current page is also helpful but this is for the people who lives in Mumbai and for new comers.....???, How would they know the bus number and their route. Please consider my view and reply me accrdingly.
S.K. Suvarna      [ 2010-12-21 ]
A/C bus and paying lots of money, then keeping ladies reservation is not fair, ladies can sit anyware, keep all to all like TMT 65 A/C bus. Thanking you, suvarna sk
venkat      [ 2010-12-17 ]
I need to go andheri west (kamalkar pant / veera desai road) from ghansoli
Yogesh Darshan Khosla      [ 2010-12-16 ]
which bus no. to travel from gandhi market kings circle to chinchpokli station

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