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S.S. Jana      [ 2014-07-21 ]
Please start a bus from wadala to anushakti nagar via VJTI bus stand. it will benifit students.
G.NAGANATHAN      [ 2014-07-21 ]
Dear Sir, kindly arrange to display the bus route number & stop names in busses in general numerical (21, 92, 521 etc.) along with marathi/hindi. Because it is too difficult to find out the routes for other state people. Mumbai is the commercial city and all mother tongue peoples are using bus services. Thanks.
rupesh panchal      [ 2014-07-21 ]
Fron international airport to borivali already started thats great job pls pls same bus extend to dahisar west kandarpada .....
Alex Drego      [ 2014-07-20 ]
Which bus do I take to Marouli Village from Kurla Station East?
Dr Peter Frehse      [ 2014-07-19 ]
I come from Germany enjoyed riding in your bus.
Sandra      [ 2014-07-18 ]
What is the BEST Bus route No. from Goregaon East station to Vile Parle West or East
manisha thapa      [ 2014-07-18 ]
Please there is very much need of 263 bus. Which is from start SEEPZ BUS STATION to SATBHAKTI MANDIR. There is very less frequency. Please make something for this....
PREETI      [ 2014-07-18 ]
i want to know bus nos. going from rajkumar stop to n m college
Namita Jathan      [ 2014-07-17 ]
Request you to increase the frequency of 449
Jayant sardesai      [ 2014-07-17 ]
Bus No. 41 which presently diverted from Carnac bridge towards CST - GPO - P. Demello Road-Carnac Bunder should be reverted back to carnac bridge as its extremly inconvenient for people who want to go towards carnac bridge. Bus presently plies empty.
aparna rao      [ 2014-07-17 ]
Pleade guide for best ac bus route no from nirmal lifestyle/hoecst company, mulund(w) to rani laxmibai chowk, sion...is 453 Ltd okay?
sheela      [ 2014-07-16 ]
Bus No.67 from Jai Hind Cinema in the morning hours i.e. 6.45 & 7.10 always comes 25 minutes late due to which the first Lecture at Wilson College is missed due to which 75% attendance is due to the fault of Bus No.67. There should be more conntecting bus on the road of New City Mill at least 2 more which will enable us to move to another direction taking another bus.
SADANAND N. NAIK      [ 2014-07-16 ]
please start AC buses/ordinary buses for BKC 1 from Oshiwara/Malad/Malwani Bus depot. Regards
Uday R. Modkharkar      [ 2014-07-16 ]
Sir, Bus route of 374Ltd. has been changed. You are therefore requested to make necessary changes in your website accordingly.
Shachi      [ 2014-07-15 ]
Pls arrange for ad expresses or as buses from amar mahal or tilak nagar to matunga west station
Shachi      [ 2014-07-15 ]
Pls arrange for ad expresses or as buses from amar mahal or tilak nagar to matunga west station
ishan kotian      [ 2014-07-15 ]
Pls let us know mulund West to Goregaon Hub Mall and back to mulund (w) bus nos : a/c and non a/c
Navin Bhanushali      [ 2014-07-15 ]
खेरानी रोड पे ट्राफिक कंट्रोल करने के लिए कोई इंतेजाम नहीं जो घटकोपर से खेरानी रोड को पार करने मे तकरीबन 90 मिनिट लगजाता है वह 20 मिनिट से ज्यादा नहीं होना चाहिये
PRAKASH GUPTE      [ 2014-07-14 ]
C-42 bus from Rani Laxmibai chowk to Balkum pl. increase frequency in afternoon as it is after 40 mins which is very long time.
rakhee patil      [ 2014-07-14 ]
pl start new bus from dahisar depot to marol depot
Vijay Kupekar      [ 2014-07-14 ]
Increase the frequency of bus no. 525. This bus goes from eastern highway and saves lot of travelling time.
bhikoo p bh      [ 2014-07-14 ]
start thane majiwada to ghatkopar .on lbs road you will get good response
Ajit singh      [ 2014-07-14 ]
Hi. Dear sir pls start Mira bhaynder road to virar becous of people need this root. Pleas as soon as possible start best on this root thanks Ajit
manglesh gupta      [ 2014-07-13 ]
pls 180 bus from malvani to sion increst antophill
P.R.Hari      [ 2014-07-13 ]
Kindly increase frequency of Route No.355 between 8 am and 10 am atleast every 15 minutes as this is the most crowded bus route alway full with passengers
Mrs Bhatt      [ 2014-07-12 ]
Pl restart AC buses from bandra station east to BKC. Its much required and will be a boon to thousands of office goers.
