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sia      [ 2012-07-23 ]
Please start a bus from ghatkoper to malavani
Vishnu      [ 2012-07-22 ]
Please start atleast two AC Buses each in morning & evening from Chembur Naka East toward Andheri East. which suit to student of Chetana Mgt college.
HARSHA P. KANADE      [ 2012-07-20 ]
can you suggest me there is any single route pass while i am travelling from s.k.patil udyan charni road to air condition market
Prakash Purandare      [ 2012-07-19 ]
Pl start bus from Thane East to Chembur, Santacruz & Superfast bus from Thane E/W to Vasai.
Harish      [ 2012-07-12 ]
Pl. Start the A/C bus from dindoshi Depot to mantralaya via worli sealink As their is no single a/c bus to city or siddhivinayak from dindoshi depot We find it very difficulties
Priyanka      [ 2012-07-11 ]
Please start some bus from J M mehta marg to CST
sameer      [ 2012-07-11 ]
pls start bus from chembur mahul to borivali
Chinmay Tupe.      [ 2012-06-19 ]
Pl. Start the bus number 488 from borivali Stn (West) & 388 from Poisar & 479 from goregoan . As their is no single bus to ghatkopar from Borivali, Kandivli, Malad. We find it very difficult to change two buses.
rekhamodi      [ 2012-06-19 ]
since many airport employees live in marol area,is it not possible to reroute bus no 443 and 328 via international airport?
rekhamodi      [ 2012-06-19 ]
from andheri station east to marol ashok nagar,can bus no 443 be rerouted via sahar international airport ?
rekhamodi      [ 2012-06-19 ]
why the bus no 395 from santacruz to marol does not operate on sundays...?there is no bus available for marol on sundays..
Karstrasse      [ 2012-06-18 ]
I want to commute from Borivali(W) to Jogeshwari (W). trains is very tiring as I have to do physical exercise in Jogeshwari. Want to a direct bus to Oshiwara perhaps
Dipak Kodag      [ 2012-06-18 ]
Please start bus from mankhurd to pawai
PRADEEP K DATE      [ 2012-06-17 ]
Please restart the bus route no 479LTD.from Goregaon to Ghatkopar via.GVLR instead of Aarey colony.This will useful to office going passengers from Goregaon to Hiranandani,SEEPZ,HCC,GODREJ.
sudhir anant karpe      [ 2012-06-17 ]
please start the bus start from sankalp society nr.infinity it park to borivli station
Karan      [ 2012-06-16 ]
Pls start bus no. 308 from kalwa. There is no single bus to go to air-port. Pls. . . . . . . . .
Karan      [ 2012-06-16 ]
Whenever bst bus goes to thane station from that day all tmt bus will shut down. BEST BUS MUST HAVE TO go frm thane stn.
darshana      [ 2012-06-14 ]
many buses from ghatkopar sta.tovikrant circe ,all via mgrd pl divert one of themevia 60feet rd so people will get bus to&from sta.
Mrs Hutoxy K Bhadha      [ 2012-06-13 ]
I am a resident of Simla House off Nepean sea rd,since last 30 yrs. When will we have the pleasure of a bus route connecting our area with Hanging Gardens where there is a Bus Depot ,so near ,yet so far that even Taxis refuse to take us . Even a bus route connecting Hanging Garens with Priyadarshini Park Is a good idea. Also ,I draw yr attention to the fact that boarding of buses is getting increasingly difficult .Can you not lower ther foot board to make it more USER_FRIENDLY . I am sure u will take prompt action on all these pts.. Thanks
deepika      [ 2012-06-12 ]
increase the number of 269 buses
Aarti      [ 2012-06-11 ]
we had not found good service from as we pay you for best bus at Bandup station (west) pass counter employee disappoint us his working process is very slow . We have to stand 2 hours in a Queue is no other facility if there is no light we not get pass .It very worst experience form you and your employee working process
Percy Menezes      [ 2012-06-06 ]
Please try to increase the service for BUS no : 424 atleast during the peak office hours, Or else please operate a AC bus from Lokhandwala to Andheri East.
ram kumar      [ 2012-06-06 ]
pls Restart the bus to worli from rc church (44) why it is running from electrical house which is not logic it is very difficult to catch the bus othertwise pls start three or four turn for a day from RC church thank u
Vijaya Shanbhag      [ 2012-06-06 ]
Please start the Bus from Cuffe Parade to Goregaon station east
Hardevi V.P      [ 2012-06-06 ]
In peak hours drivers dont stop the buses at somaiya college bus stop coz the buses get full from Ghathkopar station.So if you combine somaiya bus stop and Garodia Palace bus stop so there will be more chance to get more buses.Thank you in advance.
