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Samuel Mokale      [ 2013-02-14 ]
Please start bus service from Malad station to Inorbit Mall to MTNL Goregaon and Chincholi Phatak to Malad Station.
jamna      [ 2013-02-12 ]
seepz to kurla west ki liye please bus chalu kijiye
     [ 2013-02-12 ]
start another bus bamandya pada to ghatkoopar
rohan      [ 2013-02-11 ]
is Mith Chowk Malad a main stop on link road ..
Pranay Joshi      [ 2013-02-11 ]
Plz start bus form Hiranandani(Powai) to Andheri stn
sreeghanlal      [ 2013-02-10 ]
we request bus from Plot 26, Bonkode village marg, Kopar khairane to Andheri. Lot of people walk all the way 3 km to bus stop
Chitra      [ 2013-02-10 ]
It would be nice to have the AC Bus 524 go via R City or have a 489 ac bus. The 524 ordinary and 489 are very crowded
kanchan bisht      [ 2013-02-09 ]
plz increase the frequency of 79 and add a few more buses of the same route and from malad to powai.
APEKSHA      [ 2013-02-08 ]
bus is always crowed so kindly increase the no.of buses or increase the frequency in the morning and evening after 5 pm
Vilas A Pawaskar      [ 2013-02-08 ]
Dear Sir Please get more bus for borivali station to Gorai Sectore 2 Via Pragati School
Jitendra upadhyay      [ 2013-02-07 ]
please increase the number of bus of 489 because this is only bus which route is panchkutir to dahisar via ra dairy. at the evening and morning time increase the crowd .
Samuel Mokale      [ 2013-02-07 ]
If BEST can consider the following route - Malad station orlem, mith chowki,chincholi Bunder, Chincholi Phatak signal on S.V. Road to Malad station. This may be even anti clockwise. There are several schools, Malls , BPOs, Banks etc.It is very difficultto get autos. So If BEST can consider this route.
Amey trimbakkar      [ 2013-02-06 ]
Please start bus from thane station to seepz
Binish Balakrishnan      [ 2013-02-04 ]
It would be great if there is a bus from Charkop to Hiranandani (being the last stop) as all the other buses are so crowded as it goes all the way upto Mulund.
pooja nair      [ 2013-02-04 ]
please increase the frequency of 502
dr.s.i.ali      [ 2013-02-03 ]
Please start 508 ltd bus from cbd via uran road and govandi to chatrapati shivaji terminus
dr.s.i.ali      [ 2013-02-03 ]
start on c type bus from nerul bus depo to hutatma chowk
Gautam singh      [ 2013-02-02 ]
Plz start C43 bus sion to mumbra..
Amol jadhav      [ 2013-02-02 ]
Bus no kamgar stdeum to matunga lebour camp
Arvind Mayekar      [ 2013-02-01 ]
Which bus goes from Borivali Stn. East to Panvel
TR      [ 2013-01-31 ]
Please extend this Bus till Dadar
P.B.SALLA      [ 2013-01-31 ]
sneha      [ 2013-01-30 ]
please increase the bus frequency,have to wait for half an hour or 45 mins at ashok nagar bus stop.
sudhir deshmukh      [ 2013-01-29 ]
dear sir, there is not a single route available for going from kandivali east to kandivali west.because of this senior citizens like us are very much affected.we cannot climb the rly footoverbridge and crossover to the west.earlier due to rly level crossing best could not ply buses to the west.but now the situation is different.new flyover has been constructed joining east with the west.so it is easy for best to start bus service for going toborivali and malad sudhir deshmukh
Hitesh Bomble      [ 2013-01-29 ]
I want to carry bus from vikroli to mahape nelco stop I want to know the bus no.which can go from vikroli stn to mahape nelco stop
jitendra upadhyay      [ 2013-01-29 ]
really i am impressed from the management of bus in mumbai thanks to b.e.s.t. department mumbai
Shaimun kherani      [ 2013-01-27 ]
There to poor buses from bct to tata memorial hospital for patient facelity, please increase some more
RAVINDRAN NAIR      [ 2013-01-26 ]
Go4 mumbai web site is very excellent. All informations are available in this site. Keep it up. Jai Maharashtra.
