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S . C . DHAR      [ 2013-01-14 ]
Please show the complete time table of Bus No. A-75, from Colaba to Hiranandani and vice-versa indicating in between stoppages.
Faraz Sarang      [ 2013-01-14 ]
bus should be started from Mira Road to powai hiranandani
aarti mane      [ 2013-01-13 ]
Please increase the frequency of 522 ltd which is from marol aagar to vashi railway station. Regards, Aarti M
Kunal      [ 2013-01-10 ]
There is not more buses from dahisar bus stand to dindoshi depot via dahisar stn sv road only bus no 225 frequency is not to much
Rajnikant kakkad      [ 2013-01-09 ]
pleas give guidence from dahisar to kokilaben dhirubhai hospital
Kusum Doshi      [ 2013-01-08 ]
I am not getting Time Table of Bus no. 504 and 505. How can I get time of last bus no. 504 and 505 at Vashi Bus Depot?
Rashmita R Sanil      [ 2013-01-08 ]
Plz tel me the timing of 459ltd bus from Pravasi to Dmart I need reach there by 9am
nitin kaldevkar      [ 2013-01-08 ]
Please start new bus from Vikhroli Depot to Dahisar Bridge just like Bus no 489
Sanjit Keskar      [ 2013-01-07 ]
There is not bus service that drops a passenger from Yari Road or & BUngalows to SV Road Malad (West). Some route must be diverted or a new one begun
jitendra vira      [ 2013-01-07 ]
kandivali west there are always problem of Buses route no. 280, 239 and 285. They never on time. If they runs on time there will not be long queue every days specifically in peak hours in evening.
Tanaji Mahmadapure      [ 2013-01-06 ]
If there will be a chart of BEST no.and its route available on every bus stand it will be a good thing for the passengers to choose their bus.
Murtuza Saifee      [ 2013-01-06 ]
if possible plz increase the frequency of 499 ltd for vrindavan society
Nisha      [ 2013-01-06 ]
Please Consider Bus No-496 For LADIES SPECIAL At least during Peak Working Hours Morning & Evening Atleast 2 buses TO & FRO Route.
Somesh      [ 2013-01-04 ]
Please extend AS-525 from Millennium Business Park to Vashi Depot via Koparkhairane.
Aarti Shah      [ 2013-01-04 ]
There are no buses from Chandivali to Malad
Irshad      [ 2013-01-03 ]
no bus from sakinaka to bhiwandi route please issue us it will helpful for us
LALITA DAS      [ 2013-01-03 ]
Sudharman Manden      [ 2013-01-01 ]
Kindly do the needful to start the cancelled old bus route thru Bhandup stattion via jangal mangal road which was running earlier for many years.
Irshad      [ 2012-12-31 ]
their is no buses from sakinaka to bhiwandi please arrange us it will be a very helpful for us
Ishtiyaq Shaikh      [ 2012-12-30 ]
I,m so happy with travel in B.E.S.T. Buses. I have no any complain against B.E.S.T. Buses. But I want to say that It is very necessary to some extra buses should provided at night because it happened so ruse.
Girish Dholakia      [ 2012-12-29 ]
Govind Nagar, Malad East should be connectec to Goregaon East Fly over to Link Road Inorbit --Malad Sub way Malad East to Goving nagarEast RING route in both direction required
S Chandrashekhar      [ 2012-12-28 ]
I request you to restore BUS NO 279 is the best transportation than 206. Pl do immediately and 206 will terminate
Ganesh Rao      [ 2012-12-28 ]
can please extend 525 BUS till Dombivali shill phata.
Amanda      [ 2012-12-27 ]
It is also necessary for an econmoy to grow the there is a flow of money and that it is not locked up in savings accounts. I think as the market opens up we move more towards a being a world econmoy, where you need to take risks to get returns. The usual savings interests in the US and abroad is
farook shaikh      [ 2012-12-27 ]
kya kurla-jarimeri se oshiwara depot tak via lokhandwala koi bus start ho sakti hai kya andheri west jaane mai badi dikkat hoti hai
Rahul      [ 2012-12-27 ]
Start a bus from Borivali via seepz - > milind nagar - > L & T gate 5 -> to chandivali - > hiranandani ..