Mrs Bhatt      [ 2014-07-12 ]
Pl start ladies special bus BKC 1 since the existing buses are overcrowded and its almost impossible for ladies to get in. It will help pregnant lady commuters a lot.
samar      [ 2014-07-12 ]
hello sir this side is very helpful
sachin      [ 2014-07-12 ]
Malwani depo to charkop kandivali bus.
vinod      [ 2014-07-11 ]
Plz start a bus bandra terminus to vashi
Rahul Ugale      [ 2014-07-11 ]
Can any one tell me time table of route no 223. Plz its urgent..
Anoop gupta      [ 2014-07-11 ]
Request you to start a bus route from anushakti nagar bus depot to jacob circle/mahalaxmi station. There is no direct connectivity as on date either by rail or bus.
Nisha      [ 2014-07-11 ]
pls start a bus from LBS Marg to Ghodbunder road ie Kasarvadavli as there is no bus upto the same
Vishal      [ 2014-07-11 ]
Please arrange direct bus from sion panvel road to Bandra kurla complex. 515 cancelled. but C-55 not useful to us. and 105 AC bus not in time and too costly as campare 515.
Neetu      [ 2014-07-11 ]
Please start any direct bus from iit to Bamandaypada
sandeep      [ 2014-07-11 ]
Kindly provide details of A/c bus available from Borivali west, Borivali East, Dahisar ( east) or Dahisar west to Colaba
arun      [ 2014-07-11 ]
Hi...Pl suggest me which bus is best from Marol maroshi near seven hills hospital to Hiranandani gardens powai
Ajay      [ 2014-07-09 ]
What are the timings of the bus in the morning from 6 to 9am.
santhosh      [ 2014-07-09 ]
I want to know the buses from dadar railway station to dindoshi bus depot. Bus numbers and route. Kindly help me.
shriman kamble      [ 2014-07-09 ]
Please start root no 218 BKC to KUrla (W)
     [ 2014-07-09 ]
please kandivali ( east) station to sion bus chalu kara
Koli Vilas Ghanashyam      [ 2014-07-09 ]
Vashi Bus Depo. to Hagi Ali Suggest to bus no.
Jaya Kalingan      [ 2014-07-09 ]
Bus no 419 and 421 is not avilable in the morning between 6:30 a.m to 6:55 a.m. Please do the needful.
arvind      [ 2014-07-09 ]
Pl suggest a route from Cadbury junction to anywhere near Mahim
amit      [ 2014-07-08 ]
Adv any bus from vasai to chamber Or bhayander to chamber or any other option. How can I travel to chembur by bus
vijay      [ 2014-07-08 ]
Bus no 16 ltd iso bakwaas it will take much time for coming on stop.
yashashri      [ 2014-07-08 ]
No bus from golf club chembur to ruparel college
latika      [ 2014-07-07 ]
Give informatin of Timings & bus numbers from goregaon west station to infinity mall
Chandankumar Adke      [ 2014-07-06 ]
Sir, Can you please suggest which best bus number from sion circle to churchgate is available.
rahul ekkaladevi      [ 2014-07-06 ]
sir, i m student of sinhgad institute, traveling from ghatkopar station to mhada colony. the bus number 421 is not on time and please give us more frequency of buses to mhada colony. i surveyed from public traveling from this rute every one is suffering from this half-an-hour waiting in the bus stop itself. they also said they had complaint at bues depot but no actions were taken. so please we request you to make some major changes that will make us to reach on time.

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