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priya laldev      [ 2015-02-04 ]
please re-start c-52 from kalamboli to wadala
jaideep doshi      [ 2015-02-03 ]
Dear Sir, Please increase service from Ghatkopar station west to milind nagar As per my knowledge there is no public toilet in Bus Depot and in Bus depot bus stop also there some time your staff deny for public to use toilet ? pl we require public toilet if you see Ghatkopar station it very much con-jested all buses are started from there one side metro crowed is there and other side auto riksha/ private buses are also there pl do it very urgent.
Alok      [ 2015-01-27 ]
Dear Sir, For decreasing the density in virar train,pls allot some buses from virar to mira road. From mira road some many communication is opened to every pl;ace. It is highly appology from all. rgds alok
Mihir      [ 2015-01-24 ]
please start Bus service from kandivali west to kandivali east.
SWAMI BABU      [ 2015-01-23 ]
please increase the frequency of route nos.522 from marol depot beetween 7.00 to till last bus ,because daily cancelle bus beetween tyh time so pls.co-operate
SWAMI BABU      [ 2015-01-23 ]
Dear sir, your route from ghansoli kurla east route no 501 is good ,but no route from ghansoli to bandra depo west it convinence for k.kairne residence people so start route from ghansoli or koparkhairne to bandra depot west
mahesh      [ 2015-01-23 ]
please start bus from lokamanya nagar to various place at mumbai because tmt bus is not working propertly please do the needful because public is waiting for long time
RAGHUNATH D. AMBERKAR      [ 2015-01-22 ]
Pls increase the frequency of bus no. 494 from ghatkopar depot to Retibandar kalwa. The bus is not available at evening time. I have to wait 30 min or 50 min.and evening bus time is also not sure. Atleast improve the bus frequency in evening time at 5.30 PM to 8 PM. Pls do the needful.
ARVIND WISHNU JOSHI      [ 2015-01-21 ]
Your bus route no.502ltd. is always crowded and there is no fix time duration between two buses and to top it up your staff members occupy the senior citizen seats, pretending the are sleeping. Please increase the frequency as this is the only route for Sector:23/24/25/26 of Juinagar and Nerul
Aziz Udaipurwala      [ 2015-01-20 ]
Please Extend the Bus Route of C-71 from Mahim to Fountain so that more people can use it and also increase its frequency.
Ranjana Narawane      [ 2015-01-20 ]
Need a bus from khar danda to ghatkopar bus depot
Aziz Udaipurwala      [ 2015-01-20 ]
Please increase the frequency of bus Route No. 710 passing through Lodha complex to Mira road (East) and arrange this Bus to pass through the Road of Ration Card office.
Abdul Hamid      [ 2015-01-18 ]
Please extend bus no 506 till sea wood station east...!!!
pari      [ 2015-01-16 ]
Infrequency of bus no. 202 203 and 290 out of 3 buses not one is between morning 6.40 to 7.20 its being so difficult to travel please provide at least one bus at this time
K J Ashar      [ 2015-01-16 ]
Bus Route no. 1 and 2 spl. running between Andheri Stn, west and JVPD. If any of this route is diverted via Azad Nagar Veer Desai Raod It will be helpful for people of Veera Desai road to reach JVPD or can catch buses from Indian Oil Nagar to Santacruz or Bandra onwards.
Saurabh      [ 2015-01-14 ]
Need a bus from Gorai Depot to Deonar Depot
Trupti Rawle      [ 2015-01-14 ]
Pls increase the frequency of 308 from Majas depot to Vidyavihar. The bus is not available at evening time. I have to wait 30 min or 50 min.and evening bus time is also not sure. Atleast improve the bus frequency in evening time at 5.30 PM to 8 PM. Pls do the needful.
Shashiraj Poojari      [ 2015-01-14 ]
Please start buses form Kasarwadavli Naka-Ghodbunder rd(Thane) to Ghatkapor station . lota of people are working from thane ghodbunder road public facing problem to travel LBS road for daily office work .
oradeep      [ 2015-01-13 ]
pl. cemmence bus service from mulund to bhaynder via ghodbunder road
shaikh shahzad      [ 2015-01-13 ]
plzz start a direct bus from jogeshwari west to rizvi college via filmalaya,amboli
Kalpana oza      [ 2015-01-11 ]
More bus no 127 goregaon station to shivshahi stop,good quality of bus neeeds
Sharvin Harmalkar      [ 2015-01-11 ]
SIR/MADAM, Please increase bus service of route no.700 ordinary one which has been reduced......There are lot of people who travell from Thane to Dahisar/Borivali and please start bus service between Thane to Mahim and other western areas of Mumbai besides Andheri which are yet uncovered by BEST......