Sunil      [ 2012-12-26 ]
Mumbai needs some serious land rreofm to get the slums razed. They take up far too much land area. The inhabitants need to be installed in some decent hi-rises with good community facilities. Government needs to work better with property developers in this, and the politicians need to stop buying local votes to prevent it. Chris
Rocio      [ 2012-12-26 ]
A picture rlaley speaks a thousand words. Love your camera angle. Very special and artistic. Those looks very yummy indeed. Wish the food could be transported here.
Mukti      [ 2012-12-26 ]
Swine Flu is increasingly srpiadeng around in India, and more cases are being admitted to hospitals in all parts of the country. And the hospitals for swine flu treatment are trying the best to provide the treatment to every affected case.
sheela nadar      [ 2012-12-26 ]
pls. increase the bus route of 707.
s n desai.      [ 2012-12-25 ]
Pl increase the bus route to borivali west from dattani park
RAJESH N OHRI      [ 2012-12-21 ]
please provide extra services of 284 bus no
brijesh mishra      [ 2012-12-21 ]
please sugges your bus conductor bus no# 700 magathane to thane station do not pick any people without bus stop spacialy borivali sta reach evening 7pm thish bus con pick spaicly your friend i give bus con number 2-3 days thanks
Ms.Mai Namdeo Patil      [ 2012-12-19 ]
Please start new route from Mumbai central to Ghatkopar via century bazar
Narayan Kelambekar      [ 2012-12-18 ]
please extend the Journey till L&T (Nelco) of bus no. 509LTD Antop Hill to MBP Mahape it would be very helpful for lots of russ.
Narayan Kelambekar      [ 2012-12-18 ]
please start route bus from andheri(e) to Mahape MBP via ( sakinaka-Asalfa-ghakopar-airoli-mahape)
John Samuel      [ 2012-12-18 ]
Its really a good work from you all. Also,as an enhancement you can add AC bues and their bus fares.. Regards, John Samuel
Kamal Dhoot      [ 2012-12-17 ]
There is only one bus from goregaon west link road to Goregaon East. also tehre is hardly any buses from west to Ghatkopar west via powai. Atleast 469 should pass through bangur nagar goregaon west. as it is till Madina it is empty only fron goregaon depot.
Rajendra Prasade      [ 2012-12-17 ]
Please start AC or Non AC bus which goes from eastern express highway from Mulund Mhada to Andheri
Rajendra Prasade      [ 2012-12-17 ]
Please start AC or Non AC bus which goes from eastern express highway from Mulund Mhada to Andheri via seepz
sohil      [ 2012-12-15 ]
pls start an ac bus from borivali to bandra-kurla complex
Pratish      [ 2012-12-15 ]
Please start bus service from dindoshi bus depot to mira road station.
obaid fitwalla      [ 2012-12-15 ]
Plz start route frpm parel s.t depo to dader tee tee
mukesh solanki      [ 2012-12-15 ]
sir plz increase the fleet of tmt ac bus from thane to borivali
premchand sharma      [ 2012-12-14 ]
start bus on this rout because there is not a single bus runiing on this rout pratikshanagar to dimond garden ,maitri park,r.k.studio,deonar depo,trambve Or expand the route no 352 towards pratikshanagar depot
shakun gaikiwad      [ 2012-12-14 ]
please keep at ieast one bus on the route military camp to hiranandani powai
gouri kanekar      [ 2012-12-14 ]
Please start bus service from thane east to Andheri east from highway
Pankaj Panchal      [ 2012-12-13 ]
Please make some bus route between Bandra BKC bharat nagar to Dyaneshwar nagar Sewree. Even AC busses will be helpful.
Sharad Mehta      [ 2012-12-13 ]
Please start Bus service from Rawal Pada to Dindoshi
Sashank Panchal      [ 2012-12-12 ]

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