ASHWINI      [ 2012-06-05 ]
ASHWINI      [ 2012-06-05 ]
P.K.DATE      [ 2012-06-02 ]
Please restart the bus 479 from goregaon.We really dont know why this bus cancelled.
akshay      [ 2012-06-02 ]
I just travelled few mins back from bus no. 448. I wanted to get down at magathane depot but the bus just skipped tht stop n i had to get down at national park stop. So just look into this matter.
mathew      [ 2012-06-01 ]
I am pleased to inform BEST that there is only one bus to Andheri from Cadbury Juncion which comes packed and has the route of Eastern Express Highway. Can the BEST extend the 496 till cadbury junction it would be a big relief to all people.
achal joshi      [ 2012-05-30 ]
direct bus detail from kandivali west to midc and also for return..
Kshitij Satam      [ 2012-05-30 ]
PINTU N. CHAUHAN      [ 2012-05-30 ]
please starts the bus no 440 from Anik depot via imax and wadala so it will cover the local public of ganesh nagar, wadala bridge and imax those daily travel to kandivali and borivali . for going to borivali or thakur college we have to change the bus from dadar tt This route helps people to travel shivaji park and mahim and andhri i want positive response from ur side as soon as possible
Kadambari Sawant      [ 2012-05-29 ]
Hi, please change bus route of 545 as it romes in Bhadup east for more than 20 mins. Hence for people who are travelling from airoli to andheri it is just waste of time.please change this bus route to new bridge from gandhi nagar
Friedel      [ 2012-05-29 ]
Tend to agree with Vishal here.. Surely, such incidents are on the rise in Mumbai. It isnt so safe anmyore, as it was once supposed to be. Regular police patrols may help. Of course, secluded places need to be avoided, but still it might happen anywhere, not just such places.Its also not just about rapes, its the general security scenario. If a guy goes there alone, he might be mugged.
Alex      [ 2012-05-29 ]
City bus can not run fast as we expected beuscae our streets are small and there are many vehicles, so there will be traffic jams. Pls invest sky train or subway is better not worry about traffic jam and can run fast. When I go to Bangkok, I took sky train from Airport to city center (at hotel i stay)I paid only 60 baths. If I had used taxi, I would pay 500 baths. It is fast and comfortable with aircons and city views.
mmm      [ 2012-05-29 ]
there is no facility of buses frm malad east station. the only long route bus is frm dindoshi to malvani/gorai. short route buses only ply from station to pathanwadi towards. there should be more buses plying towards south/north sides,and having east-west routes. and other destinations. Malad east is deprived of bus facilities
Mrigesh Kejriwal      [ 2012-05-28 ]
Bus no 45 should come inside Bhakti Park complex
Unnikrishnan.T R      [ 2012-05-27 ]
Dear sir, Pl start ac buses from LTT Kurla to Borivali, Andheri ,Goregoan etc if possible.Thanks.
pushpa pilai      [ 2012-05-27 ]
pl start ac buses mahalaxmi temple to thaneor from haji ali to thanesunday also work buses
pushpa pilai      [ 2012-05-27 ]
pl start ac buses mahalaxmi temple to thaneor from haji ali to thane
meena parikh      [ 2012-05-24 ]
37 bus facility is not there. we want 37 bus for kurla to worli on very frequent.
Sanjay Naidu      [ 2012-05-22 ]
Lot of passengers travel between Dahisar Bridge/ Dahisar Station W) to Borivali Station (W) during morning/ evening pick hours. Pls. start mini/regular bus (circular route) between this destination during pick hours. Regards,
siddu      [ 2012-05-22 ]
i want direct bus from moral naka to pokharanaroad no 2 in thane
Ravishankar      [ 2012-05-22 ]
Dear Sir, I submit my request to increase bus services from Godbhunder road thane to SEEPZ
RITA      [ 2012-05-19 ]
Please divert 336 left from Kohinoor hotel via Bhagat Singh Colony, Reserve Bank Qtrs towards Chakala instead of going via Sangam Cinema, Bella Niwas as there are hardly any passenger alighting or boarding at the stops. There are 425, 533 290 routes which can help if any one wants to go to Chakala/popular car bazar. Time will be saved as the bus gets held up at the signals for a long time. Bus 424, 328 are taking the J.B. Ngr routes which helps. We can reach office on time. Regards Rita Afonso Vidyavihar
siddparag      [ 2012-05-19 ]
plz start this route from poisar to kannawar.ngr.2. old route.as there is no bus for ghatkopar & kamani.
harsh      [ 2012-05-18 ]
complain : today there is no bus 202Ltd from 2.30 TO 3.20 from babhai naka to madina manjil.203 is also low friquency aftr 30 min. a bus from station. this is reguar problem.request u to start again 388, 488 from gorai.the only bus is very uncomfortable and depressing condition that too on busy rout.kindly look in to d matter.
     [ 2012-05-16 ]
Dear Sir, Is it posible to extend the Bus Route No.498 Ltd starting from Sangharsh Nagar to Dahisar (E)
VIJAY SHRIYAN      [ 2012-05-16 ]
Dear Sir, Is it posible to extend the Bus Route No.498 Ltd starting from Sangharsh Nagar to Dahisar (E) ? It will be highly appriciated spl for Sr Citizens who wont have to get down @ Borivali & change Buses to go to Dahisar. Thanks & Best Regards VJIAY SHRIYAN

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