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Rakesh      [ 2012-11-01 ]
Can u please request best to start bus from laxmi industrial estate andheri. West to Andheri railway station west from 4.30 am in the morning as there are many ppl who need to travel by auto
GK VARIAR      [ 2012-10-31 ]
vilas metar      [ 2012-10-31 ]
please 492 bus extend kasarwadawali
sylvia nazareth      [ 2012-10-31 ]
Please arrange for a bus route from Ghatkopar west to Vidyavihar. There are many students attending school, colleges in that area.
chitra      [ 2012-10-31 ]
hello, i have to travel from versova (J.P.Road) to Sahyadri Nagar Charkop. so please suggst me the bus no. and bus timings
leena      [ 2012-10-30 ]
can u plz tel me dat is der any direct bus 4m sakinaka 2 parla west?????
Ramkrishna Kamat      [ 2012-10-29 ]
Please start 324 Com.P.K.Kurne Chowk Marol Maroshi Bus Station
Tabrez Sayed      [ 2012-10-28 ]
Goodafternoon, I would like to travel from WIC wadia international centre ,Budhkar marg til Worli Sea Face. Kindly suggest the bus No. from the bus stop right infront of Bombay Dieng to Worli Sea face..
a      [ 2012-10-28 ]
Start bus from navi mumbai to kandiwali/borivali(west) or extend 533 to oshiwara depot
M.S. PHATAK      [ 2012-10-28 ]
There should be a bus service from Teen Hath Naka-THANE to Bombay Central railway station proper with luggage up to 30kg-which can be charged to avoid heavy charges by taxi or ricksha
Mohsin Fidahusain Ujjainwala      [ 2012-10-27 ]
There is no direct bus from santacruz (E) Bus depot towards town - Bhendi Bazaar, Mohmmed Ali Road or Colaba. There is from Western Express highway but it is very crowded. Also, try to start A/C Bus from Station towards town as you did recently from West
nilima      [ 2012-10-25 ]
Need to know which bus goes from andheri station to hiranandani business and what is the fare ? thanks
roma sankhe      [ 2012-10-25 ]
pl start bus from dahisar bus depo east to marol depo which will help us to travel on this root during office hours.
gulshan dewani      [ 2012-10-25 ]
Can u suggest me the bus which can drop me at Elco market,bandra from Gandhi market, kings circle. Waitng for ur reply
manik menezes      [ 2012-10-23 ]
I live near metro playing cards. I want to go to lilavati hospital. What bus shoulkd I get and from where. I live close to BKC
gaurav      [ 2012-10-23 ]
please reroute the bus number 200 from kalachowki to yari road varsova
tanu      [ 2012-10-23 ]
which ac bus no, should i take from ies (jvlr) to senapati bapat marg, dadar
Pallavi Sharma      [ 2012-10-22 ]
Please start the AS388 bus from Ghatkopar Depot at 7.40 or 8.00 am in the morning as most of the office timings are from 9.00am and we have no options available.
sejal      [ 2012-10-22 ]
Please Start BUS Serive from Dindoshi till Cadbury Thane (west).Its really Difficult to to reach thane everyday from office
shailesh vasant mhamunkar      [ 2012-10-22 ]
We request you if you can start special bus fm mira road to sakinaka andheri east then it will good. but it should be ltd stops
P.K.DATE      [ 2012-10-21 ]
Pl.restart the bus no.479 from Goregaon stn.west to Ghatkopar
Ramesh Mailo      [ 2012-10-21 ]
Want to travel From Goregaon depot to LNT, can some one please tell me the bus number
sushma naidu      [ 2012-10-20 ]
kya aap log laxmi indastrial se lekar pascalwadi k liye koi bus nikalenge Qki me se lakar ghar thak jate jate thak jati hu. plz plz plz
Priti Joshi      [ 2012-10-18 ]
please increase the frequency of the buses for 226 & 309 as i find very difficult to travel if one bus get missed than another will come after 30 to 35 mins which create very difficulties to us
Neely5      [ 2012-10-18 ]
This article on www.go4mumbai.com gives the light in which we can observe the reality. wish you luck
Rohinton Bhathena      [ 2012-10-17 ]
384 Does not Come to Reclamation any more
Karen Dsilva      [ 2012-10-16 ]
please organise a bus from four bungalows to vanrai as it becomes pretty unconvenient to change 2-3 buses to reach. Also the frequency of 225 and 469 bus no, sucks to the core.