Naresh Jagwani      [ 2015-01-07 ]
Hi!, I am regular traveler in Bus. I wish to suggest you that you should extend Route no. 62, till Opera House, between 1PM to ^.30 PM. frequency should be every 15 minutes. You can gain from the passenger travelling from Diamond Stop.Also ply a service between Diamond to Pydone via Opera House. Provide service between Bandra West to Kurla via BKC.Regards, Naresh Jagwani
bidykakar      [ 2015-01-06 ]
Dear Sir, Please start Bus form Bhander to pavi express Bus. Regards, Bidyakar
sushma sawant      [ 2015-01-05 ]
please start bus from ghansoli gharonda to borivili or bhynder
MOHAMMAD ABRAR SIDDIQUI      [ 2015-01-04 ]
RAMESH AGRAWAL      [ 2015-01-04 ]
ramesh kashinath koli      [ 2015-01-03 ]
Please start buses form trombay to airoli railway station . lota of people are work in trombay to airoli.
Savio Lobo      [ 2015-01-03 ]
Frequencies of C-6 and C-21 to be increased. 3 buses each in the morning towards CST, one every hour at 8 am, 9 am & 10 am. Similarly, 3 buses each in the evening from CST, one every hour at 5.30 pm, 6.30 pm & 7.30 pm.
umesh bhandary      [ 2014-12-31 ]
712 route must divert from kankia road ram nagar indralok 2
amita      [ 2014-12-30 ]
A-75EXP AC time table pls provide on my mail kalptaru to kalanagar morning and evening
mohan kamble      [ 2014-12-24 ]
Kurla east new bridge started last 4 month but buses except 393 no buses started ..still their is need ac buses for senior setizens and no buses for go airport or new international terminal ..why we go through railway bridge for east to west ..Kurla west their is heavy rush for all ways busy its good if make thane west station system for best..for safe driving auto and best smoothly run..
Pratibha Rikame      [ 2014-12-22 ]
Please increase frequency of bus 303& 62 in between 8:30 to 6:00
K M SRIVASTAVA      [ 2014-12-22 ]
if you wiss, pl try to start best routes from andheri/boriwali to virar..you will get good responce...
alok      [ 2014-12-21 ]
Please start the NMMT Buses from Panvel To Uran.Lots of people are Travelling from Panvel to Uran.
vyoma trivedi      [ 2014-12-20 ]
kindly start the bus from pai nagar to borivali - east towards kulupwadi
Megha Utekar      [ 2014-12-20 ]
Dear sir/ madam, plz start new bus from kalwa to andheri.
rahesh      [ 2014-12-20 ]
Pls increase the frequency of 308 from Majas depot to Vidyavihar. The bus is not available at evening time. I have to wait 30 min or 50 min.and evening bus time is also not sure. Atleast improve the bus frequency in evening time at 5.30 PM to 8 PM.
ABHAY      [ 2014-12-19 ]
Please sangharsh nagar to Kurla no one best bus so i hope start bus routs.
shyam pune      [ 2014-12-17 ]
is there is bus from bhayander (east) to saraswati vidyalaya,cabin road
Utkarsh shah      [ 2014-12-17 ]
Please restart C-55 bus which was from CBD belapur depot to Bandra.
kaustubhhavanur      [ 2014-12-16 ]
Can u pls change the route of 35 or 39 or 321 or 2 and pls give a stop at mig colony and gandhinagar instead of directly giving a stop at kherwadi in bandra east?
chandrakiran      [ 2014-12-16 ]
Please start buses from bhandup to airoli railway station and mind space airoli. Lots of people are work in airoli from bhandup
TRUPTI RAWLE      [ 2014-12-16 ]
Pls increase the frequency of 308 from Majas depot to Vidyavihar. The bus is not available at evening time. I have to wait 30 min or 50 min.and evening bus time is also not sure. Atleast improve the bus frequency in evening time at 5.30 PM to 8 PM. Pls do the needful.
Subhash Chandan      [ 2014-12-15 ]
Route C-55. The details of the route do not tally . Pl. get them corrected.
SUSHANT PALANDE      [ 2014-12-14 ]
is there any bus from goregaon east to kharghar hirnandani & timming
JAYESH GALA      [ 2014-12-14 ]
vinayak Thalange      [ 2014-12-12 ]
Dear Sir/ Madam, I really want to take it to your attention about the inconvenience of bus timings of C-60 Exp. Today many passengers really waited for 1 hour 15 minutes for the bus to come. This happens quite often. Lot many people daily travel to deonar with this bus. The frequency of the bus in the morning is really insufficient and Bus timings are really erratic. Bus goes really jam packed as now number of passengers increased to many fold. Please, I request the concerned authority to pay attention to this issue and kindly increase the number of buses (each after 20 minutes) in the morning during 7 am to 10am and in evening between 5 pm to 8pm. I hope BEST really understand the gravity of the problem and really will do best for we passengers. People will really be happy with this change. Please do the needful. Regards, Vinayak Thalange
Santosh      [ 2014-12-12 ]
Kindly start new bus routes from Kalyan station to different places of Mumbai / Navi Mumbai. Also kindly run shuttle services to Malagad and Bhivandi one bus in 10 minutes
ASIF      [ 2014-12-11 ]

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