Treesa George      [ 2013-01-25 ]
There should be a bus from sakinaka or Marol towards Mayur Nagar ( Royal Palms). Currently there is only one bus to Mayur Nagar, No. 452.
arif      [ 2013-01-24 ]
There is also limited bus for teen taki to dindosi.If you aware plz do the needful. Thanks
ANIKA      [ 2013-01-24 ]
i need direct bus from malad west midh chowk to seepz
joshi      [ 2013-01-24 ]
Any of 355 bus does not go upto Trombay after 7pm Why
Phadke      [ 2013-01-23 ]
please provde buses from Ghodbundar Road (Kasarwadavli) Thane to Powai. It would be very helpful as till date not a single BEST bus for this route. Many people travels to Powai and it will be really great if you start this serivce. Thanks in advance.
sunil kaviskar      [ 2013-01-23 ]
pl. start new ring bus from mgmh, kem, to parel station to dadar station, sharddha ashirm
mohd. kadar      [ 2013-01-23 ]
respected best bus route control dept., m working in pepsico i. h. pvt. ltd. located at l. u. gadkari marg, near by gadkari quary. we have a shortage frequency of bus no. 367 and 383 under control anik depot and shivaji ngr we were n their permanent residential suffer for long time waiting and population was too increased. maximum traveller or staff came here for job Hpcl, pepsico, vishnu ngr mhada from new mumbai n sion route. sir please start from sion depot and deonar depot route of new buses for their regular traveller... thank u..
sanjeevkumar      [ 2013-01-21 ]
i want to starting bus stop name and ending bus stop name option thats way we know which buss go there
Rakesh panchal      [ 2013-01-19 ]
ye bus ko mulund stn tak kiya jay pls
deepa akre      [ 2013-01-19 ]
Buses should be started from Ram Ashram, Powai to mahim, Dadar plaza, and Hindmata Cinema respectively...
ankit alag makhanlal      [ 2013-01-19 ]
hi i want to now when i reach andheri west station, how far is laxmi industrail plaza
yusuf Mulla      [ 2013-01-18 ]
students of college, schools mostly have monthly pass from residence to college/school, but of ONE ROUTE. eg. Chembur (E) & Chembur (W) If possible allow them to travel from any route so that they can reach their residence earliest Specially girls.
DILIP P THAKKAR      [ 2013-01-17 ]
I have seen that,A.C.Bus no.505 running betvin Belapur to Santacruz no pasangers.But if it run from Panvel to Borivali with same route,it will run with full of pasangers.
Raghunath      [ 2013-01-17 ]
Will be happy to have direct connection from Kapurbhawdi/ Ghodbandar Road to Andheri station with good frequency
RANGAMANNAR      [ 2013-01-16 ]
I would like to know timings of 382 Ltd., Bus : frequency first and last bus from Anushakthi Nagar
     [ 2013-01-16 ]
I would like to know bus pass monthly/quarterly charge for this route
subrat kumar nayak      [ 2013-01-16 ]
there should be a bus from seepz(andheri(e))-kurla via marol maroshi bus depot.
Nixon      [ 2013-01-16 ]
please prepare a ltd bus route leaving from Andheri station (W) to (e) station road adjoining sahar airport followed to sakinaka and then to anushakti nagar or chembur
Surjeet Kumar Das      [ 2013-01-15 ]
Why There is no Bus form MSEB to Malad Link Road . I suffer a lot while going to Office and plese take a look for this.
dr shailesh r bhanushali      [ 2013-01-15 ]
new buses from kopar kherene to ghatkopar
Jack      [ 2013-01-14 ]
This bus is never on ttime frm Malawani depot always late for min 20-40 mints late best team pls repot dis n pox improve the 359 bus service good.
vivek deshmukh      [ 2013-01-14 ]
please rearrange 706 ltd route. 706 ltd is very useful to bhayander to kashimira public please rearrage the route of 706 ltd. The Bus should take stop upto kashimira and skipping the other stop. then its continus take stop from virvani estate upto marol depot .same thing happen when it start from marol depot. This is very useful to all passengers who lived in bhaynader to kashimira public. if u do the same it is very useful to time saving. All Passengers who travel to Kashimira to Virvani they have a lots of buses.

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