Natarajan V      [ 2012-10-16 ]
we need bus from nirmal lifestyles mulund west to dadar via EEhighway
abhishek mahimkar      [ 2012-10-16 ]
start the another bus on kalwa-thane dist on andheri or marol / seepz because there need to start 2nd bus
NIRANJAN KUMAR NIRALA      [ 2012-10-16 ]
please start one bus for domestic airport from air india colony.
suchita dayanand      [ 2012-10-15 ]
Please start bus from kandiwali link road to chakala or seepz...most important route. Thanks
P.S.Subramanian      [ 2012-10-15 ]
With great difficulty & with the help of Late smt Mrinal Gore more 388 buses were strated from malad also for the sake of suffering commuters. we donot know why Best has discontinued this route .Only Best can sjustify their actioninspite commuters suffering.
saurabh      [ 2012-10-15 ]
I want to travel to kandivali from hiranandani via bus so i wanted to which all buses go kandivali from hiranandani along with their numbers and timings in the morning especially
Ritika      [ 2012-10-13 ]
Its truly disappointing, I heard that Bus # 384 is going to stop its services till bandra from the coming month. If this is true it will be very difficult for the commuters to travel towards bandra from east to west. we hardly have any frequency for this bus, on top of that its going to stop its services leaving passengers in the mid way. Getting down at Milan talkies and walk a long distance to catch another bus for bandra is quite difficult. Its a mere waste of time and energy. Also as the rickshaw fares are hiked its become a hell for commuters to survive in this city.
Edward. Dsouza      [ 2012-10-12 ]
Pl. Start the bus from Mira Road (E), Shivar Garden to Ghatkopar (E), Laxmi Nagar; as their is no single bus available. We find it very difficult to travel by train
shreedevi kudva      [ 2012-10-11 ]
There is only one bus from jijamata nagar - worli to jvpd route .. Most of the buses are cancelled and every bus come after a gap of 2 hrs .. Pls increase frequency or more numberS
gaurav      [ 2012-10-10 ]
please do not terminate the service of bus route number 200
RABINDRANATH PRADHAN      [ 2012-09-28 ]
vinayak kewale      [ 2012-09-27 ]
bus no.424,425,422 this no.bus frriquancy are reduce & after reducing that no of buses friquncies, an evening condition the rush on buses so please send more buses an evening time & make more trips & start some new routes from sakinka to mulun,ghatkopar
o p singh      [ 2012-09-27 ]
Pl. start buses from borivali east station for thakur village on 209 route
RAVINDRAN NAIR      [ 2012-09-27 ]
go4mumbai.com is a excellent web site. You are provided all information which I required. Keep it up. Thanks and regards/
Mallikarjun      [ 2012-09-26 ]
Sir , i stay in mira road but from there is no bus service to Vashi & to Churchgate, , V.T., Thane Please Start Service Soon
pushpa khaitan      [ 2012-09-24 ]
pls have more buses from mira road to dadar.
Anand Athawale      [ 2012-09-24 ]
Bus No.AC 458 should run from Airoli to Goregaon Bus Depot Via Thane, borivali,Gorai.
Vijaya Shanbhag      [ 2012-09-24 ]
Pls start a Bus from Goregaon station East or Goregaon Highway to WADALA MUTT GSB samaj ( RAM MANDIR) a direct BUS
Milo      [ 2012-09-18 ]
City bus can not run fast as we expected beacuse our streets are small and there are many vehicles, so there will be traffic jams. Pls invest sky train or subway is better not worry about traffic jam and can run fast. When I go to Bangkok, I took sky train from Airport to city center (at hotel i stay)I paid only 60 baths. If I had used taxi, I would pay 500 baths. It is fast and comfortable with aircons and city views.
Brian      [ 2012-09-18 ]
Dear sir,I am a developer cmnoig up with developments in new mumbai region. As stated it is believed that there will be an over supply of property in cmnoig few years in the market. Do you believe it is a good time to start of a new development now?If not, then till when do you think a developer shall wait for a comeback to grab hold of a strong appreciating market in the distant future considering the cmnoig few years will see a slowdown.Regards
SAMEER KAGINKAR      [ 2012-09-17 ]
Sir, There is not even single ordinary bus , which is going at THANE from BORIVALi WEST . If we want to go at thane then we are supposed to at BORIVALI EAST , and the line on the stop is very long .. There are so many people who are going at THANE regularly form BORIVALI WEST and sir it is difficult to manage ..So I am requesting you to please start ordinary bus from BORIVALI WEST to THANE STATION ,,
rekhamodi      [ 2012-09-16 ]
please reroute bus no 443 via sahar airport to andheri east as lot of airline people live in marol working at airport.
vijaya rao      [ 2012-09-14 ]
please start more frequencies for bus no. 422 or start new buses via seepz to vile parle west. the frequencies are very less.

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