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Seetaram Agarwal      [ 2013-07-12 ]
i want to know the timings of the buses at a particular stop and their frequency. also at what time the firs and last bus leaves. pls tell me who or where i can contact to get this info. thanks.
vaijnath      [ 2013-07-12 ]
pl. do not cancel 374 bus as frequency is less
Alkesh Surve      [ 2013-07-11 ]
Please start the bus from vidyavihar to belapur via ghatkopar
Steffy Dcosta      [ 2013-07-11 ]
Please start buses from Marol Maroshi Road to Krishna Chandra Road, Bandra West
pree      [ 2013-07-11 ]
more buses and more frequency from jaslok to rani lakshmibai chouk please.the present scenario is v v inconvinient.
Raju Khade      [ 2013-07-11 ]
Please give me Root Pass amount monthly & Quarterly
yasmin      [ 2013-07-11 ]
BEST bus number 383 time table
KB.Kartha      [ 2013-07-11 ]
BEST is doing excelent service inNavi Mumbai, but need more services from Airoli to Mumbai via Airoli Bridge for as lot of people r going to that side.
Richa Mehra      [ 2013-07-11 ]
It would be great if you can let me know which bus route will go to bandra from kandivali east on the western express highway
vishwanath      [ 2013-07-11 ]
Start exp bus from marol depot to vashi
umeshparmar      [ 2013-07-11 ]
pls bandra east depot buses time
vijay patwardhan      [ 2013-07-10 ]
start new c type bus from govandi to colaba via new express way via chembur
gaurav      [ 2013-07-10 ]
plz start bus route from shravan yashwante chowk kalachowki to vashi or kalamboli bus station via eastern free way....
rohan      [ 2013-07-10 ]
pls increase 345 buses
Bhavana      [ 2013-07-10 ]
Each bus no. Must have the timings that is like the train timings best bus timings should be there on line
pankaj makwana      [ 2013-07-10 ]
pl start bus from best quarters to thakur college , as many students will benifit from it.thanks.
ramu      [ 2013-07-10 ]
525 bus timeings from dindoshi to vashi
aashu      [ 2013-07-09 ]
we need a regular frequency of 502ltd sometimes we need to wait for 45-60 minutes or sometimes 2 buses come one after the other or else a new BEST route in nerul sanpada area
Darshana Karekar      [ 2013-07-09 ]
I have a serious complent about bus route 245. For chikooeadi we use to have bus of 295 and 237 whixh has been sropped and now 245 has been kept for charkop camutors thereby depriving Chikoowadi people. Even the bus do not come before 30mnt. Plus it is not going till borivali dpot, there by making the life of old people and sxhole and collage student difficult. If the chikoowadi comes in Borivali constituency then why the bus of poisor depot have been used thereby depriving faciliry of oldest colony like chikoowadi. My honest suggesion is to restore old 245 bus and start new bus for charkop people. Regards. Darshana Karekar.9820206349
abhishek parmar      [ 2013-07-09 ]
please add the bus route of C-43 Exp, which arrives from mumbra to SEEPZ. Thank you
vanzy ozorio      [ 2013-07-09 ]
Kindly start bus service from borivali (west) to worli, urgently thanks
Raju      [ 2013-07-08 ]
mujhe mumbay se surat jana h .....
ANN      [ 2013-07-08 ]
let me know the timings of bus 307 from vaishali nagar
Mahesh Narayan Mangaonkar      [ 2013-07-07 ]
insted of stating all AS-2 A.C. Buses from Mira Road some may started from Dahisar Depot as started earlier this will help BEST to save fuel and save the hardship & Time of Commuters.
Mr. Manohar Anant Pawar      [ 2013-07-06 ]
It would be great if there is a bus from seven bunglw-juhu versova link road-D. N. Nagar-Apna Bazar-Navarang Cinema-Andheri Market-Andheri Station for the convenience of the residents of the Juhu-Verspva Link Road to use the Andhei Market. Thanks
Reynold Bangera      [ 2013-07-06 ]
Please increase the frequency of C-52 as the load factor is very high and we never get seat to sit
Asgar Ali Shaikh      [ 2013-07-06 ]
Need to start Bus from Malwani Depot towards Sakinaka / Kurla side passing through Aarey Milk colony, since there is only one direct bus 359 (Malwani - Hiranandani) which is coming through Andheri (West) long route.
RAJENDRA GAWDE      [ 2013-07-06 ]
mukesh r batavia      [ 2013-07-06 ]
pl give latest bus roue time table of all route all bus no. whenever it change tir table refresh immidiate.
Darshan sutar      [ 2013-07-05 ]
please increase frequency of bus no 444. & bus no 533 incerease route to oshiwara depo via link road.
Paresh      [ 2013-07-05 ]
Pls include bus no 464..it starts from P.Thakre Nagar Bus Station and goes to SEEPZ / MAROL
K.G.Ashar      [ 2013-07-04 ]
I want to travel on the new Freeway by BUS from Ghatkopar-E.....Pl let me know the route ,Bus nos and timings thereof. Moreover I shall be glad if you can give me the Phone nos of the Depos of thoses buses from where they all start. I shall get timings from there. Thanks K. G. Ashar
prabhakar p. singh      [ 2013-07-04 ]
Belinda Dias      [ 2013-07-03 ]
there is no bus that comes from andheri (E) to amboli, if there is the frequency is very less.it becomes so inconvenient. pls help
Lalit Bare      [ 2013-07-03 ]
Dear sir, My suggetion is pls maintain time table each and every bus, threre should be arrangement or E display(Like local train time table). and pls update all bus time table stop to stop it would be very help for us to wait to go other ways
Km patel      [ 2013-07-03 ]
I m happy thet i reach my destination
Arun.G      [ 2013-07-03 ]
Please provide a buses from ganesh nagar(charkop) to goregaon or andheri via s.v road.. We have only link road buses are available...
Reshma Nilankar      [ 2013-07-03 ]
Please implement one bus from bhandup to vashi station , highway to highway.
nilesh darekar      [ 2013-07-02 ]
i want bus no travel via nirmal life style.
nilesh darekar      [ 2013-07-02 ]
i want bus no which are travel from mulund sation(w) via nirmal lifestyle mall
S.Shinde      [ 2013-07-01 ]
Please increase the bus 329, or increase the bus from ghatkopar depot via chembur fatak towards shivaji nagar
kalpana fotedar      [ 2013-06-30 ]
Please let me know the bus from koperkhairane to jaslok hospital
SHANTILAL MADRECHA      [ 2013-06-30 ]
Sir, There should be buses from Gorai To Navi mumbai. It is a urgent need to Gorai Public. Kindly do the needful. Regards.
digambar joshi      [ 2013-06-30 ]
There is urgent need to start direct bus from BKC to Andheri West.
Vaibhav Ramesh Salvi      [ 2013-06-29 ]
please increase the frequency of 333
tanya      [ 2013-06-29 ]
There should be some bus from chembur to andheri
RANJANA RAM      [ 2013-06-28 ]
my office is in jivan nagar andheri west n i am stying at ghatkopar east near to bus depot. i take always 444ltd for going to office but the way jari mari safedpul bail bazar very tuky area. there is always been trafic so if there is any other bus which go to jivan nagar from different rout please tell me.
Maya Kumbhar      [ 2013-06-28 ]
It would be better if the route is Vikhroli Depot-Vikhroli(W) station-Sakinaka(After Sakinaka Signal Left Turn). Most of the people coming from Asangaon/Badlapur they are getting down to vikhroli (due vikhroli hault) & then come to ghatkopar. Bus is crowded till maharashtra kata
nikhil      [ 2013-06-28 ]
please start bus from airoli to bandra
Irfan Sayed      [ 2013-06-27 ]
Hello Sir, Please start one more Bus for "SEEPZ".via Kurla Kamani Road. it was so difficult to travel in only 2 Buses & that Buses also LTD. i.e. 388 & 349. so please adjust one more Bus for SEEPZ stop